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Airstrike in Mekelle reportedly killed four 

The TPLF accuses the Ethiopian government of targeting civilian non-military targets in Mekelle 

Airstrike _ Mekelle _ Ethiopian News
unverified image of airstrike in Mekelle in October 2021 (Photo :SM/File)


A reported airstrike in Mekelle killed four civilians. Nine other people are wounded, according to a DW Amharic report which cited “eyewitnesses.”  Hospital sources are also cited. 

It happened on Friday just two days after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) started fighting amid calls for unconditional peace talks to end the two-year-old conflict. 

The TPLF accused the Ethiopian government of targeting residential areas in the air strike.  It said “civilians are killed in an airstrike in Mekelle where there is no military target. The airstrike targeted children’s playgrounds and Kindergarten.” 

The government, however, rejected the claim and said that the airstrike was focused on military targets in Mekelle. 

VOA Amharic said its reporter in Mekelle spoke to hospital sources and has confirmed that four civilians are killed. 

Before the airstrike, the Ethiopian government on  Friday made a public safety announcement for residents in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. It called for citizens to avoid presence near military targets including weapon depo and military training facilities. 

It remains a question whether the TPLF would start a war without training an adequate army during the “humanitarian ceasefire” that lasted for about five months.  If that is the case, targeting “training facilities” may not be a meaningful target. If that is not the case, it may mean an indication of the possibility of a long war. 

When the Ethiopian government planned the national budget for the upcoming fiscal year, it allocated a budget for the reconstruction of the war-affected areas including the Tigray region. The budget was prepared with the assumption that this year would be peaceful.

On August 24, 2024 the Ethiopian government announced that it downed an Antonov plane that was secretly supplying arms to the TPLF. 

Meanwhile, the TPLF denied that it did not steal fuel from the World Food Programme warehouses in Mekelle.  In a statement released on Friday, the TPLF said it took fuel that the WFP borrowed from the  TPLF. However, the UN agency earlier this week said that “Tigrean forces” entered the premises of the warehouse forcefully and stole 12 full trucks of fuel.” 

On Wednesday, the WFP Director, David Beasley, said “…The Tigrayan authorities stole 570,000 liters of fuel…” which the WFP intended for humanitarian operations in the region. 

Later the Ethiopian government announced that the stolen fuel was sent to the Tigray region for the WFP so as to facilitate the humanitarian operation.

The Ethiopian government airstrike came just a day after the WFP announced “Tigray authorities” stole fuel from its warehouse in Mekele. 


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  1. Abiy Ahmed must Go or Step Down to bring Peace in Ethiopia! The UN must condemn Terrorist TPLF and OLF Terrorism!!

    This out of control proxy war between Terrorist TPLF and Prosperity Party aka OLF Shene has been hell for the Peace loving Amahra, Afar and Ethiopian people.

    Amhara and Afar people should give free pass to Terrorist TPLF to go all the way to Arat Kilo and let the power greedy thugs, Terrorist TPLF and OLF/Abiy government and Terrorist Shene eat each other.

    The World Food Program that is filled and infiltrated with Tigre TPLFs has been complaining and moaning for months to get help to Tigray that is known to massacre, loot and destroy Amhara and Afar people and regions in the recent war. Yet when Amhara and Afar people should get more help and attention all the attention was given to TPLF and Tigray. Now who is going to believe the fuel was stolen by TPLF when Warlord Abiy Ahmed and Terrorist TPLF leader Debretsion were talking behind Amhara and Afar people.

    #StopAmharaGenocide perpetrator OLF/Shene/Abiy Government whom slaughtered 2000 Amharas just in one night is still roaming free and Abiy government is silent as usual and not happy to talk about it.

    No other Ethiopian including the great defense force who is not part of the Terrorist TPLF and OLF/Prosperity Party should get involved and die to save those mass murderer criminals who will come back to cannibalize innocent Ethiopians if they get the chance.

    TPLF and OLF are fighting over power while have finished their secretive plot to massacre more innocent Amharas whom they fear of being widely known and accepted for peaceful and trustworthy compatriot by every peace loving Ethiopians.

    TPLF and OLF concocted false narratives against Amhara and devised how to conduct Amhara Genocide for 50 years while all claiming to be Muslims who are being abused by Orthodox Christians to get help from Egypt, Syria, Saudia Arabia, Iraq, Gulf countries, Somalia and Sudan. This evil plot no longer enjoy the ignorance and nativity of Amharas who used to perceive those groups as good natured Ethiopians. Now the evil plot is out in the open for any other Ethiopians to see everyday. NO Thanks to Abiy Ahmed Government who openly went into operating by supporting and refusing to catch and stop OLF/Shene while dismissing, ignoring and even seen enjoying Amharas deaths, loses and sufferings.

  2. Here is what I think the junta terrorists and members/supporters throughout the world think……

    First: their scheme to divide Ethiopia along ethnic lines for their sole purpose of perpetually creating conflict while they remain united to exploit the rest of the nation for their exclusive benefits, has failed. The will not and can not be at the helm of power again to dictate terms that suit financially, politically, militarily, etc., as they did for almost thirty years. And so they have to manage their own region by themselves, just like the other federal states. And that cares the hell out of them because they know they would not be able to do that successfully without leeching on the rest of Ethiopia. They see that choice as certain death for themselves and their people, rather than challenge to demonstrate their skills (natural as they claim to posses and/or acquired through education cum experience). And so, move to option 2 as summarized below.

