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US administration love affair with looters, rapists and terrorists in Ethiopia (Andargachew Tsege)

Andargachew Tsige _ US government _TPLF
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US administration love affair with looters, rapists and terrorists in Ethiopia

Andargachew Tsege
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Enabled by the US government, a small group of Tigrayan autocratic and kleptocratic elite violated, in every respect, the people of Ethiopia for 27 horrid years. Without the diplomatic, material, and financial support of the US,[i] the TPLF (Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) -led brutal and corrupt regime couldn’t have survived months let alone decades. To add insult to Ethiopia’s injury the US government is once again at the forefront in giving succour to the same Tigrayan elite that has declared a destructive and brutal war on Ethiopia since November 4, 2020. True to its nature the TPLF has been utilizing all forms of unimaginable terror to further its goal i.e., gaining back the absolute political power it lost in 2018 due to popular uprisings. 

The 2020 TPLF’s unprovoked aggression began by conducting genocidal propaganda against the people of Amhara under the slogan “settling a score with the Amharas and the government of Abiy Ahmed. Abiy and the Amharas were singled out and identified as enemies of Tigrayans for allegedly propagating for a unitary state as opposed to Ethnically federated states that have helped TPLF stay in power by pitting one ethnic group against another.

Following intense propaganda, on November the 4th 2020, the TPLF attacked the northern command that was based in Tigray, killing and wounding thousands of soldiers in their sleep and forcibly taking 80 per cent of the nation’s heavy weaponry and ammunition, effectively rendering Ethiopia defenceless. The operation was named by a TPLF spokesperson “operation lightning strike in anticipatory self-defence.[ii]

The so-called “anticipatory self-defence” didn’t stop with the killings of soldiers in their sleep and taking over their weaponry. It was accompanied by mass killings based on ethnic profiling of members of the Ethiopian defense forces, dismemberment[iii] and gang-raping of female soldiers[iv] that were unfortunate to end up alive in the hands of TPLF’s thugs. TPLF genocidal terror was also directed against non-combatants leaving more than a thousand Amharas massacred in Mai Kadra, Wolakait.[v]

All these atrocities took place long before a single shot was fired in self-defense by forces belonging to the Ethiopian government or the involvement of the Eritrean defence forces that were provoked by  TPLF’s missile attack on Eritrean cities, including the capital Asmara.

Dumbfoundingly, it was the aggressor TPLF that first screamed loudest “of Genocide and mass rape” before anyone else. This was not an accident. TPLF had used similar tactics in the past and there were signs that it was readying itself to do the same afresh.[vi] Press releases by TPLF and interviews given by its officials since the end of 2019 had been claiming that genocide against Tigrayans was imminent. An article titled “TPLF love affair with Genocide,” published on November 3, 2021, clearly illustrates why TPLF is bent to make the international community believe that an actual Genocide is taking place and the evil wish TPLF leaders have to make it happen.[vii]

In fact, when it comes to committing heinous crimes, it is the TPLF that has the track record[viii] not the Governments of Ethiopia or Eritrea that TPLF accuses. When TPLF screamed mass murder and gender violence it was a deliberate ploy to preempt any accusation that may follow TPLF’s planned mass killing and the use of sexual violence as a weapon. Anyone that is just an ordinary student of the history of wars in Ethiopia can tell that neither the Ethiopian government nor the EPLF (Eritrean people’s Liberation Front) has ever been practitioners of wanton civilian killings and the destruction and looting of civilian properties. More than that, Ethiopian and Eritrean forces are known to have zero tolerance for gender violence. Even when a brutal war for liberation was raging in Eritrea from 1961-1991 both protagonists the DERG (Military regime) and EPLF used to shoot their own soldiers that were accused of rape in front of victimized civilians.

On the other hand, the history of the TPLF is littered with records of unimaginable acts of torture against civilians. Gender violence was common within the TPLF even during the seventeen years of the struggle. Female fighters tell stories of rape by men fighters especially by the senior leadership during the struggle years. Cases of rape and murder to silence the victims had been reported by rank-and-file members and their stories were corroborated by senior members of the organization.

In a highly male domineering chauvinist society like Tigray seeing women as pure objects of sex by men is inescapable. [ix]This is the reason why an endemic culture of rape followed the TPLF even after it has seized power. Tigray cities were made hell for women because the TPLF leadership turned blind eye to gender violence. Just before the recent war, on Nov 11 2019, women in Mekelle had to come out in public, protesting against rape and had clashed with traffic policemen that tried to stop them.[x] As opposed to Mekelle neither the city of Addis Ababa nor Asmara had ever been seen as a save heaven for rapists. In both cities, especially in Asmara, teenage girls and young ladies could walk home at midnight through the dark alleys of the city without being escorted or accosted by men.

