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Renaissance Dam Filling Goes Forward as TPLF Behind Sudanese Border Incursion to Ethiopia

Ethiopia _ Renaissance Dam _ TPLF
Over 90 percent of the Renaissance Dam project is completed. Third filling to start in few days (Photo : SM)

By Simo Parviainen
Twitter: @SimoParviainen
Updated on June 29,2022 at 6:59 P.M. Toronto Time

The third filling of the Ethiopian Grand Renaissance Dam is happening this week. It has been a constant playbook of Egypt and Sudan to create provocations and incidents during times of significant progress in the extraordinary and peaceful dam project, which is promoting development in Ethiopia and in the wider Horn of Africa region.

This time is no exception as Sudanese claimed Ethiopian forces committing violence to Sudanese combatants. It has been claimed, according to sources, that this violence has forced Sudanese side to take this action on the border. Attempt is also made to bring the issue to the level of UN Security Council to lend further credibility and publicity to these provocations.These provocations are deemed fabricated, as TPLF elements have been, sources say, manipulating various groupings in Khartoum close to General Al-Burhan to take this hostile action. Incidents are located in the general area of Jabal Kala al-Laban. 

The Ethiopian side is committed to peaceful negotiations and de-escalation to resolve outstanding issues in a friendly and cooperative manner, in the frameworks of the international community, namely African Union, IGAD and other international cooperation structures. It has to be underscored that the situation in Sudan is fragile, and Sudanese and Ethiopian peoples have traditionally coexisted in a peaceful manner. It is very difficult to understand or accept that Sudanese people, if consulted, would have accepted violent outcomes to resolve border issues, which have existed since colonial times.

Political manipulation has now turned to a provocation as governing groupings of Khartoum and Cairo again want to show their displeasure to the peaceful dam building project. Egypt’s involvement has been manifested publicly in fake condolences issued to Sudan for the disingenuously claimed violence attributed to Ethiopia’s side. Sudanese regime controlled media propaganda has been launched to echo these false claims. Ethiopian National Defense Force involvement is claimed, but there is no evidence of such. What has in fact transpired is that Sudanese forces have entered Ethiopian territory unlawfully and local militias in the border region have been forced to defend their territory. This has led to tragic casualties.

As seen from a regional perspective issues related to Renaissance Dam are to be solved by peaceful negotiations, and provocations such as border incursion are hurting regional relations. TPLF is listed as terrorist organization after a bloody war instigated by them in November 2020.

There had been serious efforts in recent days to go forward carefully with peace talks with the grouping, which has allied itself with other violent groups inside Ethiopia. TPLF has also formed influence networks especially in Khartoum close to General Al-Burhan to reach its violent objectives. The same is true in Egypt, where the insurgency of TPLF has found Cairo a willing partner to try to destabilize peaceful developments in Ethiopia.

Sources say TPLS has also established training camps inside Sudan and is dreaming of capturing the border area towards Sudan to establish a land corridor for supply, recruitment and assistance to its violent military efforts aimed at the peaceful Ethiopian population. Thousands of TPLF combatants are said to be located inside Sudanese territory.

What is significant, is the timing of these incidents, which not so mysteriously seem to occur in the time when imminent progress in the Ethiopian dam project is to be announced. The Egyptian regime of General Al-Sisi is behind constant internationalization of the Nile issue, as they seem paranoid of the water resources available. However the Nile dam in Ethiopia can save water resources also for Egypt as it is more environmentally safe to conserve water upstream, where the evaporation is less, and the flow can be better regulated. People in Egypt have nothing to fear from the peaceful Ethiopian project.

The military faction in Sudan led by Al-Burhan is also using the border issue with Ethiopia to divert the peoples attention from their legitimate democratic aspirations.


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  1. The genius engineers of the old country are not doing anything to commence the filling of the dam. It is the start of heavy rain season in the surrounding areas of the dam. I am gonna ask you a hopelessly dumb question. What will happen in the river when it rains heavy in buckets? Even a pre-kindergarten child can answer that. There will be more water in the river. Mother Nature is doing its job. If you wanna complain then complain to Mother Nature not those ever generous black folks.

    This is for your side notes. Two weeks ago Egypt teaming up with Israel has signed a deal with the European Union to deliver liquefied natural gas in an effort to recover some of the loss from Russia due to the Ukrainian War. Once that started, the EU is gonna come out strong against the dam. EU is and will be in a survival mode. What they gone lose with the old country if that upsets those at Arat Kilo? Nothing amounting to as a show stopper. But Egypt will be able to hold EU by its you know what squeezing it and that is gonna hurt real bad! But one reality will remain the same until the cows come home. If either Egypt or its beasts of burden, the generals in Khartoum, try to do something funny to the dam it will be the most reckless step ever taken by a riparian country. They may just kiss and say goodbye to An-nili-al-azraqi forever!!!!

  2. Dear Editors,

    The latest daily COVID numbers from the old country are somewhat worrisome. The daily new cases count is increase and steady. What worries me most lately is the number of patients that are or in need of intensive care suddenly jumping to 48 the other day according to John Hopkins University and others thathave been keeping tallies. Please keep those glorious peace longing people in your thoughts and share your daily findings as you used to do. The numbers both from USA & Canada are not encouraging either. Stay safe and stay right on and keeping on!!!


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