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Mother of World Marathon Champion Gotytom Gebreslase speaks 

My happiness is half says Gotytom Gebreslase ‘s mother talking about her daughter’s shining victory at the World Athletics Championship 

Gotytom Gebreselassie _ Marathon _ Eugene
Gotytom Gebreselassie crossing Marathon finishing line at Eugene, Oregon this month. Photo : screenshot from VOA Amharic video/ AFP via VOA Amharic


When Gotytom Gebreslase won the women’s marathon at the World Athletics Championship in Eugene, Oregon, she was tearful. Tears of joy and sadness too. 

She was sad because she was unable to make a phone call to her parents who are living in the Enderta District of Tigray region, in the village of Mai Keyah. 

Berhayiti Kassa learned about her daughter’s victory, based on a report from VOA Amharic when watching TMH (Tigray Media House) television the same day around 10:00 P.M. 

The channel is known to be an ardent propaganda wing of groups in the region who are extensively being criticized for holding the people in the region hostage to achieve a political motive. The challenges of humanitarian aid delivery to the region has been making news in major media outlets. 

Phone communication has been disconnected to that part of Ethiopia for nearly two years now due to the ongoing war between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) which dominated power in Ethiopia for over three decades and the Ethiopian Federal government.

The war started when the TPLF attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in November 2020. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed, although the government has yet to disclose the exact figure. 

Although TPLF lost the war, it still has control over much of the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

“I heard about it when I was watching TMH TV at 10 p.m., I heard her saying my parents would have been happy like the rest of Ethiopian people. I was happy, and I cried, but my happiness is half,” said Berhayiti Kassa talking about her daughter’s victory. 

She added that her daughter “used to call directly when she won two years ago.”  The last time that Gotytom Gebreslase spoke to her daughter on the phone was about seven months ago. For that to happen, her mother had to travel to Alamata, a town south of Tigray ( the TPLF incorporated as part of Tigray region and it calls it “south Tigray” ) 

A negotiation is expected to take place between the government of Ethiopia and TPLF. If it succeeds, the nightmare for Ethiopians in the Tigray region of Ethiopia may come to an end. If not, there is a likelihood that the war may continue which obviously means more devastation, economic and social crisis.  

Video credit : VOA Amharic

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  1. Subject: “Mother of World Marathon Champion Gotytom Gebreslase speaks” July 23, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 23 July 2022
    When there is NO RATIONAL reasoning for the squabbling between Ethio-TPLF, the ordinary honest people in Ethiopia call it a “CURSE”. Be that as it may, it boils down to an individual with deep desire for POWER and related endless monetary advantage with PRIDE. It has nothing to do with the ordinary people. It never had. Ethiopia proved it to be the SAME and be a member of the CURSE. “C’est la VIE” so said the French.

  2. I know the area where the mother of this champion is from in the country of Tigray. I was once in Enderta to do a field research for one of my term papers when I was a law student at Mekele University. It was the most developed district in the whole of East Africa, probably the entire continent. It was reported that the IQ(118+) of every resident there was much higher than everyone in the neighboring regions(<70) outside Tigray.

    Did you see what that enemy of Oromos Abiy asked the leader of the Muslim community? He asked the leader “But do you like me? And do you believe I’m your son? I want to hear right now! I wanted to hear right now!” Now you know why I hate this servant of the neftegnas with a passion. He made me hate the word Ethiopia even more. That was why I included a clause in my contract with the university where I am teaching now that I will not be expected to mention that word in any of my lectures and handouts. To me it never existed. I have been using the phrase 'the former territory of the democratic government of Oromia' whenever I discussed the current and past affairs of the Horn of Africa in class.

  3. 3 out of 4 gold medals ethiopia so far has won belongs to athletes from Tigray. In the medals standing Tigray alone would have stood 2 behind USA with 3 gold medals. Tigray is a cradle and harbinger of civilization.

  4. What a gallant mother! Let’s hope and pray that peace will descend on the region of this proud mother so mother and daughter will be able to celebrate this glorious victory. Insha’Allah!!!

    Meanwhile did you how our golden daughter Gudaf bint Tsegay destroyed the field today in the women’s 5000m final? Her team mate Dawit bint Seyaum was not too far behind her taking the bronze. I was like a kid in a candy store. Tomorrow will be the closing day for the competition and our three gallant sons Muktar, Selemon and Yomif will be mixing it up in the Men’s 5000m final and our indomitable daughter Diribe bint Welteji will be waging war against 8 others in the Women’s 800m final. It will all be shown at prime time on NBC.


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