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Media attack on Ethiopian Airlines outrages Ethiopian activists 

BBC report allege that Ethiopian Airlines Pilots fell asleep during a one hour flight from Sudan to Ethiopia

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In the latest wave of attack, the BBC twisted the story about ET343 which was flying from Khartoum to Addis Ababa.  It claimed, citing an “aviation publication”, that two pilots of the Ethiopian Airlines “fell asleep at 37,000).

It also said that the pilots “overshot the point of descent.”  The duration of the flight between Khartoum to Addis Ababa is about one hour. 

Ethiopian Airlines on Friday issued a brief statement, which was shared on its social media page, confirming there was a report regarding ET343 flight from Khartoum to Addis Ababa. 

It said that there was an indication that “Ethiopian flight number ET343 en route from Khartoum to Addis Ababa temporarily lost communication with Addis Ababa Air Traffic Control on 15 August 2022.”

The flight arrived safely in Addis Ababa following the restoration of communication with the pilots. 

Ethiopian Airlines is investigating the matter and the pilots will no longer be flying as the investigation is underway. 

“Appropriate corrective action will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation. Safety has always been and will continue to be our first priority,” said the statement from the airline. 

There have been efforts in the past, by media outlets like CNN and BBC, to tarnish the image of Ethiopian Airlines. 

Ethiopian activists took the latest attack from BBC to the Twitter platform expressing outrage that the report is meant to damage the reputation of the airlines. 

Some tend to see it as part of a western plot against Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Airlines has a reputation for its rigorous pilot training. Its own training academy has been attracting students from the rest of Africa. 


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  1. Guess who is behind such propaganda? Who was it that attempted to tarnish EAL reputation by coming up with a story of arms smuggling? Tplf, of course. It is encouraging to see patriotic Ethiopians in action.

  2. EAL Is Still The Best Airline That Has Ever Emerged From Any Developing Country. It Rivals and Exceeds Most Airlines of Western and Asian Countries in Price and Service. How Many Of Such Innocent Mishaps Were Reported About The Airlines In The Developed Countries? Why Do You Think All Other Airlines Are Canceling And Delaying Flights Lately? It Is Not Because Of Lack Of Passengers. Aha! Crew Fatigue Including Pilots, Right? How Many Of Those Were Caught Dozing Off? Don’ tell me that there were none. Don’t even think about it!! Let’s Not Make A Stink Out Of This. It Is Being Amicably Addressed By the Over Qualified CEO. Just Move On!!!

  3. This exaggeration reminds me previous presupposed reports by many media outlets when a 737 MAX 8 that belonged to this airline crashed in 2019. I remember one so-called consultant on ABC News when he was telling how ‘Ethiopians’ are known for altering flight data after crashes. He did not even say ‘Ethiopian Airlines officials’ but he addressed them as ‘Ethiopians’. He swore by the pilot error that caused the crush and he was 100% sure the aircraft was 100% safe to fly. Luckily the then President Trump did not buy that and he ordered the grounding of all 737 MAX 8 aircrafts. I still couldn’t believe that consultant used the phrase ‘Those Ethiopians’. That was wrong and incendiary. Folk, that is why I abhor when some individuals use nationality or ethnic attachment when they go after individuals. That Amhara guy this and Oromo or Tigre guy that! I hate it. I detest it like a nagging sickness because it is wrong to sound as if accusing the entire ethnic group. The same goes for religions. Such irresponsible choice of words has been an ailment so malignant that has been eating at the heart and soul of that gem of the colored since the mid 1960’s. I hope we will give it up for good very soon. Insha’Allah!!!

  4. እንደምናችሁ!

    INFORMATION is as good as its SOURCE! The Ethiopian Transportation Safety Board [ETSB], CAA-ATC, and the Ethiopian Airlines [EA] must investigate & rectify it ASAP:

    1). Who is the source? How did the source know that the pilots fell asleep in flight?
    2). Since the plane landed okay in Sudan, were navigation equipment, communication equipment, flight controls, etc. tampered with in Sudan? [Info: In late 1980s, an EA B707 Cargo plane which landed in Cairo for refuelling blew up on take off right there!]
    3). Do EA, CAA and ETSB use pre-boarding & post-flight Flight Crew Screening Gates?
    4). Do EA, CAA and ETSB take urine, blood, breath, etc. samples after such incidents?

    Just a few weeks ago, an EA plane made a spectacular take off right after landing due to another plane ready for take off [on same runway, in opposite direction]! The landing pilots made a split second decision to avert head-on collision! Their plane could have stalled & crashed! Hats off to them! What if the other plane was taking off? Disaster!

    We should also avoid falling for Egypt’s & its White Supremacist West masters’ anti-Ethiopia campaign! Example: Amy Goodman of PBS once asked Nima El-Bagir [CNN’s Journalist (Sudanese)]: “We have imposed sanctions. What more can we do to stop the ‘Tigray Genocide’?” Nima: ≈ “Embargo on Ethiopian Airlines! Ethiopia’s only income!”

    i_Mognu don

  5. Subject: “Media attack on Ethiopian Airlines outrages Ethiopian activists” borkena .com, August 21, 2022

    Honest Opinion, 24 Aug 2022
    a) I declare, as a simple bystander, with the fullest confidence, that Ethiopian Airlines is the safest Airline
    on Planet Earth .

    b) I am NOT — and have NEVER been — the employee of that Airline.

    c) The TRUTH on the Accident will — no doubt — be revealed A to Z.

    d) The supreme integrity and safety of Ethiopian Airlines, acclaimed world wide, fully structured with
    indigenous ETHIOPIANS, from top to bottom, ever since it took over from short initial cooperation with
    TWA of the USA. It is admirable history in organization and safety based on ANY STANDARD of airline organizations
    around the Globe.


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