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Leaked: Ethiopian PM minister wants a referendum on Wolkait 

“The Ethiopian PM is ready to give away Wolkait to TPLF in a referendum.”  It is part of the agreement with the Americans, according to sources. The Biden Administration is moving away from the sanction regime against Ethiopia which it introduced soon after the TPLF lost the war in December 2020. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ( Photo /File – Office of PM)


A statement from 23 Ethiopian organisations in the diaspora says the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has intentions to give away Wolkait to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF.)  

But he is planning to organise a referendum.  

An e-mail from sources from one of the organizations that signed a statement, that warned Abiy Ahmed to stop the genocide on Amhara and move to give Wolkait to TPLF, said a central committee member who attended the latest meeting leaked that Abiy Ahmed is planning to organize a referendum to resolve Wolkait issue.  

 “The government of Abiy is preparing to hand over Wolkait to TPLF,” it said. 

His decision is said to be part of the agreement, according to the source, with the Americans who had been pushing for the return of what they call “western Tigray” ( it is a reference to Wolkait)  to TPLF.” 

In an email to borkena, the source said “…We have heard from a participant in the PP Executive Committee meeting that is currently underway that Abiy has announced that part of his agreement with the US is to conduct a referendum to accomplish this.” 

The office of the Prime Minister is contacted, via e-mail, to remark on reported arrangements to give away Wolkait to the TPLF. Borkena will update the report if the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s office remarks on the issue.

In recent ruling party central committee meetings that discussed the latest massacres in Wollega and Gambella regions, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission were being sold as success stories of the institution-building since Abiy Ahmed took office in 2018. 

If there is a planned referendum,as claimed by the organisations, the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, whose chairperson is Bertukan Midekssa, will be in charge of it. 

The statement from the Ethiopian organisations ( the Amharic version is available here) discussed the latest massacre of Amhara communities in Gimbi, Wollega region of Ethiopia, and Prime Minister Aiby Ahmed’s desire to hand over Wolkait and other contested Amhara areas to the 

In his latest appearance at the Ethiopian parliament, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said “we have to be ready to pay anything for peace.”  If Wolkait is on the list of Abiy Ahmed’s “anything,” it may mean that it could be the cost of winning “peace.”

The 23 organisations that released the statement indicated that the government carried out a crackdown against FANO under the guise of law enforcement as part of its conspiracy to weaken Amhara. 

The statement recalled the massacre of Amhara in Metekel, Ataye, Kemisse, and Dera – Minjar, and said the “government has collaborated” with the OLF in the massacre of Amhara – including in the latest massacre in Tole, Gimbi. 

As many as 1500 ethnic Amhara were slaughtered in a horrifying manner in Gimbi , Wollega, in the latest string of attack from what government calls “Shane” – the armed wing of the radical Oromo Organization – Oromo Liberation Front.

The goal of Abiy Ahmed, according to the statement, is to weaken and exterminate Amhara in order to  ensure the “supremacy of Oromuma.” 

The organisations are calling for the Ethiopian community in the diaspora to be ready for a sustained struggle unless Abiy Ahmed takes responsibility for the crime in Wollega, and brings the perpetrators, and their collaborators to Justice. 

Read their statement in Amharic HERE 


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  1. Well if the Abiy regime that stupid and blind sided to commit its own suicide, let him go ahead. The fact of the matter is with a series of decisions that weaken his centrist position, Abiy Ahmed will soon be facing the exit door. He has lost the trust and respect of millions of Ethiopians.

  2. The disreputable and fraudulent Abiy Ahmed has no right or trust to decide for Amhara, Begemeder, Wekqait Amhara and Amhara’s fate. The 4 years of Amhara Genocide in Oromia that kept growing to the 1700 slaughtering just in one night all perpetrated and orchestrated by him and his Orommuma fascist groups has proven beyond anyone’s imagination that Abiy Ahmed does not have Amhara’s interest in his agenda but how much hate and wants all Amharas dead and hurt.

    The resent Abiy and TPLF war, where Abiy drew TPLF into Amhara zone for more destruction and looting by holding Amhara force to stay grounded in Amhara Zone and never to go on offense is a recent memory of the fraudulent Abiy Ahmed as a military commander and as a person.

