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Show Your Words In Action ( Concerned Ethiopians)

Show Your Words In Action

June 14, 2022

The strengths and shortcomings of democracy in a given country are partly attributed to the actions of its scholars, activists, and public figures. These individuals, by their fresh new ideas and dissents, increase public awareness and influence the government to change or improve any misguided politics and economic policies. But, at the same time, if they stay silent on the government’s human rights violations and disregard the rule of law, they will also be held accountable for the collapse of democracy.

When such individuals are given the opportunity to serve in government institutions, that creates a profound opportunity, a much more significant role than would be available for an activist as an outsider, and a chance to serve from within to bring about real and lasting change. However, if they misuse this opportunity, or lose sight of their commitment to democracy due to greed for power, then they themselves become the force they have been fighting and protesting against and ultimately become the reason for the downfall of democracy.

With that introduction, let’s get to the matter we are addressing today. On April 7, 2022, the House of Representatives approved the nine nominees for the Media Board elected by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Unfortunately, in violation of the media law that the body approved into law the previous year, they were confirmed: 11 out of the 243 members of the House of Representatives voted against it, with 17 abstentions, and a majority in favor. 

Article 11 Sub-Article 6 of the Media Proclamation No. 1238/13; declares an individual who belongs to or is a member of a political party can not be a board member. Among the nine nominees for the House of Representatives is the current State Minister for Foreign Affairs, Redwan Hussein (Ambassador), and Addis Ababa City Council member Agardech Jemaneh (Dr.) were approved for their appointments knowing that they are members of the Prosperity Party. In addition, the appointment of Ambassador Redwan Hussein as Chairman of the Board is not only a violation of the law but also a clear interference by the government in disseminating and controlling its own political agenda. In addition, it is a conflict of interest as Ambassador Redwan Hussein serves as a special adviser to the PM. Both the Prime Minister’s Office and the House of Peoples’ Representatives have repeatedly ignored calls from civil society, political parties, private media, and civil society activists for the House to reconsider its decision. 

It is at this critical juncture that, as we have seen, scholars and celebrities have the opportunity to play a key role in the development and decline of democracy in the country. An excellent example of this is Dr. Bedilu Waqjira (Dr.) and Dr. Wedajeneh Maerene (Dr.), amongst the nine candidates nominated by the Prime Minister for the Media Board and approved by the House.

Over the past few years, the two celebrities have been widely acclaimed for their writings, interviews, and public speeches on the country’s current political and social issues. Realizing this, the Prime Minister nominated these scholars to serve their country as members of the state-owned media board. The Prime Minister should be commended for doing so. The nominees are also expected to use their historic opportunity to work for media freedom and democracy and do their part. 

We believe that one of their most important contributions is to uphold the rule of law. As a result, although the nominees were not held accountable for violating the law enacted by the House of Representatives, they should have taken appropriate action by recognizing the opposition and the media following the nomination of candidates. First, the two members of the board who had been improperly appointed have to resign voluntarily, recognizing that they have been appointed in violation of the law. However, by failing to do so, the rest of the board should take full responsibility for the violation of the law and replace the two board members with alternate candidates. Unless proper measure is taken, the entire slew of appointees should voluntarily resign from their positions to uphold the rule of law and show that they are fulfilling their civic and moral obligations. 

The strength of an institution, as well as its independence from government interference, is primarily measured by the ability, competence, and neutrality of its leaders. Based on this, especially now that the government itself has repeatedly violated the law. The arms registration has shifted to law enforcement throughout the country, especially in the Oromia and Amhara regions. According to government sources, over the past two weeks, more than 4,500 people have been arrested in Amhara Region alone, and an unknown number have been killed. In particular, bold journalists and prominent community activists who criticized the government with their sharp pens were abducted like terrorists. The government should prosecute these journalists in accordance with the Media Proclamation No. 1238/13. Instead of producing baseless accusations that are changing frequently and extending their prison days, they have been subjected to suffering. The nominated board members, whose names are listed below, did not say anything. 

As shown above, the participation of all stakeholders is crucial for the growth and development of democracy. More importantly, the ideas and public discourses will be balanced if they are put into practice. As a result, these appointed board members, especially the two community activists and public figures, must play a leading role in voluntarily stepping down and leaving their mark on the rule of law and the development of democracy. 

Not accepting this proposal undermines public confidence in politicians, community activists, and intellectuals and undermines confidence in the political process. More importantly, it will encourage the government to continue lawless actions without holding individuals accountable. But, on the other hand, if you resign in protest of this lawless act, your courage and your righteous principles will give strength to the younger generation to tackle problems during their lives with candor. Otherwise, you will become an example of historical guilt and hypocrisy.

Therefore, we urge all members of the Board listed below to voluntarily resign from your position while encouraging you to fulfill your civic duty for the sake of the rule of law. 

  1. Ambassador Redwan Hussein from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Convener (PP Security Adviser)
  2. Ambassador Nasise Chali from the Ministry of Tourism; Member
  3. Ambassador Hassan Abdul Qadir from the Center for Democracy Building; Member
  4. Agardech Jemaneh (Dr.) from Addis Ababa University; Member
  5. By Dulu Waqjira (Dr.) from Addis Ababa University; Member
  6. Mesaye G. Mariam (Dr.) from Addis Ababa University; Member
  7. Your friend Maren (Dr.) Consultant: Member
  8. Kesis Tagai Tadele from religious institutions; Member
  9. Ustaz Yassin Nuru Religious Institutions; Member

Analysis and Opinion By:  Concerned Ethiopians

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  1. “Article 11 Sub-Article 6 of the Media Proclamation No. 1238/13; declares an individual who belongs to or is a member of a political party can not be a board member.”

