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Ethiopian gov’t started military offensive in “West Tigray,”  says TPLF


TPLF accuses Ethiopian government of launching a military offensive in what it calls “Western Tigray” 

Ethiopian gov't _ TPLF _ military offensive
Debretsion Gebremichael, TPLF leader. (Photo : Reuters via The Guardian)


A day after a video of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) leader Debretsion Gebremichal, that shows him mobilizing for war during an engagement with residents of Mekele, is released on social, the “Tigray Military Command” released a statement accusing Ethiopian government of new military offensive. 

The statement that was published by Demtsi woyane Television , on Wednesday, said that the Western Command “shelled our troops position on August 15.” 

It did not say if there was a casualty on the part of the TPLF. 

However, it said that it investigated whether the offensive was initiated by the commanders of the western command or by the Ethiopian government. 

And TPLF claimed that the offensive had authorization from the Ethiopian government. 

The statement which accused the Ethiopian government of making “military and political plots,” said whatever the push factor for it the Ethiopian government should commit itself to the peace talks.  The intention is, said TPLF, to wrest land from Tigray. Despite the TPLF total control for many months now, Tigray is an integral part of Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian government didn’t remark on TPLF’s latest claim about the renewed military attack in the Wolkait area which the TPLF calls “Western Tigray.”  

The Ethiopian government on Wednesday retrieved its commitment and readiness to start peace talks at any time.  

There were omens that the TPLF is in a renewed military mobilization. 

Debretsion Gebremicael told residents of Mekelle that the TPLF is working on regulations to punish those who are not willing to arm and join the struggle for Tigray.  

Those who are capable of joining the military fight but not willing to do so will not enjoy the same right as those who fought for Tigray, he said. 

A unilateral humanitarian ceasefire was announced by the Ethiopian government in March this year just after repulsing the TPLF military forces from much of the Afar and Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Uneasy calm was restored for the past six months. 

Earlier this month, the European Union envoy and U.S. Special envoy jointly led a delegation to  Mekelle earlier this month and met with the TPLF leaders. It was something that triggered criticism, from the Ethiopian opposition quarter and activists, against the Ethiopian government. 

And this week, it was reported, credible AU sources were cited, that the Ethiopian government is in direct talk with the TPLF

Today’s TPLF military statement came on the same day that the Ethiopian government reiterated its commitment to the peace talk which was expected to start in Kenya sometime this month. 


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  1. If this story is true it will just leave me with a broken heart. Woe for those gullible youths who will be thrown into awaiting raging fires!!! Woe, woe for those mothers wailing for their demised sons and daughters while Debre lounging in his comfy rabbit holes worrying about which fillet mignon select he should have every night. In another comfy rabbit hole walrus size Getachew is having clothing size problem due to his bulging behind and waste line. Hey guys! If you have noticed that a couple of your hotdogs are missing from your refrigerators I can tell where they had gone. I have located them for you. They are right there with Getachew wrapped around his front and back neck.

    It is reported that Debre and his group have a million gullible youth in their armed outfit. Count on it that those will be used as human waves to break through ENDF’s defense lines. They had used this battle tactic perfected by the barbarian Genghis Khan centuries ago. They had used waves of their gullible and purposely incited youth in rushing them through heavily mined fields as human mine sweepers during the 1970’s, 80’s and early 90’s. They strongly believe such savage tactics had found them success in the battlefield and rest assured they will use them again and again. They also have created only two alternatives for the youth. The first one is stay behind and be crushed under the unbearable starvation and hopelessness Debre and his predecessors created in that region or go the war front and at least die trying. There is no such standing global military tradition as survive/live to fight another day. Go ujuum instead.

  2. TPLF looters and criminals. Get it! There no west, east, north or south Tigray 30 years ago. Only 30 years ago TPLF made Tigray by Massacring and stealing Amhara land will never continue.

    Respect what is not yours and Accept what belongs to Tigrays and live in peace with your neighbor that has a lot in common with Tigray . Maybe in the future when such barbarism stops Amharas might allow Tigrayan to come and live in peace as it used to be over 30 years ago.

    You kept Amhara land and looted for 27 years by massacring millions of Amharas in Welkait Tegede, Mikadra and Humera. But TPLF could not kill all Amharas because Amhara number is huge that consists the majority of Ethiopia.

