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First ever Quran competition in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Quran competition
Ustaz Abubekr greets guests ion stage


A Quran competition was organized in Ethiopia and took place in the capital Addis Ababa. Competitors from 56 countries around the world took part in it, according to sources close to the Ethiopian Muslim Community. 

The Quran recitation completion event at Addis Ababa Stadium attracted thousands of faithful Muslims from across Ethiopia too.

It is said to be a colourful one. 

Ustaz Abubakr wrote on his social media page saying the event was a success. “Our guests were very happy to step foot on Habesha land. They were able to see the hospitality of Negashi, Bilal, and Umu Ameynn in their offspring,” he remarked. 

The winner of the competition is reportedly awarded $10,000.


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