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Haile Gebreselassie dismisses clickbait stories about Nebret, travel to Assela 


Different stories have been emerging on social media a week or so after Ethiopian long distance running legend, Haile Gebreselassie,  met with his doppelganger through the agency of Seifu Fantahun, talk show host of Seifu on EBS.  

There was an indication of interest in the DNA test, based on the video published by Seifu Fantahun show, when Haile met with Nebret, who is presumed to be his blood brother (they have similar appearance). 

Some stories appearing on YouTube were making claims that Haile met with Nebret’s mothers. Others say that Haile purchased a lorry truck for his new brother and travelled to Assela with his “brother.”

As it turns out, the stories, and they got hundreds of thousands of views, were simply  clickbait. 

Haile dismissed them as false. In fact, Haile reflected on the stories. False and sensational stories are one way in which conflicts are manufactured in Ethiopia, Haile conveyed a message. 

Watch what he had to say :

Video : embedded from Fana TV YouTube channel

Cover photo : screenshot from the video 


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  1. Yes. Haile, oral tradition is dangerous for this reason. Which is why so many young ethnic fanatics are risking their lives for worthless causes based on ‘grandfather’s stories’. The only genuine source of history is the written, archived and archaeological form.


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