    You can’t steal land and keep it too what is not yours. No salivating over Amhara land. Amharas have been good to Tigrayan when they come and live in Gonder, Shewa, Wello and Gojjam. No one asked you where you came from and left you alone to live your life. But 30 years ago you came impregnated in ethnic hate and venom against Amharas. You distributed Amhara land like a candy to Oromia, Benishangul, and Tigray Zones without consenting and involving Amharas all to fulfil TPLF and OLF secret deals made in Egypt, Somalia, Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries.

  3. little tplf rat I have three questions for you 1) where is western tigray? 2) which right are you going to deny youth who do not want to join your dirty war? and 3) are you going to try the human wave thing again? (please don’t).

  4. I read a story on BBC and AP and Reuters where the top chief of WHO Dr. Tedros accusing the rest of the world ignoring the people of Tigray because of the color of their skin. The fact of the matter is many Western mainstream media owned and run by white folks have been steadfast in supporting or at least talking in favor of Debre and his group for decades including since the beginning of the current conflict. WHO chief Tedros has it all wrong and it is being outright thankless to those who have been prodding and directly or indirectly providing limitless one-sided moral(possibly material) support to the front that has been riding on the backs of those upright people in Tigray. This is the fact on the ground unless this chief is playing the ‘convenience’ game. Also playing the race card can end up haunting himself. I strongly believed that Chief Tedros was nominated and elected to run this extremely vital organization whose policy can mean life and death for billions of people worldwide because he had the required qualifications. I intend to keep it as such in the future. I never believed he was chosen for his current position because of his skin color. Was it, sir? That is what you are telling us now that you given your current position on a silver platter just because you are black. That is not what many black folks like me think. You just shot yourself in the foot, sir. Officials like you those in your position should think twice before they utter a word once. I don’t see any qualities of being cultured in this outburst. Take it back, sir!!!

    • Tigray as one of the oldest and glorious nations and owner of rich and modern cultures, will prevail and regain its status as a regional power. The citizens of Tigray are self confident and prepared for the final showdown with the Eritrean and Ethiopian governments. They are sure to win these wars and teach their enemies unforgettable lessons. The superiority of Tigray defense force will be established and the blockade of Tigray will be over soon. Then the Tigray forces will pursue their enemies to the capital of the Abiy government and bring all those who started the genocidal war to justice.

      • So you are saying from your comfy home here among us and at a safe distance from the conflict zone. You are saying that ‘Eritrean and Ethiopian’ soldiers will just sit there doing nothing while Debre’s soldiers make easy target of them. Please note I said ‘Debre’s soldiers’, because they are not the true soldiers of the Tigrayan people. Why are you bringing Eritrea in this senseless destructive conflict? Those brothers and sisters are minding their own business within the confines of their homeland. But if they are shot at or Debre and his gang decide to hurl artillery and rockets at them you should be well aware of the fact that they have a universally recognized right to fight back including going all the way to the source of evil that is doing harm to them. Just stop beating the war drums from your home safe and faraway from the war zone.

        • A useful piece of advice but the TPLF guys are war mongers. The ones in the west are given the role of rolling in the streets of western cities and are known as “ተ ን ከ ባ ላ ይ” and this guy belongs to this group. The fighters sent to the front are called “ተ ጋደላይ”. These live in Tigray and are conscripts. But the son and daughters of the TPLF leaders are neither ተ ን ከ ባ ላ ይ nor ተ ጋደላይ.

          • Sadly so another round of senseless bloodshed has erupted again. Those unfortunate innocent citizens who live in the areas near the conflict zone are said to be on the move once again. It is reported that Debre and his group had used the temporary lull in the conflict to bring their fighting rag tags to a million men including women. They will keep using human wave battle tactics to overrun government outposts and try to march on all the way to the capital. They might have managed to bring in supporters both from Amhara and Oromia regions and use those as beasts of burden to carry them thru those regions. Once again 1991 redux!!! But I don’t it will be just as cake walk as that. We will see. It saddens me to my core to those gullible youths are still been used as fodder by these war mongers. These war worshippers and violence addict goons have already sent their close relatives to safe and faraway places. If they are telling you that they still have brothers and sisters in Tigray they are lying to you thru their teeth. Boy, do they know how to tell lies and steal gasoline from your car’s fuel tank!!! They have been stealing cans of sardines and boxes of saltines and the UN folks didn’t even recognize it until now. They are perfect operators in such disgusting trade. The other despicable tactic they use is using residential areas and public gathering places like schools, hospitals, market places and similar others as military quarters. That is to make sure there will be civilian casualties to trigger global public outcry. It is exactly what Hamas and ISIS elements are using in the Gaza Strip. They lob deadly rockets from launching sites in public quarters to cause maximum civilian casualties. That pilot must have observed beacons of military nature in and around that school. Debre and his predecessors have used that support garnering heinous tactic going back to the 1970’s and 80’s.

