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American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) Chairman condemns  massacre in Wollega 

Mefin Tegenu _ Wollega
Mesfin Tegenu, AEPAC executive chairman


Chairperson of The American Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) ,  Mesfin Tegenu, on Monday condemned the massacre of over 200 ethnic Amhara civilians in the Gimbi district, Wollega region of Ethiopia. 

“Attacks like this risk a major escalation at a time when millions of Ethiopians are living in a desperate humanitarian situation,” said  Mr. Mesfin Tegenu.  He called on the Federal government to neutralize the threat from what it called, as designated by the Ethiopian parliament, terrorist groups. 

His statement in reaction to the massacre reads as follows : 

“AEPAC Chairman Mesfin Tegenu:

AEPAC joins with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to condemn the shocking ethnic motivated attack on civilians, including mothers and children, of Amhara descent in the western region of Ethiopia.

The TPLF and their OLF-Shene allies have been responsible for numerous atrocities on unarmed civilians during the ongoing conflict. Sadly these terrorists are showing no sign of ending their aggression. 

Left unchecked, TPLF and OLF-Shene will not only continue terrorising Ethiopia but will expand their offensive on neighbouring countries, making these groups a real threat to Western interest in the Horn of Africa. 

Attacks like this risk a major escalation at a time when millions of Ethiopians are living in a desperate humanitarian situation.

The Government of Ethiopia needs to be resolute in neutralising the threat posed by the TPLF and OLF-Shene, the only two groups now blocking Ethiopia’s path to peace. The international community should support those efforts and help the country rebuild.”


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  1. QUOTE: The international community should support those efforts and help the country rebuild.”UNQUOTE

    Humble Short Commentary
    Sir, why do you rely on international community?
    Why don’t you depend on Ethiopia itself?
    After all, Ethiopia is the oldest independent country around the Globe
    Surely, Ethiopia can handle its affairs.
    Perhaps, I am missing something
    In any case, Sir, please forgive me if I am out of bound.

  2. To Abiy supporters: how can Abiy carry the mantra of “African solutions to African problems”????????

    What would a responsible, caring and responsive government do when faced with such shameful, inhumane and barbarism of the Oromo militant? It will apprehend responsible individuals regardless of party or ethnic favoritism, use the vast mass media in its control to expose the individuals, their background, and their financiers and enablers. It would strive to bring chaos under control and unite communities by showing remorse and offering consolation. Had Ethiopia had such a responsible and responsive government, by now criminals and murderers and assassins would have been in custody. Mr Abiy, just like you showed Sebhat Nega and cohorts and METEC General Kinfe in handcuffs on national tv, televise the OLF thugs in handcuffs and teach them crime does not pay, only the criminal does. Instead of covering up and apologizing for OLF thugs and their sub-humanity and barbaric deeds, show Ethiopians and the world, you respect due process. Call out the perpetrators and identify their political party. Mr. Abiy, show the world that you are not running a banana republic. Mr. Abiy, show the world that the Ethiopia you are presiding over is not a nation of subhuman barbaric butchers like the OLF thugs and assassins but a nation of faith and decency. Show that the courts and judiciary you manipulate and the scale of justice on which you always put your thumb to biased outcome in indeed not a kangaroo court. Every time, you close your mouth shut when the rights of thousands are violated, when you avoid responsibility while people are massacred in broad daylight, your own humanity, your own dignity and your own veracity are all put under a giant question mark????????????????? By denigrating the suffering of others who may not belong to your favorite ethnic group, by denying them equal protection under the law, by denying them justice, by ignoring their legitimate tears for equality, you only make yourself that much barbaric, inhumane, incompetent and unfit for office. Also with these types of abysmal records, and dirty baggage and so much blood soaked laundry, how on earth do you expect the international community to take you seriously????????????How on earth can you walk with your head up and sit at the AU and be a spokesman for “African solutions to African problems”? ????????????The recently leaked video of yourself parroting the Oromo militants’ claim on Addis Ababa, your hidden and secretive plots to marginalize, ostracize and disenfranchise non Oromo communities for your political hegemony cannot be ignored anymore. You have failed to transform your own self into a statesman. You are a victim and perpetual prisoner of the same ethno fascistic disease that afflicted your TPLF mentor. You have now lost the center. It is not morally possible and ethically acceptable to support you.

    There must be an international call and movement for PM Abiy Ahmed, regional President Shimeles Abdissa and director general of Ethiopia’s security and intelligence office, Temesgen Tiruneh TO RESIGN NOW!!!!!!!!

  3. People like you are the main cause of instability. How come you never comment or gave a warning on the mass arrest of thousands of Oromos and Tegarus. The mass killing of Tegarus, and Oromo in thousand by Ethiopia and Eritrean forces. If the international community is involved in the madness of the country, they must start with the so-called Amhara elites. I can assure the international community that the mass killing is definitely done by Amhara forces to divert accountability and to engage the Amhara youth in the looming Tigray war. Let the fool be deceived by this. leave the poor farmers to live peacefully!!!! do not make them a scarify lamb for political gain!!!!

  4. Abiy Ahmad is responsible, for 65 Millions of Amhara Genocides.

    Previously, he was well recruited and trained to kill Amhara Civillians, since when he was Fourteen Years Old.

    Right now, if Abiy is not stepped down from his leadership, the Genocide agsinst Amhara will continue and he will be forced to surrendered, if one of his bodyguard gunned him down.


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