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Gudaf Tsegay : Ethiopia won its fourth gold at the Wold Athletics Championship in Eugene 

Women’s 5000 meters result at the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon : Ethiopian Athlete Gudaf Tsegay won Gold. Full list featured below

Ethiopian Athletes after finishing women’s 5000 meters race. Let to right : Letesenbet Giday (10,000 meters Gold medalist), Gudaf Tsegay, the champion and Dawit Seyuam (Photo : Social Media)


Gudaf Tsegay on Saturday won Gold in the women’s 5000 meters race in Eugene, Oregon. 

Ethiopia’s Gold medal from  the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon, is now four. 

Gudaf Tsegay clocked 14:46:29 when she crossed the finishing line.  Kenyan Athlete Beatrice  Chebet settled for silver after finishing second. 

Fifteen athletes who qualified for the final in women’s 5000 meters competed at the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon, USA. 

 Dawit Seyoum, another Ethiopian athlete, won bronze medal. 

World Championship women’s 5000 meters result is as follows : 

  1. Gudaf TSEGAY ETH 14:46.29
  2. Beatrice CHEBET KEN 14:46.75 SB
  3. Dawit SEYAUM ETH 14:47.36
  4. Margaret Chelimo KIPKEMBOI KEN 14:47.71 SB
  5. Letesenbet GIDEY ETH 14:47.98
  6. Sifan HASSAN NED 14:48.12 SB
  7. Caroline Chepkoech KIPKIRUI KAZ 14:54.80
  8. Karoline Bjerkeli GRØVDAL NOR 14:57.62
  9. Elise CRANNY USA 14:59.99
  10. Gloria KITE KEN 15:01.22
  11. Eilish MCCOLGAN GBR 15:03.03
  12. Nozomi TANAKA JPN 15:19.35
  13. Jessica JUDD GBR 15:19.88
  14. Emily INFELD USA 15:29.03


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  1. Did you see how our golden daughter Gudaf bint Tsegay destroyed the field yesterday in the women’s 5000m final? Her team mate Dawit bint Seyaum was not too far behind her taking the bronze. I was like a kid in a candy store. Today will be the closing day for the competition and our three gallant sons Muktar, Selemon and Yomif will be mixing it up in the Men’s 5000m final and our indomitable daughter Diribe bint Welteji will be waging war alone against 8 others in the Women’s 800m final. It will all be shown at prime time on NBC. Let’s cheer her up so she can bring us another hardware to our already mountain high collection. She is already a gold medal winner in my book already. These outstanding achievements by our gallant sons and daughters in the 800 and 1,500m races signal the beginning of a nightmare to those who have been dominating them. I’m sure these colorful accomplishments will motivate other athletes to go after the 400m including the handles and I have no doubt that they will succeed. For now let’s honor our heroes.

  2. When the competition ended Ethiopia took the 2nd largest haul of medals. USA has the most with 13 gold medals and the old country took 4 gold medals. Great Britain, Canada, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Sweden Spain and Norway would start WWIII to get that number of the gold medals. They would kill their nearest relatives to go home what that number of the precious hardware. I’m still on the moon and since the games are over will return to the good earth soon. Ok bigots! Eat your hearts out and add your eyeballs to your plate!!!

  3. I am submitting this demand to PM Abiy and my demand must be answered positively soon without delay. I want Your Excellency Prime Minister to bestow the following ranks on our gallant athletic warriors.
    1) Letesenbet bint Giday – the rank of Major General of the Army
    2) Gudaf bint Tsegay – the rank of Major General of the Paramilitary
    3) Gotytom bint Gebreslase – the rank of Major General of Air Force
    4) Tamrat Tola – the rank of a Major General of the Anti-terrorist Taskforce
    5) Workuha bint Getachew – the rank of a Brigadier General of the Army
    6) Lemetcha bin Girma – the rank of a Brigadier General of the Police Force
    7) Mosinet bin Geremew – the rank of a Brigadier General of the Anti-terrorist Taskforce
    8) Dawit bint Seyaum – the rank of a Colonel of the Airforce
    9) Mekides bint Abebe – the rank of a Colonel of the Police Force
    10) All coaches to the rank of a Captain of the Army

    Derertu bint Tulu should made a 4-star General of the entire Armed Forces for her unprecedented leadership that produced such historical feats.

    This is not just a request of a proposal but a demand etched in stone. You must do it and do it now! Otherwise I will be all over your case like a cheap 3-piece suit that I bought from the blue light special at K-Mart preparing for my first job interview way back in the early 1970’s. I will twist and thrash every word that comes out of your mouth until you scream no more! Do it now!!!

  4. I have another demand for PM Abiy and his administration. I want a huge reception party prepared on the day our gallant athletes are back in Addis/Finfine. I also ask for a day of celebration to be held throughout the country. There should not be ifs or buts about it. These athletes will remain my heroes the rest of my life on this good earth for their heroic feats and also for withstanding the constant calls by bigots to defect or to come across the finishing line with hand crossed. They shut these beyond repair bigots up into utter humiliation. What they accomplished mirrored what those patriots did in 1896. Those ancestors organized themselves, practiced and fought together as one people irrespective of their ethnicity. Every one of these athletes is a piece of those victorious patriots who taught that pompous bully Baratieri who was the real boss on that battlefield. I can see their late uncles Abebe, Mamo and Miruts Yifter the Shifter looking down and smiling at their victories.
    Ok bigots! I have told you umpteen times what you should do to take yourself out of misery. Go find a lake or a pond and dive in the deep end to never, ever come up!!!


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