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Ethiopia : Lavrov bashed western media over a “distorted” narrative of global food crisis 

Mr. Lavrov (front left) with Ethiopian President Sahlework Zewde (front right) on July 27,2022 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


“I am sure that you have been following the events. I know that the Western media presents the situation in a totally distorted manner. If only to mention the so-called food crisis, as if nothing was of concern before February this year,”  Mr. Sergey Lavrov said in a statement he made, at the Russian Embassy in Addis Ababa, to diplomats from member countries of the African Union.

It was indicated that the Russian Embassy had to organise the meeting with the diplomats and media at the Russian Embassy as the African Union venue was apparently scheduled.  

Mr. Lavrov, in his statement, painted the evolution of the crisis in Ukraine and Russia’s diplomatic efforts for nearly a decade to avoid escalation due to security concerns to the Russian Federation. 

“And we suggested to them [western countries] respective treaties several times. First, back in 2009 and the last attempt was in December of 2021. And they told us, “Look gentlemen, first there would be no legally binding security guarantees except for NATO members. And second, as regards Ukraine, the relations between NATO and Ukraine are none of your business.” And that was the end of it. ” He added, “Russia, as any other self-respectful country has the right to determine itself what is good for its security and what is not.”

Mr. Lavrov sipping Ethiopian Coffee over conversation with Ethiopian Deputy PM and Foreign Affairs Minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on July 27,2022 (Photo credit : MAFE)

Western countries are projecting that it is “freedom” that is under attack in Ukraine.  

Mr. Lavrov thinks that the attempt to paint Ukraine as a grand international problem does not hold water. He said it is more complicated than that and he “senses’ ‘ there is understanding about it. 

In rejecting the western media narrative about the causes of the current global food crisis – which mainstream media seem to paint as Russia – Mr. Lavrov argued that the problem related to food in the world market existed before the military conflict ( military operation as Russia calls it) in Ukraine.  

“If you read the reports of the World Food Programme and the Food and Agriculture Organization, you will refresh your memory and establish the fact that the problems in the world food market started at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when in an attempt to fight this virus and the pandemic consequences the US, the EU and Japan have made an emission for eight trillion dollars’ worth without any economic substantiation, and they use this empty money to buy food and all other goods which they believe would be necessary in case pandemic takes long and there will be closure of countries,” he said. 

For him, it has something to do with fertiliser prices too – which happened before the war.  He linked the increase in the price of Fertilisers  to what he called  “the reckless policy of the Western countries on the so-called Green Transition.”  That had its own impact on world food prices, because, he said  “the energy supplies, the classical energy resources were more or less discriminated.”  

Mr Lavrod did not dismiss the war in Ukraine as a factor in the global food crisis. But his interpretation of it is different from one that is painted in the western mainstream media. 

“And yes,”, he said, ” the situation in Ukraine did affect, additionally, negatively affected food markets. But not because of the Russian special operation, rather due to the absolutely inadequate reaction of the West, which announced sanctions, undermining the availability of the food on the markets.” 

Based on Mr. Lavrov’s statement, Russia has explained [to the west ] about it. 

“When we explain this to them, they say, “Food and fertilizers are not covered by sanctions”. Yes, but you know, half-truth is worse than a lie. And the truth is that the list of sanctions does not contain an item saying “food”, but what it does contain is prohibition for the Russian ships to call to the ports in the Mediterranean, prohibition for the foreign ships to call on the Russian ports, to pick up food and other cargo, prohibition to insure the Russian ships, because of which insurance prices quadrupled overnight. And of course, prohibition for the main Russian bank, Russian Agricultural Bank, which has always served the payments for Russian food exports – it was listed in the European Union sanctions,” Mr Lavrov told diplomatic corps and representatives of member states of the African Union, in the Ethiopian Capital, Addis Ababa. 

There was a brief question and answer session before Mr. Lavrov has to rush to meet with Ethiopia’s Foreign Affairs Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Demeke Mekonnen. 

The full statement is available HERE

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  1. Ethiopia and Russia have a long standing and cordial relationships. Ethiopia owes a lot to Russia because the latter together with China blocked a series of draft resolutions the western members of the security council introduced in support of the TPLF. It is believed that the main driving force behind these draft resolutions was the US ” shadow Secretary of State” Mrs. Susan Rice who is known to be the staunch supporter of the TPLF.

  2. That is a lie! That is too big a lie for a big man! In this case the media in the West is not the one that invaded a sovereign nation unprovoked. Those bully despots in Moscow do not want to see a functioning democracy next door. It is not because Ukraine wishes to be a member of the EU but what deprived Putin and his gang sleep was/is a thriving democracy nearby. The same goes with the other despot in Beijing in regards to Taiwan. It is not that Taiwan a huge lost territory but Xi can not afford is a glamorous democracy going strong at his front door with its highest GDP(PPP) in the neighborhood. Despot lose their temper at a sight of democratic governance. That triggers their ‘zaar’. What they will never realize is democracies DO NOT go down that easy! This tour by this member of baby killers is a sign of desperation. You be wondering where will he travel next. May be North Korea, Cuba and Tripoli. For now just keep handing him those tasty aromatic cups of coffee! Out of my sight despot!!!


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