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63 Al-Shabaab fighters killed near the Ethiopian border, 17 killed on Ethiopian side including police


14 police members and three civilians are killed during a response to the Al-Shabab attack in the Somali region of Ethiopia 

Al-Shabab attack _ Somali region Ethiopia
Images shared in social media purportedly showing the areas where Al-Shabab launched attack in the Somali region of Ethiopia ( Photo : Yassin Juma FB page)


63 Al-Shabab fighters were reportedly killed near the Ethiopian border where they attempted to control two villages.  

Reuters report, on Thursday, indicates that Al-Shabab fighters have killed 17 (civilians and Ethiopian police). The source cited the Ethiopian Police commander on the scene. 

Groups linked to Al-Qaeda on Wednesday attacked Yeed and Aato villages after their commander was killed on the Ethiopian side of the border days before they launched the attack. 

Al-Shabab is claiming it has killed dozens of Ethiopian forces and captured villages.  

“Al Shabaab’s military operation spokesperson, Abdiasis Abu Musab, said the group’s fighters had captured the two villages and killed dozens of Ethiopian police officers there. He also said the group seized weapons from the Ethiopian police,” Reuters reported. 

Social media sources say it was Somali region special forces who were responding to Al-Shabab attacks. 

Al -Shabab fighters pursuing aspirations to take control of parts of Ethiopia. At least 63 are reportedly killed.

Al-Shabab had attempted to attack Ethiopia in the Somali region in the past but it was unable to inflict serious damage until the attack this past Wednesday which claimed 17 lives, as indicated above. 

Ethiopia’s intelligence made repeated arrests of Al-Shabab members who were plotting to launch an attack on Ethiopia including in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Somali region police force made claims that they have seized machine guns and Vehicles from Al -Shabab Fighters, as reported by Reuters. 

The terrorist group had been carrying out recurring bomb attacks in Somalia. It had also carried out terrorist attacks in Kenya. 

The Ethiopian government has not yet remarked about the Al-Shabab attacks on Wednesday. 


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  1. This is dangerous escalation. If terrorist al shabab gets foothold inside Ethiopia it will be existential threat to the r stability of the egion and welfare of the population. My suspicion that is that some Somali clans and the leaders iof the region , nainly Ogadens, are harboring, aiding and abetting their incursion to the Ethiopian. Don’t also forget they are running and involved in extensive corruption, money laundering activities and nepotism schemes at the expense of the poor Somali region and its population. They are not upto good because I see and hear or witness all these things every time I visit to the region since 2012. Very little has improved whatsoever since the downfall of notorious Abdi Ilay . Abdi Ilay was prolific criminal, who shot , tortured and imprisoned innocent citizens every day, but Mustafa is not much different eventghough he doesn’t kill and torture and jail as much. Corruption and tribalism his hallmark or Achilles’ heel like many of his Ogaden predecessors.

  2. Our Somali brothers and sisters have been able to bring peace and stability to their region lately. Their region has been the most stable and very calm under the current leadership in Jigjige. I am confident that they will be able to successfully ward off the threats by this demonic group. This satanic outfit seems to be trying to take advantage of the pressing conditions brought about by the current drought and lack of food. But I am confident that this faceless group will finally meet its masters on the field in our Somali Region.


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