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Leaked document reveals foreign powers armed TPLF

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An alleged leaked document from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has been circulating on social media. Somewhat it was a focus of news content creators too. 

It is unusual to hear about stories of the “leaked document” from TPLF since the time it was dominating central power in Ethiopia.  There could be several possibilities about the intent of documents like these. 

While not forgetting the question of whether TPLF, given its history of tight party secrecy, would handle secrets in a way that could possibly leak,  What makes the latest one different, in some sense, is that the Ethiopian Defense Force is remarking on it.  

One of the key revelations in the document, according to the Defense Force statement, is the acquisition of what the TPLF described as a “modern weapon” from its foreign partners. 

“Despite that, we still have to coordinate with our foreign and internal collaborators to create conditions to enable our foreign partners to continue to deliver out with modern weapons as this chapter of the operation [apparently a reference to the third round of the military operation in the Afar and Amhara region] is bitter and one that would demand several sacrifices.” 

The document also revealed that the TPLF plans to work with forces in the Somali region of Ethiopia and even Al Shabaab operatives in the region. It is to be recalled that Al-Shabab fighters entered as deep as 150 kilometers into Ethiopia from the southeast direction with the aim to move to the Oromo region of Ethiopia to coordinate with radical ethnic Oromo nationalist forces that have been massacring innocent civilians in the region for over four years now. 

Months into the first round of the war foreign powers have been accusing Ethiopia of not providing unfettered access to the Tigray region of Ethiopia for humanitarian activity. There had even been calls for the removal of checkpoints in the Tigray region. 

The relationship between western powers with the leadership of the United States and the TPLF has been seen with a great deal of skepticism. For many Ethiopian activists, the United States diligently worked to make the TPLF politically relevant after a devastating military defeat in the first round of the war. 

In the second round, there was even hope that TPLF would make it to the capital Addis Ababa. Media outlets like CNN had been reporting that the TPLF forces were on the outskirts of Addis Ababa. It was obviously untrue. 

Regarding the supply of weapons, in a recent public appearance, Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed said that his government knew that a weapon was being delivered to the TPLF with a direct flight to Shire. And he insinuated that planes delivering the weapon were flying from Sudan. 

A week or so ago, the Ethiopian Defense Force claimed that it downed an Antonov plane that was carrying weapons to the TPLF. 

The TPLF has not yet remarked about the “leaked document.” 

Another question that is unclear from the revelation shared by the Ethiopian Defense Force is “who exactly is TPLF’s foreign partner?”  

It is something that is not yet revealed. 


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  1. Who are those foreign powers? Speak up! Who are they? To be honest, I don’t know who is lying and who is telling the truth. The biggest bombshell that stunned me has been the admission by PM Abiy that aircrafts have been flying in and out of Tigray illegally under the cover of darkness on more than occasions. Well, well, well! Weren’t we just told that the country’s air force has the capabilities of defending the air space of the nation? Who or what should I/we believe?

  2. Who said it is new news?
    We have heard planes flying back and forth to and from Mekelle months ago while the Orommuma Abiy government was planting Shadow trees for Amhara Genocide Victims in the slaughter Oromia Zone, Wellega Ethiopia.

    It is all the usual dirty work done by the controversy lover and agitator of violence, Abiy Ahmed and the Orommuma jungle thieves and traitors who hates to speak the truth.

    The whole plot is to slaughter more Amharas but Amharas are awoken all over the world including in Ethiopia.

    The Question is where was Abiy Ahmed who commands the Defense Force while weapon was transported to TPLF in
    Who are the foreign powers that armed TPLF? How did they scape the Ethiopian Air defense?
    Is that how easy for War Weapon transporting Planes to fly over Ethiopia skies?

    Afar and Amhara people vigilantly watch every TPLF move to the point of catching a White man/ smuggler and money launderer while traveling to Tigray in a Van he staffed with millions of Birr in every part of the Van body and parts.

    If that is true why beat around the bush to name the illegal TPLF war weapon suppliers?
    Where is the anger, condemnation and outrage?
    Why quietly slip this news to the media after months?

    How come all of a sudden Abiy Ahmed accepted to be the dumbest Prosperity Party Orommuma government leader?

    This is no news to Amharas who have been Genocide victims and the whole world that stayed cruel to Amhara Genocide that this is to Slaughter more innocent Amharas. Amharas from all over the world must stand together, Protest and Expose his Worse than ever Amhara Genocide sinister by Abiy Ahmed government.

    That was the whole Abiy and Debretsion talks while hiding in different countries away from Ethiopians mainly from the Amharas.

  3. As far as Debre and his cabals wanting to work with Al Shabaab and other demons that does not surprise me. Didn’t their predecessors travel all the way to Tripoli in the 1980’s to pay homage to the blood thirsty Muammar Gaddafi and present themselves as people with Yemeni heritage? They did that just to get a few sacks of rice and cans of sardines. It was reported that he taken for a ride on that and gave them a stack of freshly minted petro dollars.

  4. The fact the TPLFites are illiterate makes it all the more unconvincing such a document was made. .
    And those Ethiopian activists you claim are in the USA undermining TPLF relevance? those activists are harassing US government officials, shouting claims they have no evidnece to back up. | those activistrs are in fact commiting gtreason .
    – they accuse media and ngos of taking bribes, without any evidence, putting those staff in endangerment . If anything, those activists ar making huge enemies and those enemies will come seeeking justice, not today, not tomorrow. But guard yourself, when Treasonleaks starts revealing who is who. And anonymouzs revenge drones are sent to explode in your face. You will regreat taunting this war with the USA.

  5. Foreign powers like Somalia, Sudan and Egypt supported the TPLF when it started its `war of liberation` in the 70s. While in power the TPLF enjoyed massive western economic and political support. Now with China making significant inroads into Africa and Ethiopia, it looks that the US and EU are planning to use the TPLF as the defenders of their interest. Eritrea has been considered as the thorn in the region and blacklisted by the US/EU. While these powers oppose Eritrean involvement in the war, they never mention the open threats the TPLF is making against it. These powers should abandon their alleged plans for regime changes in Ethiopia and Eritrea because they can not be realized. Instead they should reconcile themselves with the reality in the region and opt for mutually beneficial partnership and relationship.

  6. Subject: “Leaked document reveals foreign powers armed TPLF” September 6, 2022

    Humble Opinion, 7 Sept 2022
    a) I am NOT surprised at all.

    b). And we know the so-called “foreign” powers.

    c). Why skirt around?

    d). We know them glaringly for seemingly time immemorial.

    e). We know that we BLACK PEOPLE have been pushed aside for time immemorial.

    f). We know that our NATURAL RICH AFRICA was divided and distributed among
    colonial powers, unbelievable as it seems.

    g). The crime perpetrated upon the honest God-Fearing Black Africans is so vast to

    h). The honest Black Africans still believe in the ‘Almighty God’ for JUSTICE —
    never inclined NOT to believe in the untouchable, unseen, unheard voice?!?!?!?

    i) In my case, I gave up quite a while ago — and I am doing fine in Life, thanks to all
    the good people that I encountered along the way.

    j). Perhaps, I will meet the ‘Almighty God’, up in heaven, face to face, and
    challenging each other — politely, of course !!!!!!

    k). I better STOP.


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