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Ethiopian gov’t put the number of deaths from Gimbi attack to 338 

Ethiopian News _ Billene _ Gimbi
Billene Seyoum, Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, during press briefing on June 30,2022 (Photo : screenshot from the video)


Weeks after the Wollega Massacre, the Ethiopian government on Thursday remarked about it. 

Billene Seyoum, Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister, said the number of deaths from Tole Kebele, in Gimbi Wollega, Oromo region of Ethiopia is 338. 

In a Press Briefing that focused on current issues in the country, the secretary said peace and stability are “priorities” for the government. 

For the government, as revealed by the press secretary, the motive behind the attack on ethnic Amhara in the Wollega region was to incite public anger in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. 

Local media outlets reported that the number of victims from the attack in Gimibi is about 1500. 

The militant wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist Organisation, Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), is behind the attack. It has carried out dozens of similar attacks in the region in the last four years. 

Video : embedded from the PMO YouTube channel
Featured Photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. I believe her numbers because our women when in the positions of power never tell lies. Full stop!! Go get’em tigress!!

  2. DOWN, DOWN, DOWN! PM Abiy Ahmed Ali!!

    Abiy and Co must be Charged with Genocide against Amhara People!! PM Abiy Ahmed is a Ruthless Criminal!!!

    Free and stop abusing Human Rights of Amharas and all Political Prisoners!
    Bring OUT and FREE ALL 9500 Amhara Prisoners UNLAWFULLY Abducted by OROMMUMA, Abiy Ahmed and Prosperity Party Mafias!!!

    Stop Amhara Genocide!! Stop the Abduction and hiding the Whereabouts of Amhara People and Human Right Fighters!!

    Stop Destroying Addis Ababa resident HOUSES, and making Addis Ababa LONG TIME RESIDENTS HOMELESS!!
    Stop the OROMMUMA LAND GRAB AND LAND STEAL FROM Addis Ababa Long Time Residents!!!

    Free, Free, Free, Free Free!!!!! Freedom for Amahara People!!! Freedom for Amahara People!!!
    Bekele Weya!
    Sintayehu Chekol!
    Tadios Tantu!!
    Temesgen Desalegn!!
    Tilaye Yayalew!! Ras Media
    Natnaeal Yalemzewed!!!
    Esayas Tsege!!! Balderas

    Stop Terrorizing, Massacring, Abducting, Kidnapping Amahara Children, Infants, Toddlers, Women, Elders and all innocent Amhara Fanos, Police, Miliia, Special Forces!!

    What a shame! She is intoxicated with Abiy poison and Amhara blood he has been shedding from the time he joined TPLF until today! But nothing is surprising coming out of the Fascist lawless Blood thirsty Prosperity Party gangs!!

  3. Subject: “Ethiopian gov’t put the number of deaths from Gimbi attack to 338 ” by, June 30, 2022

    QUOTE: “DOWN, DOWN, DOWN! PM Abiy Ahmed Ali!!” UNQUOTE 4 July 2022″ UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 5 July 2022
    Let us take the above words as a foundation for our analysis
    Let us also be honest to the almighty God up in Heaven!!!!!!
    Is it really credible to blame one human being for all the upheaval in Ethiopia — at the present time? Let us be honest.
    Would the individuals who were deeply eager to be the leaders of Ethiopia — but FAILED miserably — avoid the phenomenon that we see today? Let us be honest. please.

    Please answer this question: Who is disturbing the well known noble characteristic of Ethiopia & “ye Ethiopia Tchewanet”
    Who benefits out of the fragmentation of Ethiopia?
    Who is envious of Ethiopia, for reasons that is well known?
    And here is a glaring question: Where are the supremely highly educated Ethiopians, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees, who can easily decipher the problem of the Globe? Where are they now, in the critical moment of their beloved country, ETHIOPIA. With a cohesive effort, it goese without saying, there would not be any difficulty raising Ethiopia out of the political dungeon.

    Is there any true LOVE left for ETHIOPIA? The question is gnawing at Ethiopians — and Ethiopian scholars in particular. It is the last concrete action to save a glorious and ancient Black African Country– ETHIOPIA the PRIDE of ALL.

    What will be the TRUE and CARING ACTION for the world known ETHIOPIA? The answer is yours, DEAR ETHIOPIANS.
    Your action on the negative attitude of the notorious colonialists of Yesteryears is absolutely essential and — frankly speaking — also towards those, in general, who have negative attitude toward BLACK RACE AFRICANS.

    BLACK AFRICA MUST PREVAIL. There is absolutely no ‘ifs and buts’ THE END


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