In the recent war, when the TPLF expanded its area of aggression into the Amhara and Afar regions we see the same pattern of destructiveness and gender violence being played again and again. Civilian killings, lootings and the destruction of private property and public institutions with the aim of causing utter destitution were practiced with incredible rigor. Billions of dollars worth of destruction had been caused in Amhara and Afar regions.[xi] Not even a fraction of that in Tigray. The TPLF fighters have been indoctrinated to use sexual violence as a means of dehumanizing and cowering the Afar and the Amhara people they were sent to conquer and subjugate. Infants as young as three years old and nuns that were over 80 years old were sexually assaulted by the members of the army that calls itself “Tigray defence forces”.[xii] 

Despite all forms of despicable atrocities that the TPLF had committed against the people of Ethiopia occasionally including Tigrayans, and despite the pathological bent for sexual violence that members of the TPLF are known for, we find the US administration still singing the TPLF song that Tigrayans are victimized by the Ethiopian and Eritrean defense forces. 

The recent statement made by President Biden on world Humanitarian Day claims that there are many “traumatized survivors of gender-based violence in Tigray” that needed US support.[xiii] Not only Biden has echoed TPLF’s disinformation, but he also did not utter a single word about the horrific sexual violence suffered by thousands of Afari and Amhara women in the hands of Tigrayan forces. This is what I call rubbing salt into someone’s wounds. Completely disregarding the facts on the ground, presenting the main victimizers as victims is no different from siding with sexual predators, and the statement by President Biden is as equally repugnant as the very act of Tigrayan soldiers that committed gender violence against thousands of Ethiopians.

On top of the recent media frenzy, covering Tedros Adhanome’s hysteric claim that genocide is taking place in Tigray and the renewed intense digital campaign demonizing Ethiopia and Eritrea by supporters of TPLF, many have suspected Biden’s jaundiced statement was a prelude to something sinister. It looked that these activities were salvos for TPLF to start another round of war of destruction. The war has already begun.

Looking back, we should not shy away from suggesting a link between similar PR campaigns, the democratic party winning the US election on November 3, 2020, and the attack on the northern command on November 4, 2020, by TPLF. It will not be wild speculation, taking into account the extremely biased positions the Biden administration has been taking regarding the conflict, if colluding between the senior leaders of TPLF[xiv] that now reside in the US with all their loots from poor Ethiopia and some members of the new US administration, that have a long-standing seedy relationship with the TPLF had taken place to embolden the aggressor, TPLF.[xv]

Every Ethiopian that has a grain of human pride in her/his soul should condemn this type of arrogant and shameless partisanship by the US government. We all should be united to urge the Ethiopian government to show “worth its salt by not repeatedly succumbing to US patronizing bullying”[xvi]. We all should demand the US government stop meddling in Ethiopia’s internal affairs and we should also stand united to resist the coordinated act of aggression that is being waged by the enemies of our country and its people.


Notes :

[i] From 1991 to 2011 alone the TPLF-led government of Ethiopia has received 26 billion USD in foreign aid.

[ii]  A TPLF spokesperson briefing the media outlets about “operation lightning strike in anticipatory self-defence” Admitting officially that the TPLF started the war. 

[iii] Sergent Gasahw Tenaw, “Yetekedaw Yesemen Eiz” Page 165 -166 “ON November 7th, 2019 ……they said (TPLF gangs) “we will not waste bullets for you. They started butchering the surrendered. Beheaded five soldiers, opened them up pulling out their internal organs, gouged their eyes out, and cut off their genitals. The human body was shredded and scattered all over all like confetti.

The most brutal of all murders is that of Corporal Sintayehu. “First they Chopped off her breasts and then her head and hung their trophy on a tree. All this happened while other captured soldiers belonging to the northern command were made to watch.

When soldiers that had retreated to Eritrea returned the butcher bodies of their comrades were still in the same place including Corporal Sintayehus’ parts that was left on a tree branch” 

[iv]  “Yetekedaw Yesemen Eiz, pages are filled with accounts of mass gang raping of captured female soldiers by TPLF forces. The dehumanizing nature of the rape is so alien to the Ethiopian culture that one is forced to speculate that the perpetrators must have copied their act from America’s hard-core porn movies. The most harrowing account is found on pages 308 -312. For the benefit of the likes of Susan Rice, Samantha Power, and Gayle smith that have influence over the Biden Administration when it comes to Ethiopian affairs, I have translated what happened to one female soldier. “They were three …..all armed.  Forced me to take my tops. I refused to take my bottoms. ……With bayonets, they tore my trouser… I was so scared and couldn’t control my urine. When they saw that they laughed and got even more excited. ….. Then one of them jumped on me I felt so much pain…. Then one of his friends joined him. He entered me from behind and the third one got the invitation to put his genitalia into my mouth. I fainted, and when they finished they poured colder on me. They warned me not to say a word to my colleagues and took me back to the room where we were kept, prisoners. I didn’t have to tell anyone. All my colleagues knew that I was raped…. I know they had done the same thing to a pregnant soldier and many more others.


