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Federal Supreme Court released Meskerem Abera on bail 

Meskerem Abera ( Social Media)


The Federal Supreme court on Wednesday passed a decision to release Meskerem Abera on bail. 

Police made a case against the decision, and appealed for the court not to release her. 

The court however stood by its decision to release her on 30,000 Ethiopian bails.  She was detained on alleged grounds of inciting “violence and instability.” 

She is the founder of the “Ethio Nekat” Youtube channel.

She is known for her critical remarks toward Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government – especially on the issue of massacre on ethnic Amhara civilians in different parts of the country – especially in the Benishangul Gumuz and Oromo regions of Ethiopia. 

Meskerem was arrested on May 21 at Bole International Airport as she was returning from Bahir Dar. 


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  1. Abiy must learn how to differentiate good natured, and disciplined people from “Shene” violent wing of Prosperity Party barbaric savages who is murdering and stealing Amhara’s on a daily bases in Wollega, Amhara zone and not gone to Gambella.

    The State Sponsored Amhara Genocide must Stop in Ethiopia!!

    While Tyrant Abiy is Terrorizing Amharas and Disturbing the Peace in Amhara Zone, OLF Shene Oromo Prosperity Party’s hidden hands are left free to Terrorize Gambella!!

  2. I have said this before and I’m gonna say it again. Leave these journalists alone for what they say or write. If you find something you don’t like in their utterances just counter them in kind. My two cents of advice to the journalists is to stay above the filthy and murky mud pit of ethnic politics. Let me put it bluntly to you this way. Oromos cannot survive without Amharas. Amharas will not survive a day without Oromos. Same goes for the rest of 80+ ethnic groups. Everyone is part of the radiant color and binding glue of that gem called Ethiopia. If you dispute that I am gonna call you the worst name you have ever been called; Bigot!!!! You heard me right! Yes I’ll call you a bigot!!! Take that your ‘liberation’ this and ‘liberation’ that and shove it!!! You have been stinking the hood for so long and making me sick for years!!!!


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