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China , Ethiopia ruling parties vow to strengthen strategic relation 

Ethiopia’s ruling party keen to learn from the success stories of Chinese Communist Party, hails the latter’s achievement’s for China  

Farah _ China _ Ethiopia
Ato Farah Adem, deputy chairperson of Ethiopia’s ruling party, Prosperity Party (Photo credit : EBC)


The Chinese Communist Party and Ethiopia’s Prosperity Party held virtual discussions on ways of strengthening their strategic relationship. 

According to Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC), state media, Liu Jianchao,  who was appointed earlier this month as International Liaison Department of the Chinese Communist Party, and Adem Farah, Prosperity Party’s deputy chairman, discussed Ethiopia’s current affairs, the green legacy, and other related issues. 

Mr. Farah hailed the Chinese community party for the progress China has made under its leadership.  

He also said the Prosperity Party has been learning from the experience of the Chinese Communist Party and that the former has been achieving success by implementing what he called homegrown policies.  His party also expressed intentions to stay the course. 

The central committee and executive committee of the prosperity party have been undertaking meetings earlier this week and last week following the security crisis that claimed the lives of more than 1500 ethnic Amhara communities in the Wollega area of Ethiopia. 

Mr. Farah also highlighted domestic and international situations to emphasise the importance of strengthening the relationship between the two political parties in a way to ensure that the people of the two countries are beneficiaries of it. 

Mr. Liu Jianchao reportedly said that Ethiopia is an important country in the Horn of Africa as an anchor of peace and security and that the Prosperity Party is a strategic policy partner. 

There is strong interest on the part of the Chinese communist party to strengthen its relationship with the Prosperity Party, according to Mr. Liu

China has been supporting Ethiopia at the security council in relation to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and what the Ethiopian government called a law enforcement operation against the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) in Northern Ethiopia. 


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  1. From a nonaligned nations’ point of view this statement has nothing to frown at. I remember a story in very early 1970’s about the late Emperor Haile visiting China with a photo shaking hands with that fat pig commie Mao. That was because Ethiopia was a member of a nonaligned nations group. Emperor Haile extended his hands in friendship but the pig commie had a dagger in his sleeves. He had his operatives busy actively recruiting young Ethiopians who were going to schools in Europe and USA to wage pig Mao’s style ‘protracted’ war on the Emperor and the country. Consider that you have signed your own death certificate when you trust the commies and go to bed in the same room with them. We should never forget what Xi and gang are doing and they are not elusive about it. Their credo is China or that matter any society must be fully developed in capitalism and then socialism is inevitable. After socialism it will be a cake walk into the Shangri-La communism where it will be classless with no need for leadership because there will be no people to be led. Xi and his entourage believe that his China is on tracks to become fully capitalist country and should lead others to do the same. Once every country is fully capitalist then the command center in Beijing will order everyone to go socialist. Belt and road, baby!!!! Hey Debre! What is wrong with you? You forgot what your Great Teacher Chairman Mao told you? Do capitalist first and then socialist, dumb bell! Hey Abiy! What’s the matter with you? Xi is aware of you going to church too much. You should remember how it was cooked and done kung pao style for the late Mugabe!!! Commies! Out of my sight!!!!!

  2. Subject: “China , Ethiopia ruling parties vow to strengthen strategic relation” June 28, 2022

    Humble Opinion
    China has its own AGENDA for eternity. No country on earth would be important to China unless it full fills its own agenda.
    What is Ethiopia’s agenda. Permit me to suggest: ETHIOPIA should not have any agenda other than — first and foremost — for its own purpose i.e. to keep and secure the unity of ETHIOPIANS. Period!!! Full Stop!!! You will never get it from China — nor from any smart aleck countries.

    If Ethiopia fails to keep its unity, then the current Ethiopia should go back to the history of Ethiopia and learn about the HEROS of ETHIOPIA ;(In alphabetical order) Haile Sellassie , Minilik, Tedros, Yohanness etc. ……… But then, with the current displayed Ethiopian characteristic, its recovery has “Gone With the Wind” and Ethiopians are left without BACK BONES among so-called independent mass of countries around the Globe. In short, Ethiopia lost its GLORY somewhere in unknown gutters of Africa.

    One very important point before closing: Ethiopia is rich enough to have top-most scholars with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees, from ultra refined academic institutions around the Globe. Just ask for their help — and Ethiopia would be home free and flying in the stratospheric clouds with utmost delight. WHAT A GLORIOUS LIFE!!!!! THE END


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