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Message to PM Abiy Ahmed : Reconcile with the people


There is noticeable disenchantment towards PM Abiy Ahmed. One of the reasons is the way he handled the war with the TPLF.

There are those who tend to think that the war with TPLF could have been finished at a time when the TPLF was on the run after loosing battles after battles in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

The following show on Adebabay Media ( which will be live in about ten hours) pleads to Ethiopian Prime Minister (who is currently in Algeria for an official working visit at the war in northern Ethiopia is intensifying) to finish the war.

Watch it live


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  1. very unhappy about the way things are going in my country – do we have to fight a destructive war with tplf and shene savages every 6 months? Abiy knows that Fano can do the job alone, so why is he hesitating? I have so much suspicions about this oromo guy and am totally confused at the moment – may God help Ethiopia!

  2. Abiy Ahmed is nothing but an empty suit with an appetite for never ending loquacious tongue. The man talks, and talk he does, incessantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. He talks about “shiro fetfet” “merq fetfet”, “doro fetfet” and on and on.

    Meanwhile, the price of one egg hits $11 birr and the average Ethiopian cannot afford one. decent meal a day let alone three meals. In Addis Ababa, there is no reliable electricity or water. The illiterate, militant PP cadres, all covert and overt members of Oromo militancy doctrine and half baked Oromumma are choking the vibrant capital city from all sides. These saboteurs of the Abiy regime are incredibly unprofessional and incompetent. To realize their pipe dream and grandeur of illusion and delusion of a hitherto non existent Oromumma Oromia, Addis Ababa has to be destroyed.

    They do not collect revenues for the Utility sector for electricity (Mebrat Haiyel ) and for water sector (Weha Kefel) even though its what pays for their fat salaries. The incompetent mayor plays roulette with the development and functioning of the city proper. After having made every city and town in so called Oromia, a living hell for every non Oromo Ethiopian, after failing to govern every city and town in Oromia and running them into dilapidated, filthy shantytowns and ghetto, the militants are salivating to usurp, steal and plunder the city they call Finfinne. The reader needs to be reminded that Addis Ababa was never and will never ever be Finfinne. Finfinne is a tiny portion in Addis Ababa around the location of the former Empress Zewditu Memorial Hospital. Across this hospital, there is the publicly owned hot springs which is Finfinne essentially, sorry Oromumma dreamers. Zewditu Hospital used to be one of the best hospitals in Addis and in Ethiopia , originally built and administered by the Seven Day Adventist Church), the destruction and the devolvement of this hospital into a gutter by the Derg regime is a separate matter and topic of discussion. However, for the curious reader, it started with the expulsion of the Adventist foreign staff, including doctors and nurses by the dictator Mengistu and the overcrowding of the hospital wards and floors by injured soldiers during the Ethio- Somali war of around 1969-1970 Ethiopian calendar.

    Back to our topic, the incompetent political hack and so called Mayor of Addis Ababa is choking the city to death by sabotage, sleight of hand and covert and overt corruption. Dear reader, remember or realize that 50 or so years ago, Addis Ababa had a Carnegie Mellon graduate Dr Haile Giorgios Workeneh ((phd civil engineering, Carnegie Mellon, PA) as her mayor. The fact that the city traffic has come to literally a standstill, the garbage and stench, the crowding, the transportation sector failure, the utility sector failure, and the inevitable collapse of the entire civil sector is not an accident. It is the direct result of the incompetency, the political demagoguery and the outright mendacious and atrocious lies of the empty suit at the top, masquerading as a unifier, a visionary and ethical leader of all Ethiopians. Surrounded by Oromumma sycophants the empty talker and chatterbox who no longer has the ears of the masses as his audience, keeps talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking and talking.


  3. Dear Borkena,
    You should have provided the evidence that the federal gov had the (financial and manpower) capacity to carry on the war for an extended period of time. Secondly, you totally disregarded the pressure from the international community. Abiy Admin simply did not have the PR outfit compared to Tplf and its supporters. Finally, you could not appreciate the strategy of depriving Tplf a war; Tplf NEEDS the war to survive! Abiy’s move was actually brilliant.

  4. Using Force and Weapons on the citizens might work for few months or years, but history is a witness Hitler, Mussolini, Derg and TPLF once were the most powerful feared regimes that ended up in the most disgraceful ways and soon Abiy Ahmed, and his OLF/Prosperity Party will testify in a near future..

    Abiy’s small village mentality is not redeemable. It is too late. He is old and formed in such wicked way. The position he holds requires massive intelligence and capability to acknowledge that. He is caught up with his infantile ambition, and the situation he grew up as a Military man.

    His militant behavior with useless endless talk of lies and believing in himself as a good deceiver has not yet hit him as a failed strategy. In people’s mind Abiy stands as the most power monger ethnocentric dictator, a ruthless clown that never stops inventing lies and that never came to realize that Ethiopians are much more intelligent people that he has no capability.

    He believes people could not understand how to find out his ability, intelligence and skills. Just because he is holding the PM position he thinks he immune from challenges and people will accept Abiy Ahmed as the only source of intelligence who invented Rain. LOL

    His cult like religion where he interjects with how to rule has taken brought more violence, Failed State direction where while spreading lies, repression, using weapons and force has became the only way to secure his power that put the country in a precarious position.

  5. Abiy Ahmed and the Orommua clowns have no clue of government. They are treating the country as their sole properties. Just because they are controlling the government they think the country belongs to those few Orommuma hyenas in suits.

    Abiy is his own enemy. He transformed himself from the most beloved to the most hated, disguising lair and cold blooded cruel Oromo politician.

    If there are those who think otherwise,,,,
    Ok just for the sake of argument, lets say Abiy Ahmed government didn’t lie about Amhara Genocide in Wellga and Oromia Zone, massacring of Orthodox Christians again in Oromia Zone, Massacre of Muslim Amharas, the plot against Amhara with TPLF and the War, several meetings with Debretsion so on and on. But was he in normal state of mind, when he claimed to created Rain?

    Ok he is in love with himself as the best lair, brightest, the best, the handsome, expensively dressed, unchallenged with absolute power to kill and throw anyone to Jail, tired of living in the “Old but newly renovated by Abiy Ahmed Palace” and that he wants a New and Huge Palace sitting over a land that used to house over 5000000 people. He also believes to be the source of knowledge that outsmarts Einstein, with a hypnotizing power that forces his speeches to go straights into everyone ear first and then sits in the brain without a doubt.

    But I never thought I will hear the Pharaoh of Egypt in 2018–2022 escaped out from the tomb with the Face and dress of Abiy Ahmed and to go to Ethiopia and tell Infront of the whole world that he created Rain. That excitement was short lived when the Rain stopped to rain and Drought killed many people and cattle. Finally Ukraine who is in the middle of War worried for drought stricken victims and shipped Wheat to Ethiopia despite the unrelenting hater of truth Abiy Ahmed’s funny denials.


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