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Ethiopia’s tallest Women – Yenenesh Ararso

Yenenesh Ararso, Ethiopia’s tallest Woman, receiving credentials during Seifu on EBS show


Tallest Women in Ethiopia – Yenenesh Ararso 


Yenenesh Ararsho is Ethiopia’s tallest woman -according to Seifu on EBS show program aired last week. She is from the Wollega region of Ethiopia and is 1.95 centimeters long.  

She is single. Asked if she is interested in hooking up with Ethiopia’s tallest man, Negawo Jima who has expressed interest in marrying a tall woman like him, when he appeared on EBS show in January this year, Yenenesh said, it is up to the will of God.  She did not dismiss the idea. 

The next tall woman in Ethiopia is 1.92 centimetres long, according to information gathered by the show. And she lives in the Gambella region of Ethiopia. Her name is undisclosed.

Rumeysa Gelgi, is the tallest woman in the World is now 25-year-old, with 2 metres and 15 centimetres long ( 7 feet and 0.7-inch). She is from Turkey.  

Watch what Yenenesh has to respond to questions from Seifu on EBS talk show host, Seifu. 

Video : embedded from Seifu on EBS Youtube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video

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