Home Ethiopian News Over 80 ethnic Amhara were reportedly massacred in Wollega region of Ethiopia 

Over 80 ethnic Amhara were reportedly massacred in Wollega region of Ethiopia 


Ethiopian Human Rights Commission and the regional government in the Oromo region itself have confirmed the attack 

Amhara _ Wollega
Spot on the left side of the Ethiopian Map shows where the latest round of attack against civilians happened in the West Wollega area of Ethiopia ( source : Ethiopian Human Rights Commission)


Over 80 ethnic Amharas perished in the latest string of politically motivated and organised massacres in the Wollega region of Ethiopia.

According to sources in Ethiopia, the incident happened on Saturday in Ghimbi District of East Wollega zone, Tolle Kebele ( smallest administrative unit), in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

Most of the victims are said to be children and women – according to the source which cited eyewitnesses who survived the attack from Tolle Kebele. 

The survivors had to hide, according to the report, in the jungles near the village where the attack happened. 

Zone and district-level authorities, in the Oromo region, were notified about the attack on innocent civilians but they did not come to rescue those facing the massacre. 

The armed wing of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) – which the Ethiopian government calls Shane ( and the armed group calls itself as Oromo Liberation Army) –  has been operating in the region soon after Abiy Ahmed took power as Prime Minister of Ethiopia in  April 2018. 

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has reacted to the security situation and massacre of civilians in Ghimbi, Wollega. 

EHRC on Sunday said that it is following attacks by armed groups and government security forces. 

It has been confirmed that civilians living in the areas under the control of the armed groups ( Shane) have been attacked. 

A brief update from the commission said that the attack has caused serious damage to human lives, bodies, and property. However, the number of casualties from the attack was unspecified. 

Furthermore, it said that there is still a serious security threat for the civilians in the region and called for government support to address the situation.

The government is advised to prevent any further attacks on civilians and to not target civilians under any circumstances. 

Fighting between the radical ethnic Oromo nationalist group – which is also said to be an agent for a proxy war against Ethiopia – and government security forces are underway in West Wollega.

The Oromia regional state has confirmed the attacks on civilians indirectly without specifying the number of casualties. 

Fana Broadcasting Corporate cited the Oromia regional state to report, on Saturday, that “The terrorist Shane group carried out horrifying attacks on civilians IN Ghimbi, Tolle Kebele,  when it failed to resist offensive [from government forces]. 

It also said that Federal and regional forces will continue to carry on with the offensive. 

Both the Federal government and Oromo regional state have been claiming for over two years now that the Shane, as they call it, is weakened and is not in a position to pose a security threat. 

Thousands of ethnic Amhara civilians have been massacred in the Oromo region of Ethiopia over the past four years – not to mention other ones that have happened since the TPLF took power in 1991. 


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  1. That number has now climbed to 200 as reported by ABC, AP, NY Post and numerous major international news media outlets from Japan to the Americas. I expected such barbaric atrocities will continue to be inflicted upon innocent citizens by bigoted demons roaming the country. Such savage cruelty usually follows a hate filled posting by bigots among us. Just a few days ago following similar killings by regional forces in Gambela I saw a video posted on a social media account of a certain ‘man of letters’ alleging forces belonging to Amhara militia massacring Oromos when the reality was the killings were carried out in Gambela by that region’s own security forces and the victims included Gambelas themselves who were suspected of being members or sympathizers of an opposing group of thugs that had raided the city a day before in coordination with their bosom boys of OLA. When I saw that false and hate filled posting I got worried because I knew what happened before after such hate filled diatribe in 1992-94. Now you know why I have been accusing these bigots among for fanning hatred and instigating such killings of innocent civilians from their comfy homes here among us. This is one of the worst days of my life. There have been extremely few moments when I was as heartbroken and as ashamed now as an Oromo. I feel so helpless now! My wife and I along with my entire family’s prayers and thoughts go out the families of the innocent victims. I call upon my level head countrymen/women Amharas and Oromos to use this sad day to come together and triumph and prevail over the forces of evil. Hold you Allah blessed hands and unequivocally condemn this savage act. Those who perpetrated this repugnant atrocity are not Oromos but demonic elements who happened to be born to Oromo parents. Allah has created these two upright people and placed them right next to each other so they will live together in harmony and if not they will sink together into the abyss of oblivion.

  2. Btw, there isn’t a single word about this savage act by the BBC World or Africa Service. They must be popping champagne rejoicing the carnage. They love to see those ‘niggers’ butchering each other like rival prides of lionesses. When an individual changed his name that had made the headlines.

  3. Now this horde of demons, the so-called OLA, is blaming this barbaric act on the federal forces. This is an exact copy of lies and denial by the then OLA led by the ‘Lions’ in 1992-1994. This is how it went down with me. When I came to this country many decades ago I had made a good bye round in my area of birth. That was when someone told me there was an Ethiopian lady who was born in the Chercher Highlands and then moved to the USA after marrying an American who she met in the capital. I was told her relatives lived in the capital Addis/Finfine. I obtained her address here in the USA and she was the first Ethiopian I contacted after I came here. I mailed her my address and it did not take too long for her to call me. She was warra Chercher thru and thru. She was a daughter of a so-called ‘neftegnas'(Bigots, take a nap or choke up to death). Her Oromifaa is more polished than mine. She and her husband invited me over. I spent a week there and they give excellent pointers how I can skillfully navigate the factory jungle of America. She was an angel for me. Fast forward to 1992. One Sunday late afternoon my phone rang and when I picked it up there she was crying her heart out. I asked her why she was crying. She told me that her favorite uncle was killed in Bedeno. I thought he was one of the government soldiers but he was an elderly man who was bed ridden for months. They bludgeoned him to death and threw his body off a ravine. There were about 200 innocent citizens who had lived there for generations that met their gruesome death at the hands of savage individuals. She told me that the killings were said to have been carried out by the vagabonds of the then OLA. I tried to console here and told her I would find out more about it. So I called one of those crackpots who I knew was either a member or sympathizer of the group. I told him what happened and demanded an explanation. He told me the exact photo copy of what the current demons are now saying. He told me that it was proven beyond the benefit of the doubt that those who did the killings were government soldiers led by the ‘Woyanes’. So I called my merchant relatives and they told me it was the then OLA. To be sure I sent money to one of them who at that time lived in Western Hararghe and asked him to travel to Bedeno and find out who really did it. His finding after he talked to the residents of the area, all Oromos, was unanimous. It was OLA who did it. Then I called the same crackpot and told him my findings. Now his explanation changed. What he was told me was the victims instigated their own brutal murder. I did not back off and told how on this good earth a bed ridden 80 year old could instigate his death. He then told me that was what he was told or heard about the killings. Both that angel and that crackpot are no longer with us. But we had remained as good friend with that warra Chercher as we were before the killings until she departed this good earth to be The Merciful Lord a decade ago. Without her and her husband’s crash course about acclimation in America I really don’t know how I would be able to learn my ropes as fast as I did. So blaming others is not new. It has been the working protocol of all demons after they slaughter innocent civilians. All I can say to my dear Amhara brothers and sisters is I am very, very sorry. We Oromos are not heartless like these demons. They are scabs on my and every Oromo skins. They are bloodthirsty ghouls who happened to be born to Oromo parents. I’m very, very sorry! Ok you bigots, one word out of you! One word!!!

  4. The Orommuma Prosperity Party filled with Amhara Genocide and Crime Spree regime must GO!!! Orommuma Abiy Ahemd, Shimeles Abdissa and all Prosperity Murderer Party must go to International Criminal Court!!!!

    Well when is those blood thirsty Oromo Prosperity Party Government going to stop shedding innocent Amhara blood in order to steal their belongings and properties?

    When is Abiy the vampire going to stop drinking Amhara blood and accept he is the wrong person for his position?

    For 4 Abiy the Criminal thug rule, OLF blaming Abiy, Abiy blaming OLF Shene, Abiy blaming TPLF, TPLF blaming Abiy, Abiy blaming Shene and TPLF, Abiy blaming OLF have been played without one person being arrested except the usual Oromumma theatrical laughable silly irresponsible ignorant drama that convinced Ethiopians that the Oromo Prosperity Party is filled with criminals and inept cadres incapable to even a small village.

    At the end all of them are Genocidal Criminals collaboratively massacring innocent Amharas to eliminate Amhara population, steal Amhara land and Properties.


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