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Amhara region police arrest six over alleged terror plot 

A total of 20 arrests including those who are said to have collaborated in what police call the Bahir Dar terror plot. Federal and regional authorities involved in investigating it

Bahir Dar City Terror
Bahir Dar City ( Photo /File. Source : social media)


The Amhara regional state on Tuesday said it has arrested what it called suspects who were on the move to launch a terrorist attack in Bahir Dar city, the seat of the regional administration. 

Fourteen others who are said to have collaborated with the suspects, according to the regional police, are also arrested. Residents of the city are said to have collaborated with security forces in making the arrest possible. 

Authorities say that the suspects exploded grenades in four locations in the city on Monday evening. 

A report by Amhara Media Corporation (AMC) indicated that police searched the residences of suspects on the same day.  

Police made further claims that it had seized a sniper, two grenades, a machine gun, and more than 3700 ammunition during the search operation in the residences of the suspects. 

It is unclear whether the suspects are linked to organised groups or if their move was politically motivated. 

AMC, government-owned media, cited Commander Debalke as saying that Federal and regional authorities are undertaking an investigation on the suspects ( whose identities are undisclosed at this point in time), and the result will be made public. 

The Amhara regional state had been undertaking a crackdown since last month. It was claiming that it is targeting groups who are operating in the region under the guise of FANO but working either for enemies of Ethiopia or to achieve a criminal purpose. 

Over 4500 residents were arrested in the operation. 

Opposition parties and activists have criticised the government crackdown. Many believed that it was intended to weaken FANO – a  volunteer militia group that played a key role in reversing the TPLF military invasion of the Amhara region. 


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    Free Amhara prisoners, Mr. Tadios Tantu and Ras Media Journalists, Amahara Fanos, Amhara Students!!
    Stop Abducting Amhara people and Fanos!!!!!!!

    No one believes and trusts Amhara Prosperity Party who take order form Abiy Ahmed to murder its own people. Abiy Ahmed and Prosperity Party never step a foot in Genocide and violence ridden Wellga and Tigray but are freely roaming around murdering Amharas because of Temesgen Tiruneh, Yilekal Kefyale are their right hand accomplice donkeys.

    Abiy should take his Non-Amharic speaking brutal Police out of Amhara Zone and take them were policing and Law Enforcement is needed, in Wellega and Oromia.

    Amharas are peaceful, religious and disciplined people and do not want Oromia violent brutal Policings in Amhara Zone. Abiy Ahmed, Shimeles Abdissa, Temesgen Tiruneh, Yilekal Kefyaleand take out Oromia Police violence from Amhara Zone!!!
    Leave Amhara people for Amhara Zone administration that itself needs to be reformed and changed with real Amhara that stands for Amhara and only for the interest of Amharas.


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