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Ethiopian Forces reportedly “annihilated” Al-Shabab fighters that entered Somali region


Al-Shabab planned to cross to the Oromo region of Ethiopia with a vision to team up with the military wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group, Oromo Liberation Front 

Al Shabab fighters captured in Somali region
Al Shabab fighters who managed to surrender to the Somali Special forces


The Somali regional state of Ethiopia announced that Al-Shabab fighters who entered Ethiopia had been annihilated.  

The terrorist force that entered Ato village of Afeder zone in the region about four days ago was surrounded and entirely wiped out, said the news update from the region. 

Furthermore, the update said that Al-Shabab was planning to enter the Oromo region to coordinate with what the Ethiopian government calls “Shene” – a militant wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalists. 

Thirteen vehicles that Al-Shabab reportedly used for the mission it planned are entirely destroyed by Ethiopian Forces, to be specific the Somali region special forces. 

Over 100 Al-Shabab fighters are said to have been destroyed.  Hundreds of firearms including launcher pads have been captured from the operation, based on the update from the regional state.  Those who are alive are taken captive. 

Some of the fire arms captured from Al-Shabab fighters

The regional forces have reportedly garnered support from people in the region, and there was blood donation for those hurt during the operation. 

The Somali regional government is yet to disclose the number of its forces who lost their lives and those wounded during the operation.  

A report earlier this week said fourteen police forces and three other civilians were killed as the regional forces were responding to Al-Shabab fighters who controlled two villages initially.  

Meanwhile, Mustafa Mohammed hailed the performance from the Huluul operation – one that was conducted to engage Al-Shabab. 

Mustafa Mohammed, Somali region president, seeing off special forces who are deployed to the border for a different mission (Photo : twitter handle of Mustafa Mohammed

“… Our gallant special forces are once again proving that the peace in the region is not at the mercy of terrorists. Lunch with the heroes who annihilated AS at Huluul, Afdheer zone,”  he said on a Twitter 

Mr. Mustafa had lunch with the forces who were deployed to Huluul and wiped out Al-Shabab forces, as claimed by the region. 

The forces are now deployed to the border area for a different mission. It was the region’s president, Musfata, who deployed and saw them off.

The Ethiopian government made several arrests, in recent years, of suspected Al-Shabab operatives in Ethiopia who were on a mission to carry out terror in different parts of Ethiopia including the capital. 


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  1. Where is Berhanu Jula. Why doesn’t he protect the border instead in the Judicial System where he doesn’t belong?
    Is Berhanu’s main job threating not only innocent but also freed journalists/citizens?
    Is his position to protect the country but to threaten with their lives the very people he sworn to protect?
    Is that the Orommum style military?
    What a shame and disgrace?

    This is all the plagued with violence, corruption, theft and ignorance Orommuma poorly executed and orchestrated drama.

    Losing support and sliding down in spiral twist every day, Abiy and the Orommuma no longer can speak about peace and stability but only about war, invasion, 5 Million people internal displacements , Genocide and mayhem.

    Until 1974 Ethiopia was highly admired and highly respected not only by Africans but also by the west and many other countries around the world for being peaceful, harmonious with its many ethnic groups, disciplined and upholding the rule of law. The government was so protective of its people and borders and neighboring countries had to think twice before moving in one meter into Ethiopia.
    Now it has sank into the most disgraceful position #AmaharGenocide and Cannibalism and Greedy corrupt Orommuma gangs holding Government power without merits and qualifications only to steal and enrich themselves by violating the peace, interfering and harassing Muslims and Orthodox Christians and trying to break the fabric of society.

  2. I told you this group of demons will finally meet its masters in the field and it did just that in the hands of our gallant Somali brothers and sisters. It is reported that this satanic group’s main objection for this incursion was to connect with those fighting the government. There shouldn’t be any doubt about that. This extremist group has a history of working with anyone hell bent in the destruction of our old country. In this case this group of savages has rattled the wrong cage. Bravo our Somali brothers and sisters!!!


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