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Authorities cancelled Teddy Afro Blood donation event 

Blood donation _ teddy Afro
Flyer prepared to mobilize for blood donation on the occasions of Teddy Afro’s birth day


Ethiopia’s popular musician Teddy Afro’s fans meant to use his birthday for an altruistic purpose that would benefit Ethiopia. They have been doing it for several years – at least for ten years. 

His fans and supporters have been preparing for several weeks to make the event a success.  It was organised with the motto “let us thousands and help thousands.” 

However, government authorities did not seem to like it. 

Ethiopia’s National Blood Bank told the organisers that the event is cancelled.  The only explanation the organisers were given was “it is an order from higher authorities.” 

Members of the Teddy Afro’s fans association were told about it when they were on the premises of the Ethiopian National Blood Bank for the donation. 

“When it is an institution that is supposed to be free from any ethnic and political affiliations, it is sad that the institution has become a tool for politicians,” the Teddy Afro fan association said in a statement that was shared on social media. 

Teddy Afro’s latest single was highly critical of the government authorities’ preoccupation with something that could not be a priority when thousands are being massacred for who they are. 

The singer has not commented on it yet.


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