    In the first place Amharas never asked for any referendum or negotiation because Amhara land is not up for negotiation. Amhara and Tigray territorial history did not start 30 plus 4 years ago. Mekelle, Aksum etc.. are part of Tigray and never crossed Tekeze River. That is a well known history for centuries and the fact.

    Every Amhara Territory must be respected and restored back to where it always has been for centuries and several decades ago. Begemder, Gojjam, Showa, Wello are all known to be Amhara land.

    Just because TPLF illegally, unjustifiably and by slaughtering and mass burying hundred thousands of Amharas in Welkait used its power to massacre and steal Amhara land because it had all the weapons and felt powerful 27 years of TPLF repressive and thievery rule does not defined Ethiopia’s and Amharas land.

    27 TPLF plus 4 Orommuma murderous and Amhara Genocidal and repressive years will not change TPLF crimes to legal. Tigray should stay as Tigray before 30 years ago and stop this nonsense.

    Amharas will never accept any deal secretly and remotely plotted by TPLF and Prosperity Party Abiy Ahmed against Amhara without a real Amhara participation (Demeke Mekonen does not count as Amhara because all Property Party fascists are all hand picks of TPLF based on the highest degree for hating Amharas).

  3. The continued marginalization of the Amhara by the corrupt and incompetent regime of Abiy Ahmed cannot and shall not be acceptable anymore. The price paid for unity with the motherland cannot and must not exceed the right to exist and live for the individual. The Oromumma project is a mirage, a non existent utopian land that exists in the mind of the Oromo militant and brainwashed multitudes. Suppose, the Amhara people decide enough is enough and exercise article 39? What will follow? The Oromo militants will have to face the inevitable reality of the corruption, moral stench and decay of their own making with the guidance of their mentors, the ousted TPLF.

    In 2018, Abiy Ahmed could have adopted a very simple working principle. To facilitate the conditions for an individual Ethiopian citizen to enjoy the rights to life, liberty and happiness regardless of ethnicity, place of birth, gender, age and mother tongue. He was not given any mandate to design unnatural demographics changes. He was given an unprecedented support and the blessings and goodwill of millions, despite some grudges by his distractors. He squandered all his political capital, the trust of millions and for what? For Oromumma??? A pragmatist he is not, an ideologue and fanatic, indeed he has shown himself to be.

  4. You article is hard to understand. It says giving away welkait and holding a referendum.

    Possible interpretations

    1. The issue of welkait will be decided based on a referendum and you believe this will ensure that welkait goes to Tigray.

    2. Welkait will be handed over and then Tigray will hold referendum.

  5. teret…teret….yelam beret! Referendum is the only democratic way of resolving land the WOLKAITE ownership dispute.If it is true the government is on right track.

  6.  QUOTE: “The government of Abiy is preparing to hand over Wolkait to TPLF,” it said. His decision is said to be part of the agreement, according to the source, with the Americans who had been pushing for the return of what they call “western Tigray” ( it is a reference to Wolkait)  to TPLF.” UNQUOTE

    Humble Opinion
    Under [or within] the World structure, the affairs of Ethiopia belongs to Ethiopia— I.e. THE BLACK AFRICAN ETHIOPIANS — exact replicant theory which applies to any country around the Globe — including the mighty of the mightiest super-power, United States of America.

    With the above background, please let Ethiopia handle its affairs without being pushed and pulled to the desire of the Mighty of the Mightest USA. One is tempted to ask: WOULD THE USA INTERFERE IN THE AFFAIRS OF UK ?????
    Please have mercy upon under-developed countries to be themselves, by themselves, for themselves in their internal affairs. Ethiopia, in its entire history, never interfered in the internal affairs of others????? Why should it deserve now??????
    Please have mercy.

