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How Many More Amharas Must Be Slaughtered for Genuine  Ethiopians and the West to Condemn Abiy Ahmed’s Government? 

Amhara _ Vision Ethiopia Statement

Vision Ethiopia Statement

Following Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s recent speech in the Ethiopian  Parliament, viewed by many as a cunning ploy to propagate the ongoing Amhara ethnic cleansing by Oromo ethno-fascists, thousands of Amharas have  again been massacred in one day and thousands more forced to seek shelter in the wilderness in the Wollega zone of the Oromia region. 

Paradoxically, the sector of the population back home which is not yet affected by the genocidal violence has become tone deaf to the plights of the Amhara,  numbed by and kowtowing to Abiy Ahmed’s ethnocentric system of  government.  

Those in the Diaspora, while shedding crocodile tears, have yet to organize themselves under a common goal, and manage to effectively mobilize their  sizable resources to contribute in a measurable way to save the Amhara from genocidal violence and ethnic cleansing.  

The international community and institutions, especially those Western governments and organizations that profess human rights and democracy, have turned deaf ears and blind eyes to the continuing Amhara massacre by Oromo ethno-fascists. 

Irrefutably, the current genocidal violence against Amharas and other ethnic  groups, such as Wolayta, Gambela and Afar, has intensified since Abiy Ahmed  took power in 2018, and is likely to continue unabated until the realization of  the primary goal of asserting Oromumma supremacy.  

Ominously, the horrific atrocities are committed in a systematic fashion, under  the watchful eyes of Abiy Ahmed’s government, drawing lessons from the Rwandan genocide of 1994 to thwart world outcry, with a protracted campaign of brutal killings and displacements, in increments of hundreds and thousands at a time.

Then the major enigma of the day is: “How many more Amharas must be  slaughtered for genuine Ethiopians and Western governments and  institutions to condemn Abiy Ahmed’s government for crimes against  humanity?  

Vision Ethiopia, while denouncing the interminable genocidal assault against  Amharas, perpetrated under the auspices of Abiy Ahmed’s government, calls  upon all peace-loving Ethiopians as well as Western governments and  institutions to stand on the side of the victims of genocide and save themselves  from the harsh judgement of history and future generations. In particular: 

1. We call upon the people of Ethiopia that stand for peace and justice to hold the government of Abiy Ahmed accountable for the crimes committed against the Amharas, and to pledge to pay any sacrifice to prevent further atrocities against Amharas who live in different parts of the country; 

2. We call upon all friends of the Amhara people in the Diaspora to come together under a common banner of preventing genocidal violence by Oromo and other ethno-centric extremists, and wage coordinated and unrelenting efforts both inside the country and externally; 

3. We call upon Western news outlets, which hitherto have disregarded the Amhara predicaments under successive TPLF and Oromumma repressive rules, to break their silence and discharge their journalistic 

responsibilities with the documentation and reporting of the ongoing genocidal campaign against the Amhara people; 

4. We call upon the current US Administration and other Western nations, to curb the onslaught against the Amhara people by imposing sanctions against Abiy Ahmed’s government, as they have been quick to do so in support of the people of Ukraine; and 

5. Finally, we call upon the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations to heed the plights of the Amhara people, as they have staunchly been advocating for the TPLF extremist groups. 

The Board of Vision Ethiopia

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  1. O God save us from hate-filled armed and misinformed groups of 30 year olds – of whatever ethnic group growing under tplf propaganda of this and that injustice…will the international community see us killed through???????????

  2. I would like the “visionaries” to focus on making positive changes (eg joining the government as volunteers) rather than always talking about the ‘sky falling on Ethiopia’. The value added in education is finding workable solutions to problems rather than chewing and re-chewing problems, like chewing the narcotic plant called chat/kat. The politics of complaints is the identifying mark of Ethiopia’s political tradition, particularly by remnants of the 60s/70s/80s.

  3. Condemn is a little too harsh. The current regime should be criticized for failing its citizens in terms of maintains security for them. There is no proven fact that the Abiy government is directly involved in carrying such barbaric act. So far there is none. In fact it’s officials have been murdered in the most gruesome ways by these bloodthirsty vagabonds roaming the countryside.