    Second: because the TPLFites can not see themselves to be independently successful as state above, they seem to have opted to follow the terrorism way as they are doing now. In that, they seem to have calculated support from traditional enemies such as Egypt, and from newer ones like America and White Europe, which are also terrorizing the rest of the world through military intervention (old tactic) and economic sanctions (newer forms of international terrorism). In that, they are similar to other terrorists around the globe, such as al Shabab, Boko Haram, ISIS, al Queda, and similar others.

    Third: if TPLFites fail to achieve their goals through terrorism, they would want to bring the rest of Ethiopia down in every way with them. They seem to have concluded, from numerous strategy meetings among themselves and foreign supporters, they would not face perennial poverty for lack of resources on their own but would make Ethiopia go down the drain with them.

  3. The most despicable tactic the TPLF use is using residential areas and public gathering places like schools, hospitals, market places and similar others as military quarters. That is to make sure there will be civilian casualties if and when attacked by the other side so to trigger domestic and global public outcry. It is exactly what Hamas and ISIS elements are using in the Gaza Strip. They lob deadly rockets from launching sites in and very close to public quarters to cause maximum civilian casualties if the IDF attacks. That Ethiopian Airforce pilot must have observed beacons of military nature in and around that school. Debre and his predecessors have used that support garnering heinous tactic going back to the 1970’s and 80’s. They use guerilla warfare at its face value. It was reported that they order their rag tags to fire on the enemy and run into places of worship where civilians are congregated to pray. Such cruel tactic which is forbidden under every imaginable international convention was used more than 120 years ago during the Boer War. For Debre and his cabals this is it. That means win it all by all means no matter what! They don’t give a flying rat ass if tens of thousands or even millions die as long as the mantle remains in their hands. They will send human waves after human waves into an awaiting raging fire to break thru the defensive line standing in their way. They now reportedly have close to a million rag tags under arm. If half of these die, so what? They will still have half a million rag tags left. It boils down to the age old battle cry of that demonic Marxism/Leninism/Maoism that instills in the minds of the gullible youth with ‘You have nothing to lose!’ In this case the youth is not given any other choice because it is ‘all to the battle fronts!!!’ You either stay behind and suffer from going severely under fed or go to the war front and die at least trying!!! Debre and his cabals will not settle for anything except the recovery of their unchallenged privilege they used to enjoy for 27 years that abruptly came to an end in 2018. It is going to be a miracle that they will settle for anything less. I hope and pray that they will prove me wrong.

  4. Having Said That This Latest Outbreak Of War Will Even be More Lethal And Devastating. At Some Point Both Sides Will Dig In trenches And That Will lead to A Bloodshed Unseen In Present Day History Of That Country. It Is Time For The UN Security Council To Put The Current Situation In That Country On Its Agenda Before It Is Too Late. Things Will Go Out Of Control And The World Will see The Entire 120 Million Citizens On The Move. 50 Million Or More Will Flee Into Kenya, 25 Million Into Djibouti And The Rest Will Go Scattering In Every Direction. That Will Send The Economies Of Every Horn Of Africa Nation Into Unmanageable Tailspin. Tens Of Millions Of Them Will Somehow Reach At The Gates Of Europe Looking At Every Western Europe Nation With Beastly Red Eyes. These Will Not Be Like Refugees Of The Past But Battle Hardened Millions Who Had Seen It All. There Will Be No Barbed Wire Fences or concrete wall That Will Stop Them. There Will Not Be Any Machine Gun Fires That Will Scare Them Away. They Will Come At It In Human Waves After Human Waves. Then You Can Kiss And Say Good Bye To The Already shaky Economies Of Those Countries. The UN, EU And USA Have To Intervene Now Before It Is Too Late.

  5. Subject: “Airstrike in Mekelle reportedly killed four “,, August 26, 2022

    Humble Opinion, 4 Sept 2022
    I HONESTLY believe that WE THE READERS are giving the subject matter, in its entirety, more than it is there. Permit me to present my opinion in numerical order.

    1st The subject matter is about ONE PERSON fighting a revenge for his own interest.

    2nd. I don’t blame him, as it is universally human nature to seek for power.

    3nd. He lost his dream, by a 40-year old young fellow who came from no where and took the top post in

    4th. The highly, supremely, vastly educated, ambitious Tigrayan was devastated and could not accept the
    people’s verdict. It is human nature. But, normally we learn a lesson and continue with our LIFE.

    5th. However, certain individuals cannot accept reality — and fight against Nature, only to be exhausted.

    6th. Question: What is the normal reaction of PEOPLE?

    7h. Answer: Accept the facts and keep on going normal mode of operandi for time immemorial

    8th. Take the ’natural wisdom’ of a child loosing his/her candy — jumps up and down, roll over, cry to his/
    her energy through exhaustion.

    9th. Finally, the child, out of exhaustion, goese to deep sleep and wake-up with a life long lesson.”C’est
    la Vie”, as the French say.

    10. That is NATURE.

    Post Script
    It is hoped that Ancient Ethiopia, with its vast natural experience, will come back to itself and let ETHIOPIANS be what they have always been.

    And a little appeal to the old Colonial Forces — Europe and America :
    Human Beings realize that your are the strongest powerful nations around the Globe.
    Please, mind your own business and let Black African Continent DO its OWN business BY ITSELF, FOR ITSELF and enjoy its own natural wealth.
    Is that too much to demand out of its own ‘pocket’? Please have “A HEART” . THE END


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