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11 Ethiopian political parties caucus warn over worsening violence

Some opposition parties are calling for “inclusive dialogue” – even with political organizations that are engaged in armed struggle against the Ethiopian government. Security task force says it has arrested over 900 as security measure

Ethiopian Political Parties
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A caucus of eleven Ethiopian opposition political parties this past weekend held a discussion in the capital Addis Ababa. 

The statement they issued at the end of it sees the possibility of worsening violence and the cost of living in the country. 

The caucus said endless violence continues to entangle the safety and security of citizens. 

The parties that are part of the caucus are Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), Hibir Ethiopia (HE), Afar People’s Party (APP), Arena Tigray (AT), Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), Wolayta National Movement (WNM), Keffa Green Party (KGP), Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (EFDUF), and Mocha.

It was said that “violence” ( apparently the massacre of innocent civilians on grounds of their ethnic identity is projected as “violence” too) is spreading fast across the country and that the government has failed to control it. 

The security situation in the country made it challenging for citizens to make it home safely. That in turn, said the statement is exposing citizens to an economic vulnerability which makes food security questionable. 

“The government is unable or unwilling to protect the security and safety of citizens,” said, as quoted by DW Amharic, Mulatu Gemechu who is an Oromo Federalist Congress official.

He also said that it is necessary to have a dialogue with political organisations that are undertaking an armed struggle.  

The Ethiopian government has recently been claiming, as always, that it has weakened the military posture of a militant ethnic Oromo Nationalist party which calls itself “Oromo Liberation Army.” 

The group has carried out a repeated massacre of innocent ethnic Amhara living in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. Thousands of ethnic Amhara have been slaughtered in a periodic massacre in the Oromo and Benishangul Gumuz regions of Ethiopia since  Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018.

Participants of the caucus also remarked about what they called a forceful move on the part of the government to stop demands for statehood in the country. 

Amanuel Mogisso, Chairperson of Wolayta National Movement, is cited as saying that the government’s forceful attempts to stop demands for statehood in Southern Ethiopia could worsen the security situation. 

The demands, for Amanuel Mogiso, rather need to be addressed constitutionally.

Overall, the caucus stressed on the importance of “inclusive, neutral and transparent,” national consensus as a solution to end violence and displacement of citizens – a situation that creates an even more challenging situation. 

The Ethiopian government has warned this week against what it called forceful pressure in pursuit of statehood. 

There is a tendency on the part of the government that some of the movements are rather instigated by entities that are hostile to the very existence of Ethiopia. 

This week, the Federal Security Task Force announced that it has eliminated 153 “terrorists,” and has arrested more than nine hundred. 

Addis Ababa City Mayor last week claimed that there have been attempts to carry out “terrorist activities” in the city and that more than 1500 individuals have been arrested. 

She linked the alleged “terrorists” to the  “Shane” and TPLF –  groups that the Ethiopian parliament designated as terrorists.  

Ethiopia has recently been challenged by Al-Shabab fighters infiltrating to the country and high circulation of firearms.

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  2. How come the three parties I personally founded were not mentioned here? They were there. They are 1) The Collobus Monkey Salvation Party, 2) The Black Mane Lion Liberation Front and 3) Rent Is Too Damn High in Minnesota Resistance Front. I am gonna talk to my lawyer Bugs Bunny today.

    One can’t help feeling sadness for the ANCIENT INDEPENDENT BLACK AFRICAN COUNTRY around the GLOBE, with extraordinary HISTORY, to be in such a degrading political position.
    Does it mean ‘modern’ Ethiopians with extraordinary knowledge in the intricacy of world socio/ political institutions would simply “take it” lying down comfortably while the ANCIENT AFRICAN COUNTRY is flowing ‘down the drain’ in pieces ?!?!?!?!?
    Is that the characteristic of Ethiopians ?!?!?!? WOW! WOW! WOW!

  4. Nine of the caucusing parties are the same as the ones that the State Department and Tplf point-man Berhane Gebrekristos had put together in Washington, DC. Three of the “parties” only have a total number of ONE member. Want to take a guess who that ONE member is? Let me give a hint; four letters. t-p-l-f, of course.


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