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“The peace talk will not succeed,” Says Andargachew Tsige


In an interview with ESAT, Andargachew Tsige ( he was one of the top leaders of the now defunct Ginbot 7) said the peace talk between the Ethiopian government and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) will not succeed.

He argued that the political nature and behavior of TPLF, and its aspiration is ample reason to conclude that the peace talk will not succeed.

In terms of aspiration, TPLF wants to control Wolkait , a part of Gonder which it controlled over thirty years, again. In fact, is has put a precondition saying that Ethiopian forces have to withdraw from “West Tigary.”

Watch Andargachew Tisge’s remark below.

Video : embedded from ESAT YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. Subject: “The peace talk will not succeed,” Says Andargachew Tsige, August 7, 2022

    Humble Commentery

    a) If antagonism is beyond rational dialogue, then success for brotherhood is just way beyond dream.

    b). Ethiopia will then enter in fragmentation stage — a benefit to none.

    c). Ethiopia will, instead, be placed in history books as the ANCIENT Black African Country around the
    Globe to go into pieces.

    d) And Ethiopians, wherever they may be, will have to acclimatized themselves to the notion of being
    without a country

    e) FINALLY, ADIO to the glory of Ethiopia. — for ever and ever. and ever …………….


    Post Script
    If you don’t like the above, just take time; sit down; and appeal to the almighty god up in heaven.

  2. No yet to jinx it, brother! They haven’t sat down at the round table and seen eye to eye yet. Even there is a 1% of a 1% chance of the negotiation succeeding I will hold that miniscule percentage close to my heart to caress and sleep with it. Hundreds of thousands of Allah intricately created human lives have been lost and millions displaced with billions worth of property destroyed by this senseless conflict set off by stubborn individuals. It is not funny, okay.


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