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Federal gov’t calls Addis Ababa City- Oromia border demarcation “exemplary” serve for a long time 

Ethiopian Federal government endorsed Addis Ababa demarcation process with Oromia and its result. It said it closely followed it.

Addis Ababa Demarcation
Oromia region president Shimeles Abdissa Adanech Abiebie are seen in the front line during a meeting that celebrated the demarcation process as a great achievement (Photo : public Domain)


Addis Ababa City administration said it has reached an agreement with Oromia region to resolve what all the levels of government call “boundary demarcation” between Ethiopia’s capital and Oromia’s “special zone.” 

The  Federal government, through a statement from the Government Communication Minister, made several claims – apparently with the intention to create the impression that the process was fair. 

It went to the extent of calling it “exemplary” to other areas in Ethiopia where there is a similar problem. 

The statement from the government communication  office highlighted that a “joint committee from the city administration and Oromia special zone made an extensive study based on the Federal government, Oromia region and Addis Ababa Administration charter.” 

Furthermore, it is said that the “Federal government has been closely following the process.”  It stated its stance saying that the boundary demarcation was completed in a way to resolve “age-old grievance” and that it is meant to serve for a long time. 

 Addis Ababa City Administration shares similar sentiments with the Federal government. 

“Our joy does not have a boundary that we have completed successfully what we have been consulting and working with our people with a great sense of responsibility, commitment and determination,”  said Adanech Abiebie, the Mayor. 

Her administration called the result “historic.” 

 Addis Ababa Demarcation line 

Koye Feche, part of Tulu Dimtu and Jemo are demarcated to be part of “Oromia special zone” in Addis Ababa area.  Oromia region, with tacit recognition from all levels of government, refers to the area as “Finefine zuria  leyou zone” (Fininie special zone).

It is decided that all condominiums built by Addis Ababa Administration in the special zone are to be part of the special zone. This means that Addis Ababa  City does not have an ownership right over it. 

There are also areas that were part of Oromia but demarcated as part of the Addis Ababa administration. Lebu area Furi Hana and Kersa river areas are made to be part of Addis Ababa according to the new arrangement.

Addis Ababa Mayor and Oromia region president are from what used to be Oromo People’s Democratic Organization ( later briefly rebranded as Oromo Democratic Party under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed as part of the preparation to form what became Prosperity Party). 


Considerable numbers of residents of Addis Ababa (as seen from social media conversation), notable activists and opposition parties, including Balderas whose leader was arrested by Abiy Ahmed Administration, have been criticizing Addis Ababa Administration, in the past three years,  for moves to alter the demographic composition of the city in favor of ethnic Oromo numerical superiority. 

There has been coordinated fraud, according to some critical voices,  in the distribution of Condo, including the latest one.  Addis Ababa City administration admitted the last one as a “mistake” related to software issues. It also claimed that results of a lottery draw administered to distribute the units are nullified and individuals behind it arrested. 

It is noticeable that the majority of the People in Addis Ababa are concerned that the dominant political forces in the ruling Prosperity Party have an agenda to Oromize Addis Ababa. Recently, there have been reports that the Oromia region imposed an anthem used in selected schools in Addis Ababa. 

Unlike the Federal government and City administration, the Ethiopian Citizens For Social Justice Party (EZEMA) believes that the process through which the demarcation was carried out between Addis Ababa and the so-called “Oromia Leyou zone” is not inclusive. 


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  1. Ethiopia is a country without a government but held hostage by the Orommuma mafias and land thieves!! What else is cooking in Adanch, Abiy(Abiyot), Shimels and Orommuma mafia Co? What is the next theft and Genocide?

    Communist Coward Evil Mengisu Hailemariam massacred thousands and fled after 17 years of misery and deaths.

    Communist TPLF planted venom, looted, murdered and destroyed the peace of Ethiopians and left after 27 Years. Still crying and complaining to keep the steal.

    Communist worshipper and TPLF servant, well admired by TPLF for being effective Spy that pulls believable lies out of his sleeves against innocent people named, Abiy (Abiyot after Mengisu) Ahmed rose to power and soaked Ethiopia in Amhara Blood for 4 long years. Now engaged in land theft and Shrinking Addis Ababa size to fulfill his Orommuma wish at the expensive of Addis Ababans.

    Crime Minister just came out of serious sickness and hope will join Meles Zenawi Soon in Hell!! Let him face those Ammharas he got massacred in Wellga and Oromia, the blood bath of innocents Amharas looking DOWN on him from HEAVEN as he enters into the inferno fire in hell.

