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EZEMA party First Congress Elected leaders, Dr. Berhanu reelected  


Dr. Berhanu Nega secured EZEMA leadership position while Yohannes Mekonnen is joining him as his deputy 

EZEMA _ First Party Congress
Dr. Berhanu Nega , leader of EZEMA (left) and Yohannes Mekonnen, deputy leader of EZEMA (right). Image credit : EZEMA


Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party (EZEMA) First Party Congress on Sunday elected leaders for the party. 

The Party announced on its social media page that it has elected Berhanu Nega (Dr.) as leader of the party and Yohannes Mekonen (architect) as deputy leader of the party. 

Andualem Aragie, a prominent political figure in the opposition quarter, was vying for the party leadership position and run against Dr. Berhanu Nega. 

Dr. Berhanu Nega is currently serving as Minister for Education. He is a member of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Cabinet while he is still leading the opposition EZEMA – one of the largest opposition parties organized on the basis of citizenship politics as opposed to ethnic-based politics whose champions endear as “identity politics.” 

The cabinet position is an offer from the Abiy Ahmed-led ruling party, Prosperity Party. 

Apart from party leaders, EZEMA also elected chairpersons. The party has announced that Chanie Kebede (Dr.) and Amanuel Ermon (Dr. ) are elected as chairman and deputy chairman respectively. 

Abebe Akalu is elected as secretary of the party, and Andenet Shiferaw is elected as head of finance. 

The election in the party was competitive. Party leaders have been campaigning for weeks. 

In what appears to be a show of transparency, EZEMA invited other opposition parties to the party’s First Congress. 

Enat Party, the Freedom and Equality Party, the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Party (EPRP), and representatives of the council of political parties have attended the congress. 

These parties commended EZEMA for the “political culture” it has introduced to Ethiopian politics. 


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