[vi] ,


[viii] TPLF s ideology is anchored on demonizing the Amharas and making them targets of hatred and violence. As a result 10s of thousands of Amharas were massacred under TPLF’s watch. In 2003 the TPLF ordered the extermination of all educated Anuaks killing over 350 of them in a single day. It was not only killing but gruesome accounts of gang rape is recorded by HRW. It was TPLF’s Abbay Tsehaye and Dr Geberab Bernabas that were coordinating the three days of carnage. Details, carnage.

[ix] Professor Haregewoyen Assefa discusses the lowly status of women in the highly male-dominated society of Tigray,




[xiii] WH.Gov 19/08/2022 Statement by president Joseph R.Biden, Jr. on World Humanitarian Day

[xiv] Brehan Gebrekristos, Abebe Tekelehaimanot, Seye Abreha and the likes

[xv]  Susan Rice Gale smith and the likes

[xvi] Not a direct quote, South Africa foreign Minister, Naledi Pandor ticking off the US,


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  1. What is unexplainable is why so-called liberals that believe in human freedom support such gangsters as tplf with all the evils and terrors that they are doing boldly. It only shows how shallow liberalism has become. Thank you Andargachew for standing for the truth. Ethiopia will of course win in the end…..but the persistence of the west to bring us down is perplexing. Why?why?

  2. Thank you Andargachew this is the true summary of the TPLF Atrocity while the liberals kept deaf and closed eye.
    Ethiopia will prevail and will shine

  3. Very good summary of the tplf’s extreme hatred of the people of Ethiopia and the horrific crimes it had committed. It is mind boggling this kind of barbarism is happening in the 21st century.

  4. እንደምናችሁ!

    I differ with Engr. Andargachew on EPLF/Eritrea. Although Ginbot-7 owes EPLF/Eritrea for serving Ginbot-7 as a springboard, EPLF has been Anti-Ethiopia since its inception. If the EPLF ‘helped’ Ginbot-7, it is for its self-serving motive of Destabilizing Ethiopia.

    For starters, Eritrea’s Supreme Leader [Isayas] is the Chief Architect of Anti-Amhara Propaganda. Moreover, the EPLF-TPLF Duo co-invaded, co-terrorized and co-looted Ethiopia [1991-1998] till they went for each other’s throats over the lion’s share [1998].

    When it comes to the TPLF & Co., Egypt’s & its White Supremacist West [WSW] master’s Savage Dogs like the TPLF-OLF/OLA won’t go away by pleading with their WSW sponsors. Ethiopians should buckle-up, stand as one and get rid of them for good!

    Don’t expect any better from the same WSW that preaches Democracy & Peace while its unparalleled atrocities against the Black Race has been forcing Blacks to flood the WSW’s streets screaming “Black Lives Matter.” See the WSW’s crime against Ethiopia:

    Instead of siding with Ethiopia in bringing TPLF to justice for Crimes against Humanity, TPLF’s WSW sponsors imposed embargo/sanctions on Victim Ethiopia. Rather than aid for the Affars & Amharas displaced by TPLF, the WSW sent aid to the aggressor TPLF.


    • I_Mognu

      What’s going on big man? Long time no see! I stopped by Julie’s bar X times ago but unfortunately I see no ሞጃ’s around and eye only look like a foreigner in my own garrison. Can thee believe that? since this ክል‘Stan took a power. Anyways happy to read your succinct writing. Keep’en touch!

      • አባ ክልል መላ – እንደምኖት!

        It’s sad that Nazret & its crew vanished! As to ‘Julie’s’ – እውነቶን ነው – ግራ ያጋባል! ከመጀመርያም – መሸት ካለ – በጣም የሚገርሙ አይነት – ብዙ የፈረንጅ ሴቶች – አይ ነበር! ለነገሩማ – እኛ ተንኮለኛ – newError al-Egypty [newEra] ነበሩ – ‘Julie’s’ በር ላይ ቆመው ‘ለHappy Hour’ – እያሉ – ባለ መቶ ዶላር ያድሉ የነበሩት! “ለሞኙ እና ለአባ ክልል መላ – አልሰጥም!” – ሲሉ ሰምቼ – “እንግድያውስ – ወደ ሐገሮ!” – ብዬ – ማንቁርታቸውን ይዤ – አባይ ውስጥ ወረወርኳቸው! Have a great day! Take care!

