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Abel Mulugeta – “Kedar Komo” – New Ethiopian Music. A response to Teddy Afro?


Just three days after Ethiopia’s most popular singer Teddy Afro released his single music in which he subtly and, sharply, criticized Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration (without naming a name of course), Abel Mulugeta has released a single, on Saturday. Kedar Kumo – could translate to “bystander.”

It is unclear as to how long he has been working on his single. It does, however, sound like it is a critic of Teddy Afro’s latest, and one of the most popular song in the history of Ethiopian Music, single – Na’em.

If confirmed, it may indicate that Ethiopian Music is moving in the direction of being a platform for political cleavage in the country.

Due to the enormity of support to Teddy Afro’s latest work, which flogged the prime minister’s obsession with “green legacy” event at a time when Ethiopians are bleeding due to the latest carnage in Wollega, it is not impossible that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed could supported a work like this.

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Video : embedded from Abel Mulugeta’s YouTube channel
Cover Photo : screenshot from the Video




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