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Ethiopia, Sudan border crossing in Gallabat re-opened 

The Decision from the military government of Sudan is effective as of July 17, 2022.  The Ethiopian government has contracted out rebuilding infrastructure in Tigray to UNOPS – a UN agency 

Sudan _ Ethiopia _ border reopen
General Al-Burhan,  Commander-In-Chief of the Sudanese Armed Forces and leader of Sudan


The government of Sudan on Sunday announced the reopening of border crossing to Ethiopia. 

Sudan Tribune cited the spokesperson of Sudanese Army, Brigadier Nabil Abdallah Ali, as saying that  “the Technical Committee of the Security and Defence Council chaired by the head of the Sovereign Council decided to open the Gallabat crossing point starting from Sunday, July 17.” 

Sudan’s decision appears to have something to do with the move to resolve the border issue with Ethiopia through peaceful means.  

Sudan’s decision came days after the Ethiopian government announced that it has agreed with a UN agency, UNOPS, to rebuild infrastructure in the Tigray region of Ethiopia that was damaged by the war. 

Ethiopia is yet to remark on the decision from Sudan. 

The leaders of the two countries met in Kenya earlier this month on the sidelines of the IGAD meeting, and discussed the border dispute. And they agreed to form a joint committee to end their border dispute.

IGAD has been seemingly working behind the scenes to convince the two countries to avoid border war.  

In a news report published on Monday, The East Africa cited, Workeneh Gebeyehu as saying that IGAD “pushed parties to the table, but it will be entirely up to the two sides to draft an agreement to resolve lingering border tiffs…” 

It is also indicated that the two countries have agreed to resort to dialogue to resolve the border issue. 

Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, IGAD, Executive Secretary, said  “both sides agree on the need for dialogue and have listened positively to pleas for non-violence. However, he says the border problem that has seen sporadic violence for years will require discussions only determined by the two leaders,” as reported by the East African. 

The tension between Sudan and Ethiopia was heightened last month after Sudan claimed that seven Sudanese soldiers were executed by the Ethiopian Defence Force in the Al-Fashga area. 

The Ethiopian Defence Force denied the allegation saying that it was local militias in the area that killed the Sudanese soldiers and one militia was killed on the part of Ethiopia too. 

In what appeared to be a retaliatory action, Sudan shelled Ethiopian territories at the end of June 2022 but no casualties were reported although there were damages to property.  

Sudan and Ethiopia entered an open border dispute after Sudanese forces invaded Ethiopian territory along the border in November 2020 soon after the Ethiopian troops in the area were removed to be deployed in the Tigray region of Ethiopia for what the Ethiopian government, back then,  called law enforcement operation against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

There have been allegations that Sudan provided a base for the TPLF forces who crossed the border to Sudan after attacking the Ethiopian Defence Force in November 2020. 

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  1. Good and encouraging move. In reality Sudan has more at stake with its 120 million strong neighbors to the east than with anyone else. The current fracas in the old country will for sure go away sooner if not later and once that becomes a reality the skies will be the only limit for its citizens. Once electricity becomes abundant that country will be going into a spell of development on steroid. The old has natural resources hidden inside its blessed deep underground waiting to be exploited. Once peace and stability is achieved and these bigots are relegated to the dustbin of history I am ecstatically bullish that its children will definitely find their mojo to launch an industrial revolution unheard of in that part of the world. That will benefit Sudan rather than harming her.


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