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Addis Ababa City Administration admits corruption with the recent Condo distribution 


The city administration says work has been done to make the lottery draw for the distribution of condo units credible but it was not a success.  Arrest made, it said 

Some of the Condominium units in Addis Ababa that were transferred to individuals (Photo : file/Addis Ababa City Administration)


The Addis Ababa City Administration on Monday said that there were discrepancies in the distribution of Condo units which happened this week.

25,491 Condominium units were distributed in the latest round through a lottery draw. For residents to enter the draw, they were supposed to be registered for it and save the required amount of money for the purchase of the units. 

In a statement issued on Monday, the city indicated that it has travelled a long distance to ensure that the distribution of the condo unit is fair and free. 

It said that it went to the extent of leveraging digital technology by way of app development – which it said was inspected by the Addis Ababa City Innovation and Technology Office.  

Addis Ababa Science and Technology office was tasked to develop a software application, and the Ministry of Science and Technology was to verify its authenticity.  Professional integrity of the developers was observed, the city claimed. 

“it was also presented to professionals [unspecified how the professionals were selected] and observers to witness authenticity,” said the statement. 

Despite that, said the city, after the lottery draw for the distribution of the Condo units, there were reports [apparently about dishonest practices] about the process. 

Upon auditing the process a discrepancy in data between one that was sent by the banks (apparently indicating the people who have been saving for the condo units, which was a requirement to be in the lottery draw) and the data that were uploaded to the computers. 

“Therefore,” said the city administration, “the audit so far has established that individuals who did not save were in the lottery draw and other irregularities were also observed.” 

The city also said that suspected executives and professionals behind what appeared to be manufactured irregularity are in custody.

It also claimed that a “neutral relevant organisations” are involved in the investigation – which is underway  

It asked those who registered for it to remain patient until the city announces findings from the investigation. And it is expected to happen in a short time. 

There had been questions about the illegal and fraudulent condo transfer process in the city in the past. And it is something that many looked at from the trajectory of ethnic politics and determination (on the party of radical ethnic politicians who are in power) to alter the demography of Addis Ababa. 

There was a point when a court suspended the distribution of Condo units in the city. 

Adanech Abiebie was meant to do things “differently” and serve all the residents of Addis Ababa. 

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  1. Subject: “Addis Ababa City Administration admits corruption with the recent Condo distribution” July 11, 2022″

    Humble Commentary, 11 July 2022
    Ethnic politics will remain as the poisonous factors in the disintegration of modern Ethiopia.
    Maintain the eternal influence of Amara, continue your search to Tigray , and never forget Oromia.
    The rest will not be in a hurry to disintegrate but who really cares about them. They have always been peaceful, quiet and busy and happy with their simple LIFE.

    And so goes the LIFE of MODERN, WELL CIVILIZED SLANTED ETHIOPIA. Don’t ask me why I added “SLANTED” I don’t even know what it means !!!!!!!!!! It seems anything goes in MODERN Ethiopia — the envy of the past Emperors, Kings, Nobles who kept Ethiopia in one piece for seemingly time immemorial. THE END

  2. The country is in the process of implosion but many are preoccupied with acquiring condominiums. It is time to be careful and pay attention to the turn of events in the country. To get prepared for an all out civil war is wise to avoid shocks and other ensuing problems.

  3. The Mayor of Addis Abeba, Wo. Adanetch Abebe, announced today cancellation of the bid, pending complete investigation of the process. Good decision! Hopefully lessons would be learnt from the mishap, and those who participated in the swindle will be dealt with severely (executed is my wish) as lesson in how to fight the still widespread culture of corruption.

    Watch thousands of ‘gundans’ try to twist the decision to suit their their never ending attempt to destabilize the government. They will fail again though…..

  4. quote: “They will fail again though…..” unquote

    Good attitude. Ethiopia should always reflect its ADMIRABLE HISTORY, NOT less than any country around the Globe. YES, than any country around the Globe..

  5. Amhara Genocide where over 2000 Amharas were slaughtered just in one night by the Oromo, Abiy Ahmed sponsored criminal government and by the Oromia Security Force will never be forgotten and will go without JUSTIC FOR AMHARA GENOCIDE VICTIMS!!!!!!.

    Corruption and land theft is at its highest peak in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia by the very people in the “government” who are supposed to implement rule of law and regulations. This is the same usual problem in Addis Ababa. Abiy Orommuma unruly government that called itself ” Prosperity Party” is rotten in theft and corruption that will never heal from that sickness. The Condominium drama is the usual new comer lined up to steal, rob, abduct, imprison, murder in new suits Orommuma cruel distractive game at the expense of poor Addis Ababans.

    The fools are the Orommuma Abiy Ahmed from Kaffa, Adanech, Arsi, Lencho Leta, Shimeles, Berhanu Jula and etc.. who are habitual lairs and have no morality, ethics and responsibility of a government.

    • Urban land robbery was rampant under the TPLF and specially persons of Tigray origin and afflictions with the TPLF misappropriated plots in Addis Ababa. The city `s administrative council is taking the right steps to dismantle the TPLF network in it and prevent land and house robberies.


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