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Tenth Bego Sewu  nine finalists awarded

Nine individuals awarded in this years Bego Sewu Award from nearly 700 nominations ahead of Ethiopian New year


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Bego Sewu Award event ( photo : public domain)


Ethiopia is ending the year 2014 and preparing to receive 2015. It is only six days away. One of the events that came to be notable during this time of the year is the Bego Sewu Award.

Adopted from the western culture of celebrating individuals for “excellence” in certain fields and a little “Ethiopianized,” the event recognizes individuals for achievements in certain fields. 

As in western traditions, a committee works on selecting finalists based on the criteria Bego Sew Award came up with. It was founded by Daniel Kibret  ( Deacon), who is now said to be an advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on social affairs, about ten years ago. 

For this year, nine finalists are announced in education, philanthropy, heritage and culture, Art, Diaspora, business, and service excellence in governance, science and journalism categories. 

About six hundred ninety one nominations were given for this years’s Bego Sew Award 

According to a report by EBC, State media, this year’s awardees are as follows :

1. Wubshet Zhikyale ( Education)

2. Mrs. Kebra Kebede (Philanthropy)

3. Sheikh Mohammed Awol Hamza (  preservation of heritage and culture) 

4. Alemtsehay Bekele ( Arts – film director)

5. Rebecca Getachew (Diaspora ) 

6. Seid Mohammed ( business and job creation)

7. Girma Wake ( Public Service Excellence) 

8. Solomon Gebreselassie (Media and Journalism)

9. Professor Reda Teklehaymanot ( Science) 

Athlete Colonel Derartu Tulu got a special award for leadership in the Sports Field. She led the Ethiopian Athletics team at the 18th   World Athletics Championship which was held in Eugene, Oregon, USA. The Ethiopian team finished 2 with ten medals for which four were gold, four silver and two bronze medals.

Ethiopian President Sahlework Zewde headed over the awards to the winners. She expressed thanks to the organizing committee of Bego Sewu Award for the progress seen in terms of women’s participation. 


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