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Lottery draw administered to distribute Condo units in Addis Ababa nullified 


Addis Ababa City administration blames software developers for problems with Lottery draw. Residents in Addis Ababa who were registered and wronged demand clear and honest answers 

Lottery draw _ Condo Addis Ababa
Among condominium units developed by city adminitration in Addis Ababa ( Photo : AA city administration page)


Addis Ababa City Administration on Wednesday said it has nullified the lottery draw that was administered last week to distribute condo units. 

The city is claiming that the software application used for the lottery drawing has quality issues and was prepared in a way that individuals could exploit it in an illegal way. 

The narrative is different from what the city said about three days ago. Then, it said that the quality of the application was verified by the relevant body of the city administration. The Federal Ministry of Innovation and Technology was also consulted about it. 

With regard to the problem that was created during the lottery draw, the city said data uploaded to the software and the data sent from Banks ( which testifies that the registered users have been saving – one of the requirements to be in the lottery draw) showed a discrepancy. 

It was unclear as to who was behind it but the city said that it has made arrests. 25,491 Condominium units were distributed in the latest round which happened last Friday. 

Now it seems to be shifting the blame mostly to the developers of the application. It said, “The technology used for the lottery draw lacked legality in its contents and was used by individuals to pursue their illegal motive.” 

A committee with a coordination role of the National Information and Security Service is said to have investigated the matter related to a software problem which is now presented as the reason for the “mistake” in the draw. 

It is said that “the system used for the lottery draw did not follow the professional process. The development of the application and audits before, during, and after development did not follow industry standard process.” 

A total of ten arrests were made, according to an ENA report. They are from the Science and Technology office and from the Housing office. And most of them are software professionals. 

The mayor, Adanech Abiebie, says the “mistake” during the lottery draw was a deliberate one intended to “make people lose trust in the government.” 

The city has announced plans to administer a lottery draw again.

Meanwhile, residents in the city who were registered for the Condo units and have been saving the required amount of money are demanding a clear and reasonable answer as to what really happened during the draw.  

According to a report by the Ethiopian Reporter, residents are saying that the City Should not attempt to cover what happened. They instead want to make clear as to what really happened. 

There had been allegations in the past that the dominant political force in the current power arrangement attempted to alter the demography of Addis Ababa in a way to make it dominated by ethnic Oromo. It is something that the administrations (since Takele Uma time) in the city denied. 

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  1. How on earth the Abiy Ahmed administration and his PP cohorts attempt to gain an iota of credibility in the aftermath of this type of torrid, rampant and embarrassing corruption and embezzlement story is mind boggling.
    What will be the excuse this time. No software adds the names of individuals selected based only on their ethnicity to the list of a lottery draw willy nilly. This argument holds no water.

    If the Abiy regime and his PP banana republic were a legitimate, law abiding and ethical governing body, instead of hiding behind “ it is the software’ s fault” argument, they would apprehend the real criminals in the Adanech Abebe Addis Abeba zone of corruption, and allow due process to ensue. Instead what will happen is the search for straw man or woman and travesty of law and due process in the Kangaroo courts, police stations often Abiy and PP regime.

    My goodness, how far, fast and precipitously has the Abiy regime fallen from grace and reduced to a typical collection of misfits. How sad!!!!!! No excuse, an apple does not fall from the tree, so they say. This level of avarice, greed, gluttony and corruption will not have been possible if the Abiy regime promulgated a ZERO TOLERANCE policy and standard in its circles. Without any credibility, one cannot become a leader of everyone.


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