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Ethiopia : war continues as the TPLF leaders make new accusation 

TPLF says Eritrean forces are advancing from the North. There is a claim that seem to suggest that Adigrat city is in artillery range. U.S. reportedly attempting to broker ceasefire

TPLF _ Ethiopia _ Eritrea
TPLF spokesperson Getachew Reda (back right) and Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF chairman, (back left) are posing with diplomats who visited Mekelle in June 2022. (Photo : file / TPLF spokesperson FB page)


It has been thirteen days since the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) started the third round of its military campaign against the Ethiopian Forces when it attacked from Alamata and took control of Kobo just a day after the World Food Programme announced that the former “stole” over half a million liters of fuel from Mekelle warehouse. 

Since then the war has been underway on several fronts. 

Sources say the TPLF forces suffered a heavy defeat on the Western Front shattering the rebel group’s hope to open up access to Sudan. Adarkai, Maytebri and Telemet towns in the west are said to be freed from TPLF forces.  But the Ethiopian government did not confirm it. 

In the Waghumra front (northeast of Lalibela) where TPLF shelling killed ten same family members this week, there are reports from local broadcasters that the TPLF lost its fortified trench position and is compelled to retreat.

In the Easter Front, attempts to advance to control more areas from the Afar region of Ethiopia are halted. TPLF is not making any progress. 

However, all the above reports are not officially confirmed by the Ethiopian Defense Force.

The United States is reportedly engaged in making a new effort by putting pressure on the Ethiopian government to stop the war. From the experience in the last two rounds of war, the U.S. intervention usually comes in when the TPLF is losing battles. 

Mike Hammer, the U.S. special envoy to the Horn of Africa, is said to be in Ethiopia for several days now but no information is available if he made any progress in the U.S. plan to save the TPLF again. 

TPLF new accusation against Eritrea 

Meanwhile, the TPLF spokesperson, Getachew Reda, accused Eritrean forces of making an offensive in Northern Tigray. 

In a twitter message, on Wednesday,, he said : 

“Eritrean forces taking up offensive positions in #Rama, #Tserona, #Zalambessa and #Dallol fronts. They have been shelling the outskirts of #Adigrat the whole day. Our forces have for 2weeks now been fighting Eritrean & #AbiyAhmed’s forces in the western front.#TigrayShallPrevail!” 

Adigrat city is only about 117 kilometres to the north of Mekelle – from where the TPLF leaders were running the entire region for over a year now although designated as terrorists by the Ethiopian parliament in 2021. 

The Eritrean government has not yet remarked on the latest accusation from the TPLF. 


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