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Ethiopian gov’t claims it has eliminated 129 OLF Shane members in East Shoa

Two weeks after the Ethiopian government said that the “Shane group” is retreating in Wollega, it is projecting a picture that it is fighting the terrorist group in East Shoa too

Ethiopian gov't _ Shane
Firearms that is said to have been seized from Shane group in East Shoa (Photo : EBC)


The Ethiopian government this week announced that it “took the measure on 129 members terrorist Shane in four districts of East Shoa zone.” 

The state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), said a joint operation by the Defence Force, Federal Police, and Oromia region special forces are undertaking a “law enforcement operation.”

The report further said, citing the zone’s communication affairs,  that 17 members of the terrorist group, as described by the state media, have surrendered. 

29 AK 47, 10 handguns, 200 Bren machine gun ammunition, 600 AK 47 ammunition, two hand grenades, and 56 motorbikes had been recovered, the Ethiopian government claimed. 

When what is believed to be the armed wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organisation (OLF – Shane – as government calls it), massacred hundreds of innocent ethnic Amhara civilians in Kellem Wollega early this month, including a three month old infant, it was Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who broke the news via his social media page. 

He said it was a “retreating” Shane group that massacred the civilians in Wollega – which is west Ethiopia. And this week, the “law enforcement operation” is in central Ethiopia. 

The report from state media provided no further details. 

Thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians have been brutally massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018. 

When he appeared at the Ethiopian parliament this month, he said groups like Shane ( the parliament has designated it as a terrorist group) will vanish “as we focus on our work and not distracted,” by their actions.  

He also likened the massacres to the killings in the United States. He was trying to say that the killing of civilians is common in the United States too. And many criticised him for distorting the crime rate data in the U.S. to normalise politically motivated ethnic based massacre that has been taking the form of a systematic and periodic massacre against ethnic Amhara in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

It is usually massacred that makes it to the news. Otherwise, there are killings on a daily basis in the region.


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  1. Shane is oromo-speaking tplf tgrayan settlers in Wolega from the 1985 famine in tigray. Their leader and all of them speak perfect tigrigna and are disguised as oromo liberation fighters. The tricks that tplf plays in this country are endless. Baytonna’s struggle to have a confederation arrangement separating tigray from the rest of Ethiopia, especially Amhara and Afar whom they have hurt very much, is really welcome. I am not one of those who believe in useless unification. I am sick and tired of hearing these tigryaan elites speak carelessly about amhara, amhara, amhara….and nothing else. This will stop if they go away…………..

    • The TPLF should not be let use Wolega as its staging ground for killing Amharas and others. The TPLF Tigrayans who are committing these crimes are also undermining the security of Tigrayans living in Wollega. Generally, an interdependent investigation into these crimes is needed to find out the violators.

  2. Hard to believe the commentator above, who claims Shene is Oromo speaking Tigryan settlers in Wollega.Some may be that. However, the PP own member, the Orom regional police force general are on the record saying, the Shane group or OLF are not only members of OLF group but are even active members of the Abiy regime and are given a cover up by theAbiy regime for some ulterior and ill purpose. So spare us the diatribe here, Shene is the violent, militant group of OLF and is also a part of the Abiy regime.


  3. Shene, OLF ( Oromo Liberation Front) , OPDO, OFCO or Prosperity Party they are all the same cold blooded Genocide Criminals playing cruel game by pointing finger at each other in order to continue the slaughter and save themselves from accountability.

    The State has been targeting Amharas in many including physical, psychological, economical and many other ways and that is a well documented, known, proven and on the ground fact as we speak, There is no where to escape from this. When the demon PM Abiy Ahmed the Terrible allowed OLF to walk into Ethiopia as the OLF rebels armed with massive weapons, as a member of OLF he knew very well about the reasons of OLF formations and agenda and what the OLF had in mind for Amharas who had placed their total trust on the government and the rule of law that never knew about OLF’s political ambitions and agenda.

    Those demon savage Oromo OLF or what ever they are, are allowed to Slaughter and loot Amharas, get fed and move freely in Plainview and to keep arms and weapons when Amharas are deprived of any protection nor allowed to arm and protect themselves .

    Without having link to the government authorities, getting encouragements, weapons, support, including supplies, money and tips as when, how and where to attack such magnitudinous Genocidal atrocities against over 1900 Amhara would not have taken place. At the same time the Orommuma Genocide perpetrators would not have survived this long and grew this far.


    PM ABIY AHMED AND PP MUST GO TO ICC!!!!!!!!! They are responsible for Amhara Genocide and no one else!!!!!

    Abiy Ahmed, Shene and the Orommua gangs all came out from OLF (Oromo Liberation Front). They are all responsible for Amhara Genocide. No other and no place to look. The Genocide Perpetrator is the Government of Ethiopia who never tried to stop the killings, but covering up and downplaying the Genocide Crime when thousands get slaughtered on a daily bases. .

    Abiy Ahmed has doubled down on being part of the crime when he testified by planting trees on the day of national mourning for the loss of over 1900 Amharas lives gruesomely and barbarically slaughtered in Hell Wellga Oromia Zone, Ethiopia by the Oromo violent militant groups of OLF.

    The next testimony for being part of the Genocide Crime is when he arrogantly and callously spoke of planting shade tree for Amhara Genocide victims, Only a cold blooded arrogant demon speak like that filled with evil sprit. Planting trees away from the Hell Wellga Oromia, Zone must have some significant to the Abiy, Orommuma cult leader.

    This can also be translated as a sadistic victorious and congratulatory hidden conversation with the groups he called “Shene” for slaughtering Amharas as planned.

  5. China and South Korea did not achieve their miraculous economic progress, democratic political maturity, and social cohesion by being soft on criminals under cover of ‘rule of law’. They eliminated all criminals and agents of instability without mercy and very quickly. Ethiopia should do the same. I have absolutely no doubt that would bear fruit just as did in China and South Korea. But that measure should also go hand in hand with economic prosperity in general, poverty reduction at individual level, elimination of corruption any where, and for every peace loving and law abiding citizen to express the self and be the best they can be on own effort.


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