    On the other hand all these individuals and groups here among us who seem to sympathizers of this savage group didn’t even use a word to condemn this barbaric massacre. In fact what I am hearing from them is blaming others. They tell us that all OLA fighters comprise those who narrowly escaped from being murdered or thrown into filthy jails by the regime. They are telling us that all of them are highly educated mostly university graduates. They were not with no other alternatives but to run into the woods. That means they are entitled to murder innocent civilians. Such is the narrative I know hear and read from the sympathizers of this murderous group. Some of these sympathizers are even complaining about the coverage this savagery is getting in the media. They are accusing the foreign media of double standard. They complain that the media does not mention the ‘legitimate’ reasons for these thugs in carrying out the massacres. This is how the air among our Diaspora so disgustingly toxic. I feel sorry for those children who have to grow up in such poisoned environment. Where did these heartless individuals come from? Don’t you call them Oromos, Amharas or any other!!! Don’t you dare!!!!

  4. Hi!

    Obviously, one death is too many! It is agonizing when Savage Goons murder peaceful civilians and get away with it over-and-over! So, it is high time that we asked ourselves: “How shall we be part of the solution in bringing these Barbarians to justice?”

    Look, of all the ethnics in Ethiopia, the Amharas are the ones found en masse all over Ethiopia. Hence, each time FAKE Amhara Activists squirt their inter-ethnic animosity venom, they put the overwhelming majority of Amharas at risk of violence everywhere.

    Listen, why did the Amharas who fled the same violence in Wollega earlier and put in shelters in Amhara Zone (Addis Zemen?) ask to return to Wollega when law-and-order is restored? Why didn’t they put the option to be resettled in the Amhara Zone on the table?

    Don’t count on the White Supremacist West to help Amharas or Ethiopia. During the massacre at Bedeno, Arba-Gugu, etc. here is how Dr. Asrat Woldeyes pleaded with them: “Your satellites can pick up a needle! Why didn’t they see the pile of Amhara corpses?”

    Well, more Amharas [≈ 20 million] live in other zones than in the Amhara Zone. Don’t take my word for it, Google a 2019 interview on Walta TV where Christian Tadelle of NAMA told Siménèh Baïfers: “Over 15 million Amharas live IN Oromia ALONE…”

    I often hear: “Ethiopians have the right to live-and-work all over Ethiopia!” Yet, while the majority of Amharas enjoy the privilege of living-and-working all over Ethiopia, you rarely find other ethnics living-and-working in Gojjam & Gonder. Worse, Gojjamés & Gondèrés go the extra mile to please Whites, Arabs, etc. but Ethiopians are the least welcome! [I also go to Gojjam & Gonder to see some families whenever I visit Ethiopia!]

  5. You sound placing the blame of this savagery on those who want to help. Yes it is proven beyond the fact that overwhelming majority of the victims of this savagery were of Amhara heritage and most of them professed the religion of peace, Islam. There were also members of other ethnic groups who were butchered by these demons. There were a few Oromos who tried to save their long time neighbors and hacked to death because they were considered traitors. What all of us should do first and foremost is stand together and condemn the killings of innocent citizens. There is excuse and justification for it. We should never try to deflect the blame. We should never let these criminals off the hook by telling us that they were forced to go into the bushes and obligated to murder innocent and poor peasants. That is heartless and is un-Oromo, un-Amhara or any other from that country.

