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Ethiopia’s existence as country is in danger , says EZEMA

A major opposition political party relates existing security problems that manifests itself in the form of ethnic based violence in Ethiopia to the nature of the Federalism and the constitution 

Berhanu Nega, leader of EZEMA (Photo : File)


Ethiopian Citizen’s For Social Justice Party (EZEMA) this week said Ethiopia’s existence as a country is in danger given the constitution is intact. 

The major opposition party with non-ethnic structure in the country said ” EZEMA believes that so long as the current constitution is intact, our existence as a country is in danger let alone to build a ‘Democratic Ethiopia’ ” 

The party views, as is the case with many million Ethiopians, the ethnic based federal structure and the constitutional provision as the major problem for the security problem in the country. 

Thousands of Ethiopians have been severely massacred in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz region of Ethiopia, not to mention many other pocket areas in the Southern part of the country where there has been ethnic violence over resources, since Abiy Ahmed became prime minister in 2018. 

The problem existed before Abiy took power after Hailemariam Desalgne’s resignation in the same year. 

However, the  massacre in the past four years bears an omen of government authorities’ involvement in the form of facilitating the massacres for the radical militant groups operating the regions mentioned above. 

EZEMA professes that it struggles for the realisation of self-governance and for citizens to be the source of political powers in the country. 

A federal form of government is beneficial to accommodate diversity and ensure inclusiveness, the party pointed out. 

However, it believes that the constitutional process that created the federal system in Ethiopia was not participatory which made it one that was not democratic. 

Furthermore, said the party, Ethiopian Federalism is based on ethnicity and language. That has worsened the problem that it was meant to solve. 

Among the major pitfalls of the constitution is, the party pointed out, that it linked ethnic identity with land ownership. It has caused bloodshed in areas that were not separated by boundaries based on ethnic identity. 

The party recommends that the National dialogue that Ethiopia is working on should identify dangers related to the nature of the federal  system and dangerous constitutional provisions , and make it part of the dialogue. 

When Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in 2018, there was a great anticipation that the reform he promised would bring to an end ethic based violence in the country by introducing constitutional reform. Perhaps, one of the possible reasons why he enjoyed popular support at the time. 

Recurring massacres, and worsening, over the past four years seem to have made people question if Abiy is part of the problem too. 

In fact, there are views that the Prime Minister, in recent years, demonstrated an increasing appetite to appear appealing to the radical ethnic nationalists in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

EZEMA held its party congress and leadership election last month. It was hailed as a great democratic exercise.

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  1. Don’t blame Abiy alone. The tplf conspiracy to make the country ungovernable and the complicity of Oromo ethnic irredentists plus the overt machination of region rulers like shimellis abdissa (better change name and give the country some peace) and benshangul trojan horses of egypitian hegemons are some of the real challenges. The west is as ever conspiring to make Ethiopia remain poor and begging. Given these trying complexities, Abiy may be doing well. The lost lives of innocent people will plead to God for justice which has been denied by ethnic devils.

  2. Berhanu Nega is a greedy for power, ready to serve and please ethnocentric dictators, demagogue and a bigot. He has served Meles Zenawi and now the Orommuma Warlord Abiy Ahmed, the Ruthless Dictator, the never stop Liar and talkative.

    He has long list of hideous histories that speaks for, hate for Amhara and lack of ethics, hypocrisy when being educated in the free world, the US and knows the value of education he sinisterly and deliberately gave low marks to Amhara students who scored the highest in the whole country. At the same time after losing his insanity for power and money he gave high scores to Oromo students who never been educated or taken the exam.


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