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TPLF says it has set up negotiating team for talks with Ethiopian gov’t 

Unlike the Ethiopian government which is adhering to  “African Solutions to African Problems” creed, the TPLF rejects AU as the only mediator 

Getachew Reda, TPLF spokesperson. (Photo : AFP via VOA Amharic)


Getachew Reda, the spokesperson for Tigray Liberation Front (TPLF), reportedly said that the organisation has set up a negotiating team for the talks with the Ethiopian government. 

Getachew Reda reportedly told AFP “We will be ready to send a delegation to Nairobi… and have established a team with high-ranking members.”  

However, the names of the TPLF officials are unspecified. 

The Ethiopian government has named a negotiating team under the leadership of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, Demeke Mekonnen.  It had its first meeting about the negotiation sometime last week. 

Ethiopia’s intelligence chief (Temesgen Tiruneh),  Security advisor to the Prime Minister (Redwan Hussien), and Gideon Timoteos (Minister for Justice) are among the members of the negotiating team. 

There is one clear difference from the outset between the negotiating parties.  The Ethiopian government wants only the African Union to be a mediating party. 

On the other hand, the TPLF rejects that idea. The AFP cited Getachew Reda as saying “It would be very irresponsible for us to submit all negotiating processes to the AU.” 

Among other players, the TPLF wants Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to be part of the mediation.  The ethnic Tigray Party has expressed its stand that it has lost confidence in the African Union due to what it calls “proximity” to Ethiopian authorities.  

It was specifically making a reference to AU envoy to the Horn of Africa Olusegun Obasanjo, who had been shuttling between Mekelle and Addis Ababa, to facilitate a negotiated ceasefire. 

In an earlier open letter by the TPLF chairman, Debretsion Gebremichael, the TPLF said it wants the USA and European Union to be part of the mediation. 

In a related development, Getachew Reda reportedly said that there could be a referendum in Tigray. It is deciding, as reported by Ethiopian Media Service, whether Tigray should form an Independent state or form a confederation with Ethiopia. 

Last week, the Ethiopian government announced that it has agreed that the United Nations Office for Project Services – UNOPS –  undertake the rebuilding of infrastructure in the Tigray region. It is a project to be financed by a $300 million grand from the World Bank. 

The agreement is that the Ethiopian government will overtake the project when the “situation in Tigray improves” 

The conflict between the Federal government of Ethiopia and the TPLF broke out in November 2020 when the latter attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force. 

The war has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions including in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia.


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  1. Subject: “TPLF says it has set up negotiating team for talks with Ethiopian gov’t July 18, 2022″

    Humble Opinion in a Country which believes in Democracy and FREEDOM to Write FREELY

    With that introduction, one hopes, it is serious negotiation among Fraternal Black Africans who are proud to solve their problems by themselves for their own benefit. Forget outsiders who are only interested in their own affairs, for their own benefit, at the expense of Black Africans. It has been proved repeatedly, for centuries. Surely, we are tired of it by now. The BLACK RACE of AFRICA can only LIVE in DIGNITY and prosperity by itself for itself, based on its natural culture and, above all, DIGNITY. THE END
    P.S. By the way, specifically, any negotiation outside the Ethiopia-Tigray natural brotherhood atmosphere is just — as the saying goes — for the Birds”. It is NOT meant for serious negotiation and achieving BLACK AFRICAN BROTHERHOOD & repeating it, it is NOT for the benefit of the specific people of Tigray and, in general, Ethiopia. Why skirt around, endlessly? The PEOPLE of ETHIOPIA in general are fully aware of the struggle among a few interested individuals for their own glory and , of course, for ……….&; Please fill the dotted lines. IT IS NOT NEW IN OUR DEAR HUMBLE & TRUSTING BLACK AFRICA. We have always been trusting victim. Do you remember the man who arrived in Africa with religious gown, only to wind up owning Africa and the African observer wearing the religious gown off the white man.
    Finally, I say Please, Please, Please to the people of Ethiopia and save the Oldest Independent Black African Country in the World —- the humble pride for ALL BLACK PEOPLE around the GLOBE.

  2. What has been done to those upright and peace mongering brothers and sisters of Tigray is a travesty of justice when a state of war was imposed and perpetuated on them by those who believe they will achieve everything only through war. They have lost thousands of their budding children in senseless bloody conflict that brought them nothing but unabated misery including killer famine. Stubbornness and ignorance that comes with it have caused them to lose everything in their possession. I hope and assume that by now they have come to a wise conclusion that war is good for nothing in this case. Reconciliation and healing should begin now. Those citizens should know by now that those who triggered the war are not the ones who lost but they are the ones who carry the brunt of all facets of the destruction. They will remain in my hope prayers that they will get the break badly needed, the permanent break from destructive war. Good luck y’all!!!!!

    For the good of those upright people of Tigray, I am not gonna say anything after looking at this photo. i am gonna stay back and bite my tongue for now.


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