  6. What would a responsible, caring and responsive government do when faced with such shameful, inhumane and barbarism of the Oromo militant? It will apprehend responsible individuals regardless of party or ethnic favoritism, use the vast mass media in its control to expose the individuals, their background, and their financiers and enablers. It would strive to bring chaos under control and unite communities by showing remorse and offering consolation. Had Ethiopia had such a responsible and responsive government, by now criminals and murderers and assassins would have been in custody. Mr Abiy, just like you showed Sebhat Nega and cohorts and METEC General Kinfe in handcuffs on national tv, televise the OLF thugs in handcuffs and teach them crime does not pay, only the criminal does. Instead of covering up and apologizing for OLF thugs and their sub-humanity and barbaric deeds, show Ethiopians and the world, you respect due process. Call out the perpetrators and identify their political party. Mr. Abiy, show the world that you are not running a banana republic. Mr. Abiy, show the world that the Ethiopia you are presiding over is not a nation of subhuman barbaric butchers like the OLF thugs and assassins but a nation of faith and decency. Show that the courts and judiciary you manipulate and the scale of justice on which you always put your thumb to biased outcome in indeed not a kangaroo court. Every time, you close your mouth shut when the rights of thousands are violated, when you avoid responsibility while people are massacred in broad daylight, your own humanity, your own dignity and your own veracity are all put under a giant question mark????????????????? By denigrating the suffering of others who may not belong to your favorite ethnic group, by denying them equal protection under the law, by denying them justice, by ignoring their legitimate tears for equality, you only make yourself that much barbaric, inhumane, incompetent and unfit for office. Also with these types of abysmal records, and dirty baggage and so much blood soaked laundry, how on earth do you expect the international community to take you seriously????????????How on earth can you walk with your head up and sit at the AU and be a spokesman for “African solutions to African problems”? ????????????The recently leaked video of yourself parroting the Oromo militants’ claim on Addis Ababa, your hidden and secretive plots to marginalize, ostracize and disenfranchise non Oromo communities for your political hegemony cannot be ignored anymore. You have failed to transform your own self into a statesman. You are a victim and perpetual prisoner of the same ethno fascistic disease that afflicted your TPLF mentor. You have now lost the center. It is not morally possible and ethically acceptable to support you.

    There must be an international call and movement for PM Abiy Ahmed, regional President Shimeles Abdissa and director general of Ethiopia’s security and intelligence office, Temesgen Tiruneh TO RESIGN NOW!!!!!!!!

    Furthermore, it is the opinion of this commentator, that the case of Shimeles Abdissa needs further exposure at the international level, including UN Human rights council, the US Department of State, and European court of human rights. At the AU, it is not going to be practical for the Abiy regime to carry the mantra of “African solutions to African problems” because the reality on the ground points to the irrefutable fact that, so far, Abiy Ahmed has failed abjectly to transform himself into a statesman. The Oromuma grandeur of illusion and the dirty politics of Shimeles and his TPLF masters and mentors, now has torpedoed down the Abiy regime to the gutter and filth of village politics, making him unfit and unable to shine before the AU.

  7. Why the OLF uses barbaric strategies to make political statements in the 21st century is a mystery known to OLF members and sympathizers. The OLFs barbaric, subhuman, and inhumane political shenanigans, murders of the defenseless and massacre of the elderly, women and children do not elevate the Oromo culture, belief and communities standard of living one bit. These barbaric tactics and crimes against humanity do not lend credence or predispose other outsiders to support any political cause or demands posited by the OLF gang.

    The more the Abiy regime associates itself with this fringe group, the more it puts its own human rights records under the microscope. Gruesome murders, mutilations of victims, torture of children and the elderly and women reduce the perpetrators beneath contempt. Such levels of inhumanity when observed in individuals are diagnosed as psychopathic diseases. Sociopaths are generally not remorseful, because the value they give to their own selves is so little and intertwined with so much feelings of inferiority complex, their victims often suffer gruesome attacks of violence. When observed at large scales as in the case of the criminal OLF gangs, it reeks of cult mentality, paganism, mental disease, cultural and ethical decay, and self perpetrated and self inflicted dehumanization of one’s own group. The more the victim is mistreated inhumanely, the less human, the more dehumanized, the more contemptible and the less worthy as a human being the perpetrator becomes,

  8. “Listen, why did the Amharas who fled the same violence in Wollega earlier and put in shelters in Amhara Zone (Addis Zemen?) ask to return to Wollega when law-and-order is restored? Why didn’t they put the option to be resettled in the Amhara Zone on the table?”