    It is only under the greedy and inept, Chaos and Crime Monster Warlord Abiy Ahmed illegal controlled government a Capital City of Ethiopia and Africa shrinks instead of expanding. And it is all to steal land that Addis Ababans developed and paid for and to expand the Oromia Zone that is already expanded more than it should be. Using force may work for now but No Ethiopians accepts this illegal land and buildings theft by Orommuma gangs by using force and threats that Shimels, and company already have started throwing rhetoric’s.

    The Orommuma Party who is controlling the Army, Economy, Judiciary, Politics, Banks and every other key Government positions is abusing, looting, intimidating, Genocidal massacring and committing Crime against Humanity with impunity.

    The only news coming out of Ethiopia for the last 4 years is Amhara Genocide, mass Amhara Imprisonments and how Addis Ababa residents lost their houses and land to land thieves, the Orommuma Criminal Gangs flooding to Addis Ababa from Oromia headed by Crime Monster Abiy Ahmed the non stop liar and evil man.

    The Orommuma plot against Addis Ababa and the founder Emperor Menelik II and Etege Tayitu, Amhara, Gurage and other non-Oromo is all cooked and done in closed doors knowing what they are doing is not only Wrong but a Crime against Ethiopians

    The main reason why Chaos and Crime Monster Warlord Abiy Ahmed is abusing and imprisoning INNOCENT people and journalist such as Mr. Sintayehu Chekol, Journalist Mr. Tadios Tantu and over 19000 innocent Fannos and Amharas in prison is to keep secret the Orommuma plot and agenda of stealing land and wealth from Ethiopia.

    Chaos and Crime Monster Warlord Abiy Ahmed is going around and threating government officials and people to do what he want to happen in order to pave way for his own evil plans instead of listening to people’s grieve and concerns like a real Prime Minster must do.

  2. It is a done deal where no one is done any harm. There can be a few inconveniences to some residents but that is always inevitable during any remapping but it would be manageable. So let’s not make a stink out of it and move on. Now both jurisdictions should deliver all equitable services/needs to every resident expeditiously. Okay bigots! Stop your racist celebration! This is not a reinstatement of any ‘deeded’ ownership. This is no different in essence from the remapping we see in many developed countries. Your twisted mind is always keen in finding reasons to spark fires. You are so sick that I wish you were not even born. Just stop mumbling and SHUT UP!!!!!!!

    • Well, I hope you are right. But, hypothetically, think of a Tigre family who own one of those condos legally and who have been living there for the past decade. Now can you honestly tell me that they will not be affected? At the very least, wouldn’t you be nervous a little bit? Inevitably, there will come a time when they will have to take their title and other ownership documents to the Oromiya office where they will be required to speak in Afaan Oromo to be served. Best case scenario, they will be required to pay a hefty fee to get another title under the new jurisdiction. Worst case scenario, who knows??? I just don’t see any good coming out of this. Perhaps I’m being a pessimist and an alarmist.

      • My hope and wishes have been that improprieties you are concerned with would not be the norm. Let’s wait and see how it is gonna pan out. What pleased me was the fact that this remapping was done without the need for violence. But is there anything that keeps me up with wide eyes? Yes there can be. It is a fact that there are bigots every where. They are here among us and they are there among the people. There could be some in the local governments and federal departments. I am not so naive to think everyone is an angel. But I can attest to you and others without the benefit of the doubt that those black folks who produced us all are not all hate mongers. Amharas are not bigots as a people but a few individuals among them are. Oromos are not bigots as a people but there could be individuals among them who have a deep seated hatred towards others. The same goes for Tigrayans, Afars, Somalis, Sidamas, Gambelas, Benishanguls and the rest. What I would like to remind the top officials of the capital and all other regions is that such leadership comes with the responsibility of respecting and protecting the rights of minorities living in their constituencies. Such rights cut two ways. Everyone has to abide by the law of the land and his/her rights should also be protected by the same law of the land. Let’s also remember that there are still millions who live in Oromia and who claim themselves to be non-Oromos. Let’s not just look at what these bigoted professors and leaders of this or that sham group are mumbling on their platforms and the poison they spew around from their university campus orphanages here in the USA, Europe and Down Under. To me these are Not Oromos, Amharas or any other group of people. They only happened to be born to parents who were/are Oromos, Amharas or any other. Period!

