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The Ethiopian gov’t arrested two journalists over battle related coverage 

Ethiopian News _ GObeze
Gobeze Sisay


The Ethiopian government on Wednesday arrested Journalist Gobeze Sisay. He was reportedly taken from his residence in Addis Ababa.

He was arrested in the early morning. 

Days before his arrest, there have been campaigns blackmailing him in connection with his coverage of the battle in the Kobo front – a town in the Amhara region of Ethiopia which the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) captured just a day after they launched the third round of fighting against the Ethiopian government. 

The journalist was born and raised in the same area and has connections on the ground.

Gobeze Sisay’s house was searched ( apparently without a court order) right after he was arrested. 

What exactly the Ethiopian government did not like about his coverage of the war in Kobo is unspecified. As of this writing, the journalist did not appear in court.

In May of this year, he was abducted in the capital Addis Ababa, held incommunicado and was released after about a week or so. 

In a related development, journalist Meaza Mohammed, founder of Roha media, is reportedly arrested on Thursday in the capital. News from her own Youtube channel said she was arrested by Federal Police officers. 

Meaza Mohammed _ Journalist
Meaza Mohammed (Photo : SM )

It is believed that she is arrested on similar grounds  but the Federal Police have not disclosed her whereabouts yet, and she has not appeared in court either.

Like Gobeze Sisay, Meaza was arrested in May this year as the Ethiopian government was  mounting a crackdown on critics and dissenting voices. 


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