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Hailu Tefera talks about how his father was killed by Oromo militants while protecting a woman and her child

Updated on July 16, 2022, 11: 40 P.M. Toronto time.

Hailu Tefera Dhufera is an Ethiopian man living in the United States. Militant Oromo gunmen killed his father, Tefera Dhufera, who was protecting a woman and her child who were also killed along with Hailu’s father in Wollega – the part of Ethiopia where there have been recurring massacre of ethnic Amhara.

There are view on social media who say that the woman was targeted because of her ethnic Amhara background.

Hailu said, during an interview with Hermela TV, he does not know the ethnicity of the women but he knows that she was unable to speak Oromo language when the rebels were speaking to her in Oromo language. Before his interview with Hermela TV, he wrote on social media that the women was killed because of her ethnicity (as can be seen from a screenshot of his social media post below.)

Ethnicity _ Wollega

Thousands of ethnic Amhara were killed in Wollega region over the past 4 years.

Watch below what Hailu has to say

Video : embedded from Hermela TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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  1. This is good! I dont know victims from Derg to present must come and tell their stories with open media as annanymous. Unless we learn from this injustice with eachother, the violence will continue. Stop calling everything Amara, he is Ethiopian, the victim. In fact, Dhufera sounds Oromo?

  2. My heart goes out to you, your father and the women and her children who were putting through misery. Your father was a great human being first. He couldn’t handle seeing the pain the women and her children had to go through just because they were Amharas.

    That’s what the Ethiopians are doomed in a stupid and ignorant ethno- federation system created by ignorant and greedy bigots who could not foresee what will come next after planting hate and division in a country where majority are poor with limited educational opportunities.


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