  3. These high rises become an urban waste land after a few decades. If each building has 500 residents , one would expect a small town of 5000 residents per development .
    Who will be maintaining them?
    Do they have working elevators ?
    Sufficient water supply to reach the top floors?
    What happens to all the sewage and refuse generated ?
    How about gas and/or electricity for cooking ? Stoves/Ovens and appliances for the unique Ethiopian cuisines ? A common laundry or individual ones per unit? What about security? Fire safety?
    Do these buildings have condo associations to maintain the common areas ?
    If maintenance is the responsibility of the city of AA or the special zone , good luck with that. Occupying and living in high rise urban neighborhoods is a new experience for Addis Abebans. They should learn from the failures of major urban centers around the globe.
    Big cities in the US had built tall residential buildings for low income home owners in the 1960’s. Many of those have been torn down recently because they have become uninhabitable.
    If one wants to have vivid picture of the future for these building see the movie ” Fort Apache the Bronx” or just google it or even better find on YouTube Preside Reagan visiting blighted Bronx neighborhood as a condidate. Driving through the Bronx in the early ’80s used to be a nightmare.
    Perhaps the above is unique to the US , however, I am afraid these buildings will have similar fate whoever has jurisdictions over them.

  4. Hey Everybody! I am going to court!
    Hey Ittu, why are you going to court?
    I’m taking those who killed 5 million of my people since 2018 alone. I have all the qualifications to file a case at The Hague. I’m a peerless law professor and I’ve been licking the boots of a former slave owner every day. I also have two other peerless geniuses in my team. One of them is a matchless researcher from Down Under and the other one is a Jihadi Jane in leadership and expert in telling made up massacre stories in my region. I and my friend from down under will also include a case in which our romantic advances were rejected by girls we had a crush on.
    Hey Ittu, the girls have the rights to say no.
    No they rejected our advances because of our ethnicities.
    So that is why you and your friends hate certain ethnic group. Now we get it.
    We will also include a case accusing Abiy and his government of flooding Sudan all the way to Atbara because of the GERD they built. The dam is releasing a lot of more water than it is supposed to hold back. I have a close up picture of a crack in the concrete wall of the dam taken by my undercover investigator. We will send our partner Jihadi Jane to give the copies of our lawsuit to brother el-Sisi. She is predisposed very well to assimilate with el-Sisi and Burhan much easier than me and my partner. Remember that el-Sisi and his predecessors have been providing material and moral support to the front that is fighting to free the people in my region for decades. We will ask the court to order Abiy and those black folks to hand over the ownership and operation of the GERD dam to el-Sisi. Those people are not white and therefore they don’t have the brain to own and run such huge project. They are not sophisticated for the job. But el-Sisi is just white enough to do the job.

  5. The Orommuma herders in suits, collection of murderers, corrupts and inept land thieves working in secret away from Ethiopians. Those are bandas who are working against Addis Ababa and Ethiopians interest.

    ONLY Under the Orommuma OLF Abiy Ali Ahmed, herders and TPLF leftovers controlled government where seen a capital City shrinking instead of expanding as the City demand grows.
    Well what do those greedy OLF Orommuma “I want to steal whatever I see that I didn’t work for” idiots know about economy supply, and demands?

    NO contribution from OLF/Abiy Ahmed and Co. but looting and Massacre.
    They must be ousted because the are dangerous for the whole Ethiopia including Oromos!!!

  6. Junta Abiy Ahmed stop Terrorizing Ethiopians, Addis Ababans, Amharas, Wolayitas, Gurages and every peacful Ethiopians, The country is in turmoil with mass imprisonment of Journalists, innocent Amharas, Gurages, Wolayits, Gedios, etc…

    Addis Ababans do not want forceful annexation by Junta Abiy Ahmed, Adanech Abebe and Shimelis Abdissa secret plots to live under the Slaughter House of #StopAmharaGenocide, in Oromia Zone!

    Every Ethiopian and Addis Ababans know that this was planned by Junta Abiy Ahmed’s before he grabs the power seat. And that is why by breaking the law he kept bringing ONLY Oromos from outside of Addis Ababa for the Mayoral Position of Addis Ababa.

    Whatever lies the Ignoramus Junta Abiy Ahmed keeps spouting his intention and action is clear as crystal to everyone. He is the only Zelzala lair FOOL that could never pull himself out of backwardness and inferiority complex hat he suffers from.

    No doubt Junta Abiy Ahmed hates Addis Ababan city residents and dwellers only because they are not like him. They are fast, fun, civilized and harmonious with one another. Which does not sync with him who grew up eaten up with jealousy and hate for City residents and civilization.

    People want, demand and expect one that holds the PM position to be truthful, responsible and servitude NOT one that is a Mass Jailor, Abuser, Thief, Out of Control Lair, Genocider, Slaughterer, Trapped in Divisive cruel ethno-politics and one that hates every other but only serves his own selected ethnic Murderers, thieves and looters at the expensive of Ethiopia’s wealth and privileges.


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