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Travelers from Amhara region of Ethiopia denied right to enter Addis Ababa 


Ethiopian Federal government authorities have not yet reacted to the abuse of travelers from the Amhara region 

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Passengers busses that were reportedly denied access to Addis Ababa are seen stopped along the Woldia-Dessie-Addis Ababa road (photo : Social media)


As the 83 percent completed Ethiopian dam was dominating news outlets in the country in the past few days, Ethiopians who were traveling from cities in Amhara region to Addis Ababa were harassed and discriminated against by Oromia region police who are deployed at checkpoints in areas close to the capital. 

Some of the cases were medical travels – individuals who have a doctor’s appointment in Addis Ababa. 

There are indications that the abuse has been going on for well over a month but got worse last week. 

Travelers told reporters that their I.D.s were checked at the points and were ordered to return to the Amhara region if their I.D’s are not issued in Addis Ababa or the Oromo region. 

It has happened in Sheno, Aleletu, Beki, Sendafa and Legetafo checkpoints – all of them in close distance to Addis Ababa. 

There were cases where travelers were allowed to continue their trip to Addis after they gave bribe they were asked. 

In a statement issued this week, the Ethiopian Human Rights Council confirmed that it has received reports of abuse against travelers from Amhara region to Addis Ababa at the checkpoints in the towns mentioned above. 

The rights group said that it had written a letter to the Ministry of Peace and Transport requesting explanations about the situation but it did not receive a response by the time it issued the statement on August 11. It has indicated that it is waiting for a response. 

It has however established that the Wolida-Dessie-Addis Ababa road was totally blocked and was reopened on August 11. 

The rights group, citing section 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, regarding mobility rights of individuals and to live in any part of their country, called for the Ethiopian government to address the situation by respecting rights to move freely in the country. 

It is unclear if the Addis Ababa administration has, and there is no legal ground or otherwise to do so, a new regulation that restricts people from the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

There had been a similar situation in the past for travelers from Gojam to Addis Ababa.

At this writing, no government official at the Federal or regional state level condemned the illegal practice by government security forces in the Oromo region. 

There has been a recurring massacre of thousands of innocent civilians, mostly of ethnic Amhara background, in the Oromo region of Ethiopia – something the government links to a radical ethnic Oromo militant group ( or “Shane” as it calls it). 

Meanwhile, the council of Ministers this week passed a decision regarding a digital national ID card, according to a report by state media. It is to be approved by the Ethiopian Parliament. 


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  1. Quote: “Travelers from Amhara region of Ethiopia denied right to enter Addis Ababa”, Unquote
    August 14, 2022

    Humble Opinion, 14 Aug 2022
    It is absured of absurdes to prevent Ethiopians entering Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!!!
    In fact, it is illiggal.

    Perhaps I am misreading the first misspelled word of the sentence >>>> i.e. “ Travelers” .
    In that case, the word is NOT referring to Ethiopians, but to foreigners.
    I think, clarification is in order for the benefit of all. .

  2. This is an organized plan by OFC, OLF, OLA and the current PP (ORO) which was hatched in the days of Lemma Megersa and Co. Very soon we will be told that Addis Ababa is Finfinne, that we have to understand Oromiffa to live here, that Menelik’s lands will finally be returned to the rightful Oromo owners (forget the earlier occupation of the place by the Atse Governments), that Kush will finally claim its lands, etc. This is what the Wisconsin goons are hatching for the country, so it is no surprise if they have started their homework. The question is – what is next?

  3. Well, it is coming, a sign to say Addis is now Oromia land and others are enot allowed to move around in Addis. This seals the agreement of Liberation Fronts and Oromia trying to assure it’s domination against the rest of Ethiopia. Gurages are being chased away from Addis on their own land. This Oromia, which Gallas accepted from Germans is assuring Orimia is now being the right hand to neocolonizationn. Colonialists have to do only to buy people and act as their right hand to do the colonization until they come and take over. Good job Aby govt, Orimiya.

  4. It is Orommuma barbaric invasion like after Geragn Mohammed all over again by the one posturing as Ethiopian government, Barbaric Orommuma Warlord Chaos Minister Abiy Ahmed and Co.

    This plot might surprise those naïve followers of the Chaos Minster Orommuma Warlord Abiy Ahmed who believe to know him well and the rest did not understand or want to oppose him. Now there you see it! Where is your future or What is your Addis Ababan or Ethiopian future going?

    Are you still going to stay naïve supporters or a rudely awoken protestors?

    All is cooked illegally and in secrets by the Orommuma gangs without the knowledge and approval of Addis Ababa residents, mainly the Amharas and the rest of Ethiopians participation and vote.

    It is not acceptable and lawful and we condemn this barbarism.


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