    • Tedros is a party-man, he is desperate to help his TPLF comrades who find themselves in a pickle. He was the crowning achievement of his party. Now he needs to use his position to advance the cause of the party. Who said he cared about the health of the world? What counts for a party-man is to use his position to advance the cause of his party.

  5. A combination of US and EU embassies’ scare propaganda (Samantha Power bribing Zambia with 40M aid to order her two citizens in Ethiopia back home with grand announcement and even native NGO workers being filmed leaving for Nairobi) against Ethiopia with terrorist TPLF reaching Debre Sina with fast-moving light equipment leaving the rest of it back where it could use it against the ENDF and other forces like Fano; to give up once it takes over Addis Abeba; And Habtamu Ayalew pleading for terrorist TPLF be given YEMARYAM-MENGED to reach 4-KILO, and Lidetu Ayalew opining that Ethiopia’s problem was YETIGRE TTILACHA on the same YouTube channel where the Tigre host declared YAMARA POLETIKA TIFFIR ENA TTIRS BICHA,,, all that was done less than a year ago and it didn’t work at all. TPLF was severely beaten while retreating and has lost nearly 400 000 of it’s militia and child soldiers on it’s own admission.

    The savage ‘human-wave tactic’ terrorist TPLF often uses was shocking at Badme-war that saw over 70 000 Ethiopians perish only to give up the very Badme in Algiers and in a binding international court. The same ‘general’ TsadiQan that was responsible for that huge loss of lives for nothing had bettered his record this time and lost five times more this time around, again for nothing.

    Some ‘Amhara’ are now hoping Ethiopians have forgotten what happened less than a year ago. They are trying too hard to form the conflict as ‘a war between TPLF and PP’. To help those ‘Amhara’ activists, TPLF had trained and financed proxy terrorists to single out and kill thousands of Amhara in Wollega and other areas.

    The proxy terrorist TPLF in PP and gov’t structure in Oromo and other KILLIL is just part of the whole plan. The more sophisticated proxy terrorist TPLF in PP are doing stuff that will make the current gov’t hated on purpose. Some of the unpopular moves and the time slot they are being done is not just to appease the OLA supporters but to make Ethiopians mad at the Abiy gov’t. All these requests for KILIL by Zones in the south could’ve been left for another day but no they had to come up with this bizarre cluster-thingy to upset some patriotic people that never liked ethnic Kililization in the first place. “This is war time and your requests will be on the table after’ would’ve been satisfactory. But no, those non-Amhara Ethiopians that openly oppose WelQayit going to TPLF should be busied with this and distracted and possibly neutral in their support of the coming war with terrorist TPLF. And as planned some Amhara are seeing this as ‘unpatriotic’ and being disappointed on those who have been their strongest friends for over three decades through thick and thin. To add insult to injury, even the real FANO is being treated badly, on purpose, by terrorist TPLF supporters in PP, to make FANO mad at the Fed Gov’t, mad enough not to fight against terrorist TPLF in the coming war.

    The otherwise depleted terrorist TPLF is counting on the above situation and support from USA and European gov’ts with propaganda and material including satellite images like before. And for sure there will be some surprises but all the same it will lose again. Once it starts moving the great majority of Ethiopians will show their support to ENDF. The local Amhara where terrorist TPLF comes into will be met with stiff resistance never seen before no matter what Habtamu and Lidetu Ayalews say.

    Terrorist TPLF seems to have two plans. Plan A is to take away WelQayit and Raya and other areas of Amhara and Massawa from Eritrea and form a new country called Tigray-Tigrign which has been plan B for decades. Plan B is to come back to power to Addis and declare a confederation of loose states with TPLF on top as the leaked zoom conference by the Canadian journalist Jeff showed late last year. And as he often mentioned terrorist TPLF’s twitter campaign and fake genocide propaganda started on November 4th in 2020. We all know where the ENDF was on Nov 4th 2020.