        i_Mognu / don_Q

  5. Dear Obbo Andargachew,

    It is good to hear from you. My family and I were grief stricken when read the sad news of you being kidnapped from Sana’a airport when Debre and his predecessors were in power in Addis/Finfine. I wrote comments on various Diaspora websites asking for your immediate release. As a father of two wonderful children myself I knew how your family was going thru during those terrible days. I had urged all western nations to seek your immediate release. I am sure both UK and USA were urging the then government to let you go free behind the scenes. Their pressure and mounting internal public protest had equally played their roles for your ultimate release. I think for the West is damn if you do and damn if you don’t. When they exert pressure they would be accused of interfering in someone’s domestic affairs and violating the nation’s sovereignty. In the meantime, those black folks keep killing each other like mortal enemies. It is disgusting to me then, it is disgusting now and will remain sick and disgusting as long as they keep killing each other like prides of lionesses and hyenas. I don’t M16’s in the hands of Debre’s rag tags or the government soldiers. They are all Putin’s or Xi’s AK47’s. Meanwhile, the West led by USA has been pouring billions in US dollars in the coffers of that country as humanitarian aids. First let’s ask those two bullies in Moscow and Beijing to top that.

    Again, my family and I are very happy to hear from you as a free man.

    • Your comment that Ato Andargachew was released from prison, by the then Tplf-led government, with the urging of UK and USA is misleading. Eventhough there had been prior pressures for his release by UK and USA, he was actually released by the reformist government of Dr Abiy Ahmed.

  6. This man Tsige will lie to your face if you give him ear and provided it’s a profit will sell Ethiopia, if he has not done so already. Anyone associated with Abiy is not just a liar but a living lie. Lie with flesh and blood. Don’t trust him.

  7. I am never surprised by America’s foreign policy track record, specially as it concerns the so called Third World. Apparently, America does seem to do much better when it concerns European countries. No surprise there, and no need to elaborate. You get the drift. Still the Biden administration is becoming a caricature of disastrous foreign policy in the present case of Ethiopia. Much of its policy concerning Ethiopia has been inherited from Obama, especially from its click of carryover TPLF cronies and beneficiaries. I wonder what all those bright graduates of prestigious American institutions advise their government. Apparently more of the same. If more than half of Africa is still in Russia’s sphere of influence as it particularly concerns the Ukrainian debacle, it is not because they agree with the decisions of Moscow, but because of loyalty born out of struggle. America can never succeed in commanding such level of loyalty because America is always about the next election and what benefits corporations. The wonder in the case of the TPLF is how did it manage to garner such loyalty from America when apparently it has nothing to offer. I must conclude that the only reason it supports the TPLF is nothing less than the hope to see Ethiopia permanently in chaos as to better “manage” the region.

  8. Subject: US administration love affair with looters, rapists and terrorists in Ethiopia (Andargachew
    Tsege) by Andargachew Tsege, August 29, 2022

    Humble Short Commentary

    Greetings Ato Andargachew
    Your name said it all: “ ANDARGACHEW” = MAKE THEM ONE.

    FANTASTIC and so essential at this point in time when Ethiopia is in turmoil heading into fragmentation. Imagine, Great Britain fragmented into pieces., even though, I rush to add, it is a fountain for the disintegration of countless countries in the world into pieces, as its own own colonies!!!!!! Never in history ………..never mind, I stop here

    Anyway, back to ‘“ANDARGACHEW” . May Ethiopians of the 20th Century Era be wise enough, like their ansestors, and keep Ethiopia as ONE ADMIRABLE ANCIENT NATION WITH HISTORY, ENVY TO SO MANY , AROUND THE GLOBE. This is NOT an exaggeration — it is historical fact that European Colonialists do not like to see self-contained independent Black African counrry being proud of itself ___NEVER, NEVER,, NEVER.

    One can’t help repeating and repeating of historical admirable ETHIOPIAN names.
    Dear Readers, at your leisure time, please mention to yourself just a few names and amuse yourself, with delight and pride, about the wisdom of an African Black Country — named ETHIOPIA (*). I will refrain from mentioning the opposite — I.e. the ugly and cruel effect of European and American colonialism
    (*) It is well known fact that Ethiopian names are MEANINGFUL as they should be. One dares to say, only FARSIGHTED society would appreciate the wisdom of selecting meaningful names for their offsprings — yes, a permanent meaningful
    identity .

  9. Usual drivel from a child of the 1960s. Please retire and buy a condo in Florida. No one cares what you have to say. Go tell it to your boss and long lost cousin the genocider አረመኔ like his grandfathers and barbaric ancestors the invaders from ቃላ Abiy Ahmed. The genetic DNA of those castraters who put it on their forehead, heathens runs deep. We Amharas forgave and forgot but they are who they are. Let’s see how long this reign of terror lasts. TPLF the creators the heathen አጋንንቶች worse than their makers. አደናግራቸው እንደተደናገርክ ይድፋህ። አሁን ቶሎ ብለክ ከሀገር ውጣ ያ አረመኔ የእባ ጉራቻ አምላኪ አብዮት አህመድ ሳይሸጥህ።


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