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A candlelight vigil for Wollega Massacre victims organized in many cities across North America and Europe 

Wollega Massacre victims will be remembered in a candlelight vigil across many cities in North America and Europe


Ethiopians have organised candlelight vigil  in many cities North America (including Canada) and Europe. 

It is organised to remember victims of the politically motivated massacre against Amhara in Gimbi, Wollega of Ethiopia. 

The incident happened last Friday. 

Well over six hundred civilians, mostly women and children, were slaughtered by the military wing of the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist organisation – Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – Shane. 

Atlanta, Cambridge, Denver,Los Angeles, Minnesota, Toronto, Kansas City, New York City, Oakland,  Ottawa, Dallas, Houston, London (UK), Seattle, and  Winnipeg are some of the cities where a vigil is organised in the coming three days. 

For a complete list and schedule of the event, please see image below sent to borkena (courtesy of Nebiyu Asfaw) : 

The recurring massacre of ethinc Amhara in the Oromo region of Ethiopia has outraged Ethipoians in the country and abroad. 

New movement on social media platforms

A movement on social media has started in reaction to the massacre. Three key messages are circulating on social media “Beka” ( translates to “enough), “Keye Ashara” (translates to Red imprint) and “yezegnet Kibr” ( translates to citizenship dignity)  

The government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is further losing public trust due to the failure of his government to protect the security of Ethiopians in different parts of the country. 

A reinvigorated conversation has started in the cyberworld highlighting the brutes of ehtnic based administration by way of reducing citizens to minority status and at the mercy of ethnic majorities in different parts of Ethiopia. 

Thousands of ethnic Amharas have been brutally murdered in the Oromo region , among others, of Ethiopia since Abiy Ahmed took power in 2018 following the resignation of former prime minister Hailemariam Desalegn. 

In the first two years, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration attempted to paint the prevalent massacre at times as undesirable signs of transition to democracy and at times as plots by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) to destabilise the country. 

Many Ethiopians are disgusted, from social media status updates and reactions to them,   that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed gave a “business as usual” attitude to the massacre as he was preoccupied with the “green legacy” program. 

His government has not yet declared national mourning and flags are not flying half-mast at this writing. 

The radical ethnic nationalist group – Oromo Liberation Front and its military wing (government call it shane) is said to have collaborators within the Federal and Oromo regional state structures. 


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  1. The Oromo Prosperity Party, PM Abiy Ahmed Ali, Shimeles Abdissa, Adanech Abebe and all the rest including APP definitely has no good intention nor leadership skill to lead Ethiopia.

    They are not worth keeping them and it is time to lose them. Nothing worse than this could come or happen. They are criminals and day time human eater savages that must be held responsible for every human they complicitly massacred!!!

    They have proved to be corrupt and incompetent rotten criminal savages that cannot pass one day without drinking Amhara blood and eating human flesh.

    Definitely and it is no secret to anyone. That Orommuma tail tail has been old, over cooked and baked under every one’s eye. Abiy Ahmed and Shimeles Abdissa think everybody is as stupid and ignorant as them when they try to fool by lying ignorance trough their teeth.
    Without the Criminal and Unjust Constitution, the complicity, aiding and abating of Oromo Prosperity Party Abiy Ahemd and Shimeles Abdissa) four years of continues Amhara people massacre by the heavily armed Radical Oromo Ethnic Group and the Oromo Liberation Front and its violent military wing the (government call it shane) would not have happened.

    The other setup for Amhara Genocide is the discriminatory and unjust Constitution prepared by non other than Amhara Genocide plotters and haters TPLF, OLF and the Oromo Prosperity Party that gave all rights and privileges to its own Oromia Zone and forbid and denied Amharas for political representation, voting and self governing. That made the way for Amhara Genocide, destruction of properties and looting Amahra wealth and properties.

    As usual Abiy cannot control himself from taaaaaaking his boring idiotic speech to his captive audience with no empathy and sympathy for the 1500 venously slaughtered Amharas in Wellega, Oromia Zone Ethiopia. In fact his callousness is exposed with the smirky face of satisfaction when he talks and not even bothered to declare a day of mourning and respect for innocent lives.

  2. My family and I were out there at every city with you in spirit to remember those innocent victims.

    Again and again I call upon on everyone who is rightfully hurt and angered by this savage act to exercise calm and restraints. This violence by demons should not be allowed to trigger more violence. That is because violence never solved problems for that country or anywhere else except but rather sustained them claiming more innocent victims. Violence places destructive wedges between people who have lived in harmony for centuries. The most powerful and effective force that can police communities against such repugnant crimes are the common citizens when they are united. Thugs thrive in a divided and dysfunctional society. Governments cannot be everywhere with their deterrent means. It is a screwed up world out there. Let’s monger for peace and unity among citizens. Today the victims are Amharas. Tomorrow will be Oromos if not already then followed by Tigres, Sidamas, Gambelas, Afars, Somalis and all others if they are not already. The only force that can effectively slow down or even put a stop to such barbaric violence are civilians themselves when firmly united. Sooner if not later this shall pass! Insha’Allah!!!


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