    Abiy the Terrible’s reign of terror has always been in violation of his own constitution and the law of the land he desperately is trying to dominate with his Oromumma behind the scenes agenda. He has made so many unconstitutional decisions that had Ethiopia had an independent judiciary, would certainly have been struck down as ILLEGAL. However, with his long hands in every sector and every branch of government, Abiy the Terrible, violates, tarnishes, stamps upon the defenseless, corrupts, lies, embezzles and ironically but without any iota of shame also looks for adulation, for admiration and bravos from the masses.

    Abiy the Terrible’s Oromopia in 2022 is no different from George Orwell’s Oceania in 1984. A faceless, invisible state is manipulating the strings behind the curtain according to party diktat, Big Brother, Abiy, chairperson and party leader and chairman executes the party diktat.Any dissenters, any person of conscience is accused of thought crimes by the Abiy goons, and such people will be hunted, kidnapped, and disappear in the dungeons of Abiy the Terrible’s squalid prisons to die of hunger, disease and torture.

    Abiy is just another side of the same coin- EPRDF2

  2. I tried find out more about the group that posted this article but I couldn’t find any website and social media account in their name. I googled their name but nothing came up. I always keep an open mind and ready to learn more about the history of the old country current or past. I have learnt a lot over the years from what I read on websites and postings on social media by several groups. Recently I see a trend quite often. It seems that ‘homeless’ groups have been pullulating like ants these days. Is it good or bad? I am not sure. But it is just an opinion and no malice intended. Peace!!!

    • I see you concerned by this shadowy figures called “Concerned Ethiopians!! after all who is not concerned about Ethiopia, Ethiopians should not be fooled again!!!!!! Like wise, lets see their colour never mind their shita, I say.

  3. Tyrant Abiy Ahmed, Redwan Hussein and all those Prosperity Party mafias are left over of EPRDF repressive regime. Notorious around the world Abiy Ahmed who recently hit the charts for creating chaos and lies in Ethiopia and across the world, dupped every peace loving Ethiopians as a reformed person by lying Infront of the whole world after TPLF was ousted form power. Well now everyone knows a snake will never change and become a pigeon. And NOT anyone who shouts “Ethiopia” without proper and higher education, knowledge, evidence of qualifications and experience can be a leader of a country. Anyone who wants to become a leader must be well examined for qualifications way before giving that chance.
    The only difference is changing the EPRDF Party Name to hide their criminal backgrounds to look as new and different when they are the same old repressive criminal EPRDF goons with even worse appetite for power, murder, cheating, lying and theft of wealth. who his gangs have been in power for 31 years. 27 years with under TPLF feet and now

    If one goes back to 31 years ago and pre-TPLF/EPRDF era, Tyrant Abiy and the re-named EPRDF to Prosperity Party Mafias were all herders and farmers with no clue of governing not a country but a small household.
    TPLF picked each one of them based on hate for Amhara and those who are proud Ethiopians, being loyal servant to TPLF. And other similarities in ignorance, greediness, laziness, immorality, ready and agreeable to embezzle, greedy for power and that will not stop at nothing to kill their own children and people when ordered.

    This is where experience, high level of education, live and work experience, exposure to city lives, urban lives, tolerance for diversity and the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds comes to play an important role that will save lives and promotes stability

  4. Subject: “Show Your Words In Action ( Concerned Ethiopians), Analysis and Opinion By Concerned Ethiopians, June 15, 2022

    Humble Commentary, 17 June 2022
    Hating Abiy Ahmed is not going to help solving the Ethiopian current problems.
    Certain groups were expecting Abiy Ahmed to be their humble hard working “SERVANT” for them
    They just could not face REALITY of the current situation in Ethiopia, far, far, far away from the privilege of being natural masters of Ethiopia. That must have been TRANQUIL LIFE.

    Over a long period of time, such a concocted privilege can have psychological malaise to think of thyself as master of all
    and indispensable in the governance of an independent country! What a DREAM !!!! Alas, that was not the hidden thinking of the various races who were silent obedient to the self-appointed ‘natural’ Master Race.

    And then, everything starts coming down, seemingly crumbling into pieces. An ambitious leader of one of them became the engine starter — not for the benefit of the people but only for THYSELF, [YES, THYSELF!!!! emulating the emperor of the past (if possible)

    In the mean time, the honest & the humble & the simple &; and the down to earth poor people of Ethiopia are left facing turmoil from all directions.
    And there are others like me & buried in their comfortable housings, scribbling articles like I am now doing, nourishing themselves by healthy sweet food and high cost liquid on the side. They got it made, I got it made. What the heck. If the natural ending comes tomorrow after tranquil LIFE, let it come .

    What about the physical Ethiopia? Let her free itself by itself in any direction. That is what ETHIOPIANS want and they are having it. Fair and Square. Let, as the Amharic saying goes, “mekera. yimkerew”. Enjoy THE END (in all its aspect)


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