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There are instances where family members are arrested in lieu of wanted persons in Oromo region of Ethiopia


Amnesty to prisoners is one of the issues that the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission evaluated as improvement areas in the rights of inmates in the Oromo region

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The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, which is a governmental institution, said it had two days of consultation, in Bishoftu which is only 44 kilometers southeast of Addis Ababa, with stakeholders regarding prison conditions in the Oromo region of Ethiopia.  

The meeting discussed what it called “gaps” in the way prisons are handled and ways of addressing them. 

According to a report by DW Amharic, the meeting evaluated the state of rights of inmates and prisons. It has reportedly assessed 126 police stations and 27 prison facilities. 

The rights groups said it has identified both improvement areas and weaknesses. 

Offering academic education to inmates, improved food provisions, better relations with prisoners and declining cases of torture in the facilities are among the area that the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission identified as strengths in the human rights situations in the prison facilities.   

On the other hand, there are cases where inmates are not made to appear in court at the time they should or sometimes they are not given an opportunity to appear in the count at all. 

There is also a situation where prison authorities are not releasing suspects whom courts found not guilty and inmates whose files are discharged by courts.

Even worse, there are cases when members of families of suspects are detained in lieu of the suspect in some police stations, based DW Amharic report which was published on Tuesday. 

There have been prevalent human grave human rights situations in the Oromo region of Ethiopia including by non-state actors.  The militant wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organization, which the government calls “Shane,” has massacred thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians in the region. 

There were also cases where government officials at the zone level were assassinated in the college region of Ethiopia. 

At times arrest in the region, when it is related to current situation – security or otherwise,  appear to be discriminatory as it focuses of what the region believe to be “strangers” ( ‘tsegure lewut’). 


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    Prosperity Party where ALL of them are leftover of EPRDF/TPLF must GO!!! Step Down ALL Prosperity Party lawless people!!!

    Abiy Ahmed who is imprisoning Journalists and Adanech Abebe who is imprisoning Addis Ababans and interfering in Police work must Step Down.

    Police who is becoming unruly, unethical and interfering in Judicial System is committing crime instead of preventing Crime and protecting Citizens. Police are not releasing suspects whom courts found not guilty and inmates whose files are discharged by courts right in Addis Ababa let alone Debre Zeit . All those who are Grossly Violating Human Right and not doing their Jobs must be apprehended and taken to court to have their day in count and get the appropriate punishment.

    Ethiopia and Oromia Zone is headed by the most wanted Criminals Orommuma gangs. .

    Under the current wild, primitive and criminal Orommuma mafia, Abiy, Shimeles Abdissa, Adisu, Adanech Abebe, Tagesse Chafo, Takele Uma and the rest controlled Ethiopian government every type of Gross human right violation has happened and will continue to happen unless they are ALL forced out.

    The country in crisis by every minutes and people continue to suffer. Those Orommuma mafias have no respect for the rule of law and governance . The lack of qualification, respect for the rule of law and the greed for power has set the wrong tone by the trios Abiy, Adanech and Shimeles.

    While Abiy is abusing Amhara Zone people, administration and the country, Adanech is abusing and hurting Amharas in Addis Ababa and Shimeles in massacring women and children of Amharas in Oromia.

    Even when Amharas want get out of Oromia the Vampire Zone, Shimeles is preventing them from getting out because he wants them dead. Any vagabond Oromo is embolden to harass and murder as many Amharas and get away with crime because Shimeles is giving the cover and support to Shene/OLF/OPDO or whatever they are called.

  2. Appeasing and colluding with the TPLF gangs group while abandoning victims of Ethiopian masses ,who were killed, imprisoned ,robbed, evicted and exploited from corner to corner over 28 years is grave mistake. It is unforgivable crime and injustices


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