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As TPLF resorted to military mobilization amid effort for peace talk, its spokesperson accuses Ethiopian gov’t of provocation 


Getachew Rda, TPLF media call him “Member of Tigrai Central Command,”  accuses Ethiopian government of provocation in North Western Ethiopia (TPLF calls it Westen Tigray).

“It was a deliberated and an orchestrated provocation,” Mr. Getachew claimed, reflecting the position of his organization TPLF. Earlier in the Week the TPLF chairman, Debretsion Gebremichal was seen in a newly released video mobilizing for war during a consultation. 

The Ethiopian gov’t this week rejected as TPLF claim saying that it is the TPLF terrorist that is engaged in provocation. It is interpreted, on the part of the Ethiopian government,  as a measure to shy away from the peace talk.

Watch Getachew Reda’s interview with Tigary Media about three days ago  


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  1. This irresponsible war drum beating should and better stop. Walrus Getachew and beer gut Debre are arousing the gullible youth to another bloody war from their safe and comfy rabbit holes. Those of you here among us who hail from that region should stop jumping up and down to the tunes of loud war songs from your safe homes. You are sending your children to schools here but you incite the youth in Tigray to throw itself into an awaiting raging inferno. You must be ashamed of yourself!!!

  2. to thiink that this liar guy was a minister in the Ethiopian cabinet shows how empty Ethiopia has become of intellectual integrity and professionalism


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