    The counter twitter campaign by Diaspora Ethiopians like Neamin Zeleke was very impressive. The opposition parties and their supporters stood by Gov of Ethiopia and Prof Berhanu’s interview on BBC radio in English made it clear on which side Ethiopians were at to the West. Dr Dagnachew of Addis and hundreds of others spoke out on regular basis and Andy and Tamagn Beyene came out swinging. Retired generals that are highly respected like Kassaye Chemeda and Tesfaye H/Mariam encouraged Ethiopians to fight back terrorist TPLF. Artists went to the war front to perform for the fighting Ethiopians and Teddy Afro came up with a very sad but deeply patriotic song on Nov 2nd 2021. The PM himself went to the war front in the old Ethiopian tradition…the list is too long but in all of it Eritrea’s support was very crucial and should never be forgotten. Some real friends of Ethiopia from college professors to journalists are still fighting for Ethiopia and they too should never be forgotten for a friend in need is a friend indeed.

    The Gurage is not particularly supporting the Amhara but being Ethiopian, most of the southern Ethiopia is very patriotic, it is just that Gurage is a highly visible one b/c they live in every town. In Addis Ababa they were there from the start and now in fourth and fifth generation being integral part of the city and you can’t even tell most of them apart any more. Since they live in towns at least from the second generation and on they had gone to school and now make up a significant portion of the Ethiopian educated class both at home and abroad. Their names are mostly Amharic or Geez names deep into third grand fathers’ if they are not Muslim. If you don’t catch them dance like crazy at Ethiopian music shows or weddings, they are hard to single out. Even then they are mostly mixed with other tribes so the typical question BENATIH BEKUL NEW WEYS BABATIH? follows. Here in diaspora, some tribes have their own yearly football things but not the them, I doubt if they even thought about it. They were beaten up, killed and their properties taken away from them just b/c they love Ethiopia and Meles Zenawi and his gang of thugs don’t. They never use the code word NEFTEGNA in it’s vile form or complain about the past their ancestors were part of. Menelik and Haile Selassie had generals and minsters from their tribe and they are very proud of them. If Gurage wants to be KILLIL like Amhara and other tribes, it is within it’s right as long as this defunct constitution is still in place. Besides it can be a beginning of a good thing for those who dislike ethnic politics as Dr Yonas Biru opined a few days ago. If twenty or more tribes in the south ask for their own KILIL peacefully within the current constitution, the ethnic structure has to be changed for it becomes unmanageable. There won’t be any more money for enormous KILIL LIYU HAIL that is bigger than ENDF in some cases threatening the very existense of Ethiopia. In any event, this can wait until terrorist TPLF is destroyed or surrendered.

    The Oxymoron of Ethiopian politics is that tribal politicians complain about the number of Amhara in Menelik II’s gov’t in 19th century but were/are okay with terrorist TPLF’s 90% share of everything Ethiopian in the 21st century. Terrorist TPLF can only represent 5% of Ethiopia if all Tigrayans supported it. Lidetu Ayalew was received by Bereket Simon when it was too late to save the terrorist mafia group but he still tried. There were suddenly some ‘meetings’ in expensive hotels and Lidetu was making speeches after speeches. Even the Kenyan President was duped to come over and was confused when he found out it was to listen to Lidetu’s last effort to save terrorist TPLF’s power. Is it just a coincident that terrorist TPLF now wants the ex-president to be the guy to broker ‘peace’?

    Multi tasking is never heard of in some circles though. They can only do one thing at a time and they do that one thing to the extreme. If they oppose one thing, they support everybody that opposes that same thing automatically. It don’t matter if that person has killed their mothers last week. In some cases age hasn’t brought any wisdom with it as it was supposed to. Andargachew Tsige on the other hand regretted the fact that the party he was part of when he was a university student has done some terrible mistakes. He said DERG has killed all his brothers and most of his friends but he doesn’t hold a grudge any more for both DERG and EPRP were Ethiopian nationalists doing what they thought was right to the most part. The extreme measures taken back then almost destroyed Ethiopia. Had it not been for the Red Terror, Ethiopian youth could’ve defended Ethiopia against terrorist TPLF in 1991 and even destroyed it at inception no matter how much America and Britain supported the destruction of their country through multiple LFiets.

    History is read to be a lesson for today and plan for tomorrow. Not to be extremely exaggerated and used against self to the point of total destruction. Alas Habtamu Ayalew thinks we have forgotten what terrorist TPLF did for decades and as recently as months ago and has started to say TPLF-N BEREBA BALREBAW BEMQAWEMACHIN YEDERESEBIN…


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