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5000 Somalia National Army complete military training in Eritrea

Eritrean President Isaias Afeworki (left) and Somalian President, Hassan Sheik Mohamud (right), at the graduation ceremony of 5000 Somalian military cadets in Eritrea (July 10,2022). Photo credit : Ministry of Information of Eritrea



5000 Somalian recruits who have been getting military training in Eritrea have reportedly completed the program. 

 It was three years of rigorous military training, as the Ministry of information of Eritrea reported. 

Somalia President, Hassan Sheik Mohamud, who on Saturday arrived in the country for four days of the official visit, and President Isaias Afeworki attended the graduation ceremony of the cadets.  

Eritrea initiated the visit of the Somalian President. 

A news update from Eritrea’s Ministry of Information said “… the Commander of the trainees explained that they have been provided with adequate military training and gained experience from the people of Eritrea on building one and united country and that they are ready to discharge their national obligation.”  

Mr. Hassabn Shiek Mohamud congratulated the trainees. He is said to have expressed to them the expectations from the Government of Somalia and from the People as members of the Somali National Army.

President Isaias Afeworkin also remarked about the training.   

“Eritrea feels honored and proud to contribute in the training and in building Somali national army,”   he said, as cited by the Ministry of Information of Eritrea. 


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  1. Those of you who accused the Eritrean government of using Somalis who were sent there for military training in the war it waged to defend itself from the group of vagabonds that sent missiles raining down on Asmara, read this and eat your crow. Look at the moon and eat your blubber lips. Right on Brother Isaias, right on!!!

    Hey Brother Isaias! Remember I am taking you to court for killing 35,285,972 Oromos in Wallagaa in just 2 hours the other day. I have the list of the names of every one of the victims.


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