    Big sigh first, hmmmmmmmmm. look man/woman, you do not have any right to displace a single Ethiopian from the area he or she has lived in for decades and relocate them at will, having dispossessed that individual of his/ her land, house, farming plot, any material possessions and demand they be settled elsewhere just because your crazy mind thinks in terms of ethno fanaticism and is afflicted with the ethno fascistic plague. If you want them to be settled, make sure your your regional Oromo militant so called government pays material damage cost, punitive etc. per displaced Ethiopian. It can easily be taken off the regional budget. Also advise your goons stealing from others and robbing others to learn to work first. Learn to raise decent, up right and productive members of society. Instead of machetes, knives and toxic and poisonous rhetoric, give your militants, pens, pencils, papers and books. Teach them a skill, a profession, so they can become at the very least useful. You see if the ethno fanatic hoodlum and scourge and scam of the earth had worked hard in the first place, he or she would not have to steal, murder and rob in the first place under the guise of ethno-fanaticism.

    “I often hear: “Ethiopians have the right to live-and-work all over Ethiopia!” Yet, while the majority of Amharas enjoy the privilege of living-and-working all over Ethiopia, you rarely find other ethnics living-and-working in Gojjam & Gonder. Worse, Gojjamés & Gondèrés go the extra mile to please Whites, Arabs, etc. but Ethiopians are the least welcome! [I also go to Gojjam & Gonder to see some families whenever I visit Ethiopia!]”.

    Yes, that is called living in cities and growing metropolitans. Everybody knows unless he or she has come out of a rock or cave, cities are melting pots of different assortments of people. The vibrant city life, its settlement and interconnection is determined by trade, markets, needs of the community and its diverse culture.Every Ethiopian has the right to live and work in any parts of Ethiopia. In fact that is the essence of a functioning democratic state.
    You sound very angry and bitter that Ethiopians are asking for the same fundamental right every other citizen in a functioning democratic government is enjoying. If you want to create an apartheid ethno -fascistic state, come out in the open and say so, otherwise put up or let it be.

    • Hi, Dr. Bigots!

      1. Let me start with your Abiy hullabaloo smear campaign: Wasn’t Abiy the first OLF-ኦነግ ሸኔ assassination target in broad day light? አብይ እኮ – የኢትዮጵያ ባለ ውለታ ነው:-

      አብይ እማ – በኖቤል ሽልማቱ ገንዘብ – ሚሊዮነር ነው! “ከእናንተ ጋር ምን አጨቃጨቀኝ?” – ብሎ – ሥልጣኑን ቢለቅ ምን ይቀርበታል? ሥልጣን ቢፈልግ እማ ኖሮ – ለምዕራባውያን እና ለግብፅ አጎብድዶ – ኢትዮጵያን አስረክቧቸው – ተንደላቅቆ መኖር ይችል አልነበረም ወይ?

      አብይ ሥልጣን ሲረከብ – ወያኔ ኢትዮጵያን አራቁቷት – ኢትዮጵያ ለመንግሥት ሠራተኞቿ የሚከፈል የአንድ ወር ደሞዝ እንኳን አልነበራትም! አብይ – ለኢትዮጵያ ህልውና ሲል – ራሱን አዋርዶ – የUAEውን Prince MBZን $1 billion dollar ለኢትዮጵያ እንዲሰጡ ለምኗቸው – እነሆ እድሜ ለአብይ – ኢትዮጵያ እስከ አሁን አለች! እርሶ – በበኩሎ – ለኢትዮጵያ ምን አርገውላታል?

      2. If the victims of the Savage ኦነግ ሸኔ sheltered in Amhara Zone prefer returning to Wollega [to relocation in Amhara Zone], it only means: Wollega Oromos are more hospitable to them than Gojjamés/Gondèrés and they count on Wollega for rehabilitation!

      3. When the lawyer in you kicked in, you talked about compensation. Go get ኦነግ ሸኔ, ‘Tiger’! When the displaced Amharas entered the Amhara Zone, Shimelis flew to Bahir-Dar with 100 million Birr & handed it to Yilikal to help them. Did you even give a cent?

      4. In insulting me, you only exposed yourself: You are a typical fake Amhara Goon who gets Amharas slaughtered posing as a caring Amhara Activist, wearing the Amhara Activist hat, and flooding streets waving the Ethiopian flag [spewing inter-ethnic hate]. BTW, both comatose ‘PhDs’ like you & the Savage ኦነግ ሸኔ Goons need school supplies!


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