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Addis Ababa City Budget : 100.5 billion birr approved 

Addis Ababa City Budget
Addis Ababa City Council during voting for the next budget year (Photo : Addis Ababa City Administration)


Addis Ababa City Administration on Sunday announced that the council has approved 100.5 billion birr budget for the upcoming 2015 Ethiopian budget year (2022/2023 G.C) 

It is 41.6 percent higher compared to the budget for the 2014 Ethiopian budget year ( 2021/2022 G.C. ) 

The bulk of the new huge budget (seen from the history of the city’s spending) is allocated for completing capital projects in the city. 

Focus areas are said to be infrastructure, water, road construction, innovation, and the industry sectors. 

The city has also planned to spend on Good governance projects. 

The city has expressed its views that the budget is not adequate to address all the demands from the residents of Addis Ababa related to development. 

It called on residents to engage in neighbourhood development works and security issues in the city. 


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  1. Addis Ababes remember 50 years ago, the city’s mayor was a civil engineer with PhD in Civil Engineering from the Carnegie Mellon University. Dr Hailegiorgis Workeneh was also a registered professional engineer and member of the US Civil engineering society. Among the greatest projects he oversaw include, the Assab oil refinery.

    Why the PM and PP chose a political hack and ethno-partisan with zero mayoral experience to be mayor of a metropolitan city with millions of diverse and dynamic ovulation is mind boggling- Oromumma?????

  2. Addis Ababa has hundreds years of history. The Greedy for power and land the Orommuma Adanech Abebe from Arsi who never knew or lived in Addis Ababa before Abiy the Terrible pulled her out of Arsi is telling Addis Ababans that their hundreds of years city is the capital city of Oromia that they never knew existed before.

    Somebody needs to tell Adanech, Abiy’s right hand Orommuma operation implementor, your greedy wish will never happen. You can wish all you want but Addis Ababa is the capital City of Ethiopia. Keep your Orommua poison to yourself;

    So the next ambitious plan to be executed is forcing every Addis Ababans to speak and right in Oromigna and sing Oromia songs and pull down the Ethiopians flag. Now the Orommuma have made it easy to predict what what will be their next plan. According to the blinded with greed for land and power Orommuma Criminal gangs who are not found to be Oromos will be massacred and exterminated from the face of Ethiopia because they want to change Ethiopia to Oromia without the presence of 89 ethnic groups.
    The fictitious history of Oromomuma where it says every part of Ethiopia for me, mine and myself, except creating hate, massacring innocent Amharas, Gambella and the minority ethnic groups of Southern Ethiopians what has the OLF/Orommuma has ever built or done forget in Addis Ababa but anywhere else where Oromos lived for decades?

    Even the story they learned about Ethiopia came from enemies countries of Ethiopia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and German who is the major importer of Coffee from Ethiopia who made it its mission to convert Oromos to Lutherans and Pentes by cheating them with cookies and cents in order to keep its own interest.

  3. Adenech’s sympathy with the oromo when it is the people of Addis that elected her and not the oromo is, to say the least, politically incorrect, But then, what do these youngster born in the hate-story of tplf/eprdf know about the real history of the country. and they don’t read..the worst of them take drugs and kill children and females without mercy…where are we going??


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