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Government, opposition figures making speeches and claims that could lead to genocide: NaMA

Irresponsible  speech from government officials could contribute to the massacre against ethnic Amhara in the Oromo region, NaMA says 

NaMA _ PR head _ Tahir
Tahir Mohammed, Public relation head of National Movement of Amhara (NaMA). Photo credit : NaMA


National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) this week accused two opposition groups of inciting an ethnic-based massacre against Amhara.

In a press statement this week, from the capital Addis Ababa, the NaMA accused, the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC), the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), and some unspecified government officials of making claims and statements that could lead to a genocide against Amhara. 

According to NaMA, and based on the Ethiopian Reporter report, individuals who call themselves Oromo elites, apparently with links to the aforementioned Oromo parities, have been disseminating false information by making claims that Amhara forces are entering the Oromo region. 

The Oromo Federalist Congress and the Oromo Liberation Front rejected the accusation from NaMA.  The reporter cited Baate Urgessa, OLF public relations head, as saying “what we have said is that if Amhara forces enter the Oromia region it will aggravate the ‘conflict’. ”  He made a case that if it happened that it would violate the constitution and the Federal system. 

Apparently, there was no remark regarding the massacre in Wollega against ethnic Amhara farming communities. The Ethiopian constitution and the Federal system grant citizens the right to live and work in any part of the country. 

OFC is rejecting the accusation from NaMA too, saying that the idea of government forces entering the Oromia region was raised during the joint press statement of the regional states of Amhara and Oromia. 

Government authorities were also cooperating with the genocide as government resources and structures have been exploited by groups operating openly and clandestinely.  

NaMA further asserted that there has been coordinated, continuous, and strategically implemented genocide against Amhara over the past four years.  

The House of People’s Representatives and regional governments have also cooperated with the genocide, according to NaMA, in different forms ranging from denial of the crime to covering it and not calling it by its name, genocide.

Unspecified government officials are also criticized for making speeches that could contribute to the genocide against ethnic Amhara. 

Another problem cited in relation to the government is the failure to protect the rights of citizens. 

During his appearance at the parliament, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made assertions, and it is something that has outraged a considerable number of Ethiopians in the country and abroad, that the number of deaths would have been worse had the law enforcement failed to protect citizens. 

The statement from NaMA came after two latest massacres of ethnic Amharas in the Wollega area of Ethiopia, which claimed well over one thousand lives. 

The Ethiopian government did not yet remark on the accusations from NaMA. 

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  1. The worst violators of the so called Ethiopian constitution are none other than the PM Abiy Ahmed, OLF, OFC, TPLF and PP. it is crystal clear that these goons do not even have a fundamental grasp of the rule of law.

    In a Federal system, the supreme of a country, is the federal law. Under no circumstance does a region or so called nations and nationalities, in this case in the cursed bloodbath territory called Wellega, has any authority to deprive any citizen of a nation the rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The claim by the ignorant OFC, OLF thugs and PP and TPLF enablers and accomplices of the rights of the federal government to enter their cursed Oromia region is preposterous. After all, Abiy’s Oromumma force has been entering Tigray,Amhara, Somali and Afar regions of Ethiopia, often times uninvited, without any legitimate purpose other than usurping power and quelling the opposition to his brutal and incompetent administration and misery in the past 4 years since his arrival.

    The impostor and duplicitous PM has no choice but submit to the rule of himself. He must put a leash on his mad attack dogs spread out through the nation. As a chairperson of the PP, Abiy is 100 % responsible for all the ills, crimes and corruption carried out by his PP cadres and members. At the national level, his PP which controls > 97 % of the regional and federal seats of Parliament is 97- 100% responsible for all the troubles, chaos, instability and uncontrollable inflation now hitting in the upper 40% across Ethiopia.

    Abiy must take responsibility for all these events and tragedies unfolding in his watch. He cannot, should not and must not be allowed to shirk his responsibility and accountability. Abiy has a tendency to be petulant, temperamental and evasive when pressed for concrete accountability. He chose to be a leader of 110 plus million people. If he is going to whine, hoodwink, or roll on the floor and kick his feet when requested to be a responsible and responsive PM, maybe he has chosen the wrong job. If he cannot handle the heat, he can leave the kitchen anytime.

  2. The TPLF is mainly responsible for the conflict between Oromos and Amharas

    With the by TPLF imposed ethnic Federal System TOLF has paved the way for bloody conflict between diffrent entic groups like Oromos and Amharas, Somalis and Afars, Southern tribes and oromos and Oromos and Somali conflict.

    Ethnic federal system doesn’t work in multi ethnic and Multy religious country like Ethiopia nor does it in Lebanon or Iraq.

    And the TPLF is calling the shots and are instigating conflicts in Ethiopia

    Ethiopian need to overcome their tribalism, Etnic based and religious based parties shouldn’t be allowed and etnic federal system should be reformed.

    There need to be national reconciliation in Ethiopia and it goes only by bring political social and religious leaders from the church and Islamic mosques together the reconcile and make brotherly new start between the Ethiopian tribes. God shall help Ethiopia


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