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Tigray opposition parties demand representation in negotiation with the Ethiopian gov’t 

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) calls the political behavior from three ethnic Tigray opposition parties operating in the region “naughty” 

Mekelle City ( Photo : screenshot from VOA Amharic video /file)


Three ethnic Tigray opposition parties operating in the region are the TPLF monopolising the negotiation with the Ethiopian government. 

In a joint statement there three parties (Salsay Woyane Tigray, Baytona Tigray, and Wooden Natsenet Tigrary) issued, as reported by VOA Amharic, said that the negotiation between “Tigray” and “Ethiopia” should be an inclusive one. 

The parties are saying that the TPLF is not accepting calls for representation in the negotiation. 

“A discussion and negotiation process in which only a single entity is represented is not only contrary to the interest of Tigray but it could also lead the fate of the people to a dangerous entanglement,” the parties said. 

The opposition parties had been blaming the TPLF for the situation in the Tigray region, questioning the legality of TPLF’s full control of power in Tigray, and asking for a transitional government type of arrangement. 

The TPLF views the call from the opposition parties in the region differently. It called the political behaviour of opposition parties operating in the region and increasingly becoming assertive about representation, as naughty. 

“Some political parties in the region should refrain from obstructing the  resistance [to the Federal government of Ethiopia ostensibly, and perhaps Eritrea too as there had been attempts to draw the latter to the conflict] Tigray is undertaking.” 

Furthermore, the TPLF said that the behaviour is not acceptable as it would create a “conducive condition to the enemy.”  By “enemy”  the TPLF is presumably making reference to the Ethiopian government, Ethiopian forces, and Eritrea. 

The opposition parties in Tigray also oppose that the negotiation should not be based on the current Ethiopian Constitution. And the constitution is something for which the TPLF had been claiming credit. 

In the latest disclosure regarding the negotiation process,  the Ethiopian government stated respect for the constitution as one of the conditions for the negotiation. 

The opposition parties in the Tigray region also accuse the Ethiopian government of “making a nominal and dubious call for peace only to lessen pressure from the international community.” 

Yesterday, the TPLF announced that it has set up a delegation that will be travelling to Nairobi, where the negotiation with the Ethiopian government is expected to take place. 

However, it did not disclose the names of the members of TPLF representatives. 


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  1. As expected, this is a typical political culture and longstanding dictatorship of the TPLF clique. Given this long history ,one would have to expect nothing less even now. They can’t stand any criticism. discussion, cooperation or competition from political rivals and other stakeholders in the tiny tibal Tigray region in which its population is suffering and desperate under terrible of war and famine conditions due to the unmitigated failures and misadventures of this notorious group. At this point, no and doubts but these poor people needs a help from the world to liberate completely themselves from this nihilistic and power deranged clique that hold them hostage over 40 years

  2. Universal Saying
    Never underestimate individual ambition for personal power.
    In that atmosphere, the COMMONERS have absolute ZERO on THEIR destiny !!!
    It is a long, long way to ……………. goes an Irish or English song
    Indeed, the Ancient Independent Country in the world — ETHIOPIA — will hit the gutter into pieces.
    ‘AKAKE ZERAFE ‘ is not going to help at all.

    Ambitious individuals have absolute power to disintegrate anything considered obstacle on their whims.
    If you have the time, pick a book and read about World’s monstrous individuals, intoxicated by ambition and power
    at ANY cost. The history of EUROPE is, ETERNALLY, a perfect example. ETHIOPIA is NOT exception. THE END

  3. What opposition party or parties? A mafia group called TPLF has had the entire Tigryan population in shackles for nearly 50 years or 60 years. Divergence of opinions not allowed, in this cult society under the iron grips of its corrupt so called Marxist Leninist revolutionaries of yesterday. It was shocking to see the late Seyoum Mesfin on tv, on the record, talk about his TPLFs beloved cult group and blabber about now defunct and outdated, bogus, and murderous Marxist Leninist thugs criminals, excuse my French, “revolutionaries” half baked derangement in Marxian terms 30 years after the fall of Communism. These people need psychiatric help. Something is not right in up there. Who on earth will take the blabbering Getachew Redda seriously????

    Are Ethiopians in Tigray seriously telling us there is no talent, not one better soul and leader than these a**wipes from yesterday who were not educated, not bright or even nominally inspiring. The idiotic so called General Tsdkan said the following on tv, live record, somewhere around 2018,

    Interviewer: why did you establish the Killel policy I.e so called ethnic federalism in Ethiopia when you came to power?

    Tsdakan: because that was our understanding of Federalism at that time.

    It is not like these morons were well versed in the works of Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison, and suddenly came up with a winning formula for Ethiopia. Their understanding of their beloved “bible” The Communist Manifesto is itself wish washy. These imbeciles are political ideologues, just like their disillusioned murderous fanatics of the Derg cult leader Mengistu Hailemariam, that unwittingly and stupidly destroyed Ethiopia’s centuries of progress, that hijacked a peaceful social movement and turned it into the bloodiest in a matter of months. What a cursed and wretched group of misfits and murderers they all were and remaining ones still are.

  4. I’m a lawyer, okay? I have clients who want representation at the negotiation table too. My clients are furious that their names weren’t even mentioned. My clients are:
    1) The Salsay Colobus Monkey Liberation Front
    2) Rent Is Too High In Minnesota Group
    3) The Black Mane Lion Resistance Army
    4) Debre Was Flirting With My Old Lady The Other Day Baytona
    5) I’m Externally Black Internally White Salsay Race Coalition

    If we don’t hear back from Winnie The Pooh by tomorrow we will have no choice but to march into Asmara and Addis on Friday.

  5. In tigray region ethnic cleansing and genocide took place. Amhar. Eratria and abiya are are criminals.
    If we are somali region we have to declare independence from ethiopia


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