  7. Referendums were conceived and have been used to solve territorial claims by nations that went into bloody conflicts for it. I am crestfallen to see it being proposed and conducted in the old country, that gem of the colored. Suddenly Amhara region is like a foreign country locked horns with another foreign country called Tigray. Every other region(country) is in the same predicament with its neighbors. Okay, I want to hold a referendum too but not in a region you may expect. I want to hold a referendum to decide the fate of that railway station, Afdem(Awwaare). When I was a young boy back in the 1950’s my auntie took me there during one of her business trips. It was a burgeoning business center and the seat of the district’s administration. The majority of residents there were Afars and the surrounding area leading all the way to Gewane was all inhabited by Afars. But now it is populated by my dear Issa brothers and sisters and it is part of the ‘Country’ of Somalia. I want to bring back 50,000 Afars to Afdem and hold a referendum. Wow, wow, hold it! I have another one for you. After during history books written about the old country including the ones written by our own very qualified historians like Obbo Bahru bin Zewde I discovered that the current humming city of Debre Tabor was founded by one of my Barentus, Ras Gugsa. Barentus ain’t Filipinos or Choctaws. Ras Gugsa founded that city as the seat of his court where be brought law and order to the entire area after it sustained destructive and bloody conflicts for over a century during the notorious Era of The princes. Those were not ‘princes’ but a horde of thugs committing crimes as savage even worse than the current Tole massacre. So this is what I will do with that city. I want to hold a referendum but before I do that I want to bring bus loads Oromos from Yejju to the tune of more than the current population of about 120,000 citizens. I want to bring in 150,000 Yejju Oromos and hold a referendum after that. Bus them all in and a referendum. The referendum will show two checkboxes to choose from. Do you want to be part of the country called ‘Oromia’ or the country of ‘Amhara?’ Wait a minute! The red chest gelada baboon is pissed off wants to flatten me with a left hook because I did not put his species as one of the choices on the referendum ballot. So hayilikethat? Wow! Hold up! I have more! Hey Ittu! It’s enough! We got your point!!!

    Now putting all the teasing aside, I would like to see level heads both from my dear brothers and sisters Amharas and Tigres sit down and come up with a plan how to share the abundance of that ‘disputed’ region of Wolkait. It has more than enough to share. Enough with saber rattling ‘laloye’s’ and sword swinging with ‘zerraafs’. Those of you bigots who have been fanning the flames of bloodshed from your safe and comfy homes here among us, Europe and Oceania, just stifle, zip it then jump in the lake and don’t you ever come up!!!!

  8. The wolqite case is a legal matter not requiring referendum.( plaintiff vs defendant (thief) )
    TPLF took the land by force from amharas.this is 1000% fact.
    who is going to participate in the referendum? is it compulsory or optional?

  9. Referendum is not a bad idea if it is genuine and not done neither by TPLF not by Government which is almost of one ethnicity stake holder but by international observers. The majority in the land should decide after figuring out all the attrocities commited in the land on 27 years TPLF forceful rule. People who were forced out should also be stake holders in the referendum. And I’d the referendum is point and then why not d in whole regions including Oromia where the majority are actually minorities living as second class citizens? There is no a single special zone let alone referendum prospects there and other regions. Referendum should actually be hold in whole Ethiopia by independent body to test the current ethnic based segregation constitution.

  10. Very well said konfu, completely right and true on how the issue should be addressed.

    People must know the difference between legal matter and referendum. There is no equality on the issue there but it is Victims vs Criminal is the matter that needs justice and punishment for committing theft/crime. .

    TPLF stole Amhara land by force, massacred and tortured women and men in the most heinous ways and buried their bodies in mass graves all over the place for over 30 years before and after coming to Power.

    Only justice talk will be on the table and telling TPLF thieves to stop stealing followed by judgment for Welkait Tegede and Mi Kiadra slaughtered Amharas by TPLF Terrorist criminals!!

    Also to Pay retribution for inflicting Genocide against Amhara Welkait and Mi Kadra People and for looting and stealing what belongs to Amhara People!!!

    This issue must also be handled by Amhara person/s well known for having the interest of Amhara with good moral stand ant that is approved by Amhara People not by PM Abiy Ahmed or his APP and TPLF cadre picks that are rejected by Amhara people because they are used as a mouth peace and right hand of OPP, PM Abiy Ahmed who is entrenched in repressing Amharas in the most undemocratic and repressive ways.


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