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Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde condemned horrifying Wollega Massacre 

Sahle-Work Zewde _ Wollega massacre
Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde holds discussion with Daniel Bekele, Director of Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, on June 21, 2022 in Addis Ababa ( Photo : SM )



Ethiopian President Sahle-Work Zewde on Tuesday condemned the horrifying Wollega massacre

She said in a Twitter message that she had a meeting with Daniel Bekele, Director of the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, regarding the massacre of innocent civilians including women and children. 

“I vehemently condemn it,” she said in a Twitter message she wrote in the Amharic language. 

In its latest string of attacks, an armed radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group that calls itself as “Oromo Liberation Army” massacred well over 400 ethnic Amhara communities in Gimbi district, Tolle Kebelle, Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian Human 

Oromia regional government officials admitted that the attack happened. However, they did not disclose the number of casualties. Some local sources put the number of victims at over 900. 

The tragic incident is extensively covered in the media- including in the western mainstream media outlets.

The U.S. representative at the United Nations, Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said, in a Twitter message :

“I’m deeply troubled by the reported civilian killings in the Amhara community of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia this weekend. My heart goes out to the loved ones of the victims of this horrific act,” 

Human Rights groups in Ethiopia and Opposition parties criticised Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government over its failure to protect the security of citizens and stop recurring attacks against ethnic Amhara communities in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 


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  1. Yes Madam President! I and millions others includes those in the Diaspora joins you in condemning this barbaric and un-Oromo, un-Ethiopian act. Once more my ever standing about armed ‘liberation’ and ‘revolutionary’ groups is justified and a proven fact. They were never found to be democratic and will never be one once they are able to snatch away the mantle of ruling any country. If there were one I will be very prepared to apologize. It will not take too long to turn their wrath and guns on their own people and even former comrades who start having a 2nd thought. A strong desire to revenge is what takes them to the bushes and that will never change once they become rulers. Violence is their acquired creed and that too will never give way to any form of compromise and accommodation. Their ‘zaar’ will be triggered whenever they hear opposing ideas with their boombox blaring with the latest laloyes, zerraafs and gerersaas. These are human beings walking around with sick minds.

    Thank you Madam President for standing with the victims and their surviving loved ones.


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