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Chennai added to Ethiopian Airlines Destinations, New terminal Hotel at Bole Airport 

Ethiopian Airlines Passengers flight to Chennai came as the airline  opened a new five-star terminal level hotel at Bole International Hotel 

Chennai _ Ethiopian Airlines
Mesfin Tasew, Ethiopian Airlines CEO, making a speech during the Chennai flight inauguration (Photo : Ethiopian Airlines)


Ethiopian Airlines this week announced that it has added Chennai to its list of destinations. 

“With our inaugural flight to Chennai, the city has joined our vast network becoming our fourth destination in India,” the airline announced on Saturday. 

Ethiopian has been flying to Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru for many years now. Chennai is the fourth destination for the airline. 

It is going to be a three-times-a-week flight. 

Earlier this week, Ethiopian announced a 10 percent discount on cargo shipping to Chennai. It will remain that way until July 31st this year. 

Also, four more new destinations have been introduced: Greece, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Bahrain.  

The airline that started operation in 1945 with a flight to Cairo, Egypt, has now over 140 destinations across five continents.  

It has grown to be the leading carrier in the continent of Africa. 

In the country, it is one of the major employers. It is said to have about 14000 employees, including expatriate staff.  

When the airline industry was hit hard due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ethiopian Airlines managed to remain profitable without laying off employees.  

The management came up with a contingent plan of converting dozens of passenger planes into cargo ones and delved into the business of delivering much-needed coronavirus supplies in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and the rest of Africa – among other destinations. 

Last year, the airlines served over 4.1 million passengers. 

In a related development, the airline this week has opened a five-star terminal hotel inside the Addis Ababa Bole International Airport.

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  1. This airline never even pauses to amaze me since I saw one of its planes parked at that small airport in the former British Protectorate Aden decades ago. It has been very fortunate to maintain its autonomy in managing itself free of the heavy hand of government, the policy that was put in place by the late emperor. It was reported that the door knob Mengistu tried his blood soaked hands in it but had the back of discovering that he was too dumb to understand it business model. The commies that came after him decided to focus on looting the profit churned by the airline after it was deposited